10x May ’23 Nasties

Treasurer Chalmers presented his second 1/2 Budget Speech on 9 May. The first had been launched in October 2022 and the two have to be read together to understand several emerging trends, which are harbingers:

  • LNP’s misshapen policies, personnel and procedures, that developed from 2103 and especially Turnbull in 2015 onwards, have not been reversed or “repaired” but camouflaged
  • New priorities are seen but emerge from the same backroom operations that destroyed the 2019-21 bushfires, coronavirus and stimulus/recovery events – not from normal outcome-based protocols involving professionals and other stakeholders, over time, progressively, and with similar uneven equity and efficiency effects
  • New programs are seen but almost all are part-formed and shadowy, with small “front offices” and not much heft behind, in the manner of “Potemkin villages”
  • Along with the same “Morrison malevolence” is continuation of breaches of criminal and civil law and of anti-corruption and Human Rights protections, and malice instead of prudent judgements.

Early reactions from media included some praise for Chalmers’ vision and some scepticism about whether the “surplus” is real: one rusted-on Tweeter galloped into a “Chalmers is better than Keating” rhetoric.

This pair of illustrations summarises the links between secrecy and darkness, backrooms and corrupt outcomes onto maladministration’s hideous social, climate, economic, tax and health distortions inter alia, and cruelty inflicted on individuals, victims and minorities, especially unborn taxpayers who will bear the debt loads associated with unproductive and ineffective “shiny toys”.

UPDATE 22 MAY – Publication of UnHoly Secession 2nd ed as expose and resolution of critical national needs that are being suppressed and worsened.

This was circulated by email in two waves, at 4 pm yesterday, 21 May – the anniversary of the election of the Albanese Government and (one supposed then) extinguishment of the malevolent Morrison junta; and this morning to key Ministers and media.

All are accountable, there is no Nuremberg escape for monumental current and intergenerational cruelty, corruption and maladministration:

Ministers and parliamentarians do not acknowledge or reply to serious, professional submissions and remain silo-bound, with consequences including a deficient climate change act. Here are two samples from a daily log:

Other pages on this site have detailed discussions of all of the earlier phases, with this being a helicopter view:

Thinking in a strategic way before diving into details, 10 nasties can be mapped but first say I have been forced to FIGHT FOR FAIRNESS OVER 5,364 + 2,704 + 353 DAYS and so I’m going in HARD –   having had issue/solutions analyses rejected in true Coalition nasty manner:

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