Dreyfus QC and the Failure of the Rule of Law

The Albanese Government inherited an almighty governance mess and promised to “end the shameful tolerance of corruption“. It has made it much worse in many ways, with the Missing Link being the central legal management and nous. Part of that mess looks like this:

And this “this” leading to two “thats”:

McBride is being prosecuted by AFP (ergo with Dreyfus’s permission) and therefore I am persecuting Dreyfus for holistic and profound failure as as Labor Attorney-General way out of line with Murphy, Bowen and Evans, he had the chance and succumbed to Albanese’s bullying):

Then this and then there’s more:

Here is the formal complaint to AFP (under Drefus’s control) which has received no reply for near 6 months (more if informal discussions are included), as well as to NSW ICAC – showing the rule of law is a corrupt shambles that protects officials not victims

It is necessary to add an empirical element (of which there are many in my sites and books):

Dreyfus is responsible for NCAC and the AFP; his accountabilities are massive as explained below. His performance has been negligent in fairness, equity, rule of law and every one of the other elements, even the NCAC is a partial and very delayed reform, compromised in the face of media and redneck Opposition self-interested protests:

Mr Dreyfus has repeatedly denied me – hundreds of times – the chance to use MY MONEY to recover my life.  The situation is grave:

The chain of malfeasance and maladministration started in the 2000s and are at their worst right now, with abuse of citizen rights on a rampant scale, in medicine, equity, taxation, budget allocations and democratic engagement generally:

The range of detritus accumulated by Dreyfus is formidable:

This is a complex case with a simple storyline, it encompasses denial of my rights to live a free life through the illegal  imposition of a range of harassing,  discriminatory and intimidating acts, abuse of human and civic rights, associated maladministration costs put on society, as well as cruelty (torture) associated with my five (now six) ocular disabilities and critical health conditions, over 14 years, by the Government of NSW and by linked LNP and ALP Federal Governments which adopted and extended the “NSW Disease”.  Both are culpable.

All have seen my case and I’ve heard nothing from the PM or Dreyfus, worsening the foul Treasury cabal’s behaviour, which means Dreyfus doesn’t question the contents and understand what goes on the NCAC timeline.  The governance issues which  saw Sydney lose its sustainability and integrity without  alarming the “rule of law” communities have been mapped and ignored;  and vast violations of Human and civic rights also went without action event though intelligence networks would have been well aware of where the bones  lie.  I was early, public and always on the ball.  Many pieces of correspondence are on my websites, later I reproduce two recent ones (of many).  ICAC’s coverage of media comes into play.

Occam’s Razor, this is what is broken, now – what is going to be done to fix the obvious gaps? ~

Two central considerations: 

Do State Governments have any right to wilfully steal a citizen’s intellectual property and all his assets and income, for their beneficial use, with no police or anti-corruption intervention or political accountability?  At no point were discussion, negotiation or conciliation allowed  despite clear advice of massive personal and community damage.

Anti-Corruption laws prohibit malfeasance leading to corrupt policy and project diversions and denial of better  and/or proper options, called “maladministration”.  Do Governments have any right to malevolently deny democratic processes the chance to properly allocate resources and enforce planning laws?  Again at no point was the community informed of consequences despite clear advice of massive economic and community damage.

The answer to both is NO, so what is their defence? – NONE, hence their locked doors and manipulated Budgets ….

There are three critical points to make about a long history which started in a small way, built into big events and has a serious ending if Dreyfus remains insensible:

  1. The start was a “blank and white” case of plagiarism by future Premier Mike Baird in which he slammed the door on compensation for using for eight years – and not denying he was using – a “copyright and commercial-in-confidence” framework proposal for bus rapid transit in his sector of Sydney 

That was the “poisoned vine” at the front end of a tragically destructive phase of technological change in this World City

  • The arrogance shown there extended through senior members of his LNP State and Federal Governments, including their transitioning into the 2022 Labor administration, producing “20 shades of grey” of contention and a mountain of evidence of consequences – value gained from theft, malicious destruction of Intellectual Property, and societal costs from poor processes and decisions.  Not one Sydney project was legitimised through proper protocols, and “best ideas” were routinely ditched.

This is a big microcosm of a widely-observed increase in maladministration and “blaming the victims”, with failure of “rule of law”, across Australia and internationally.

  • Each phase was recorded on websites and correspondence with politicians, officials, journalists and former CEO peers.  The effort was commensurate with the nature of the events – there was some “proof” and plenty of “evidence” and full tracking of consequences.  The torture through deprivation and stress was extreme, culminating in collapse with three near-fatal illnesses, rescue was effected by a coincidentally-proximate paramedic and extended hospitalisation. 

Over the last decade and more I have had major ideas stolen without response after my claims were made on politicians and their officers.  These are my formal complaints:

first, that I be paid for mis-use of my proprietary materials without permission in current affairs, legislation, economics and government policy, as ethical and legal matters.  Reducing corruption and waste is a specific theme of my work and PM Turnbull acted publicly on two such matters.

It is in the nature of such plagiarism that few written contracts existed and evidence is drawn from use of copyrighted material, such as fast reactions if the media and others report the “facts” of usage, including savings on infrastructure projects which is a matter within my skills set, leading to their “unconscionable conduct” in non-response and recusal.  The thefts are real with actual costs and benefits, they are not illusory.

“Ethical” and “legal” breaches as well as oppressive conduct are covered by Human Rights, anti-corruption and Criminal codes with “corruption” covering all;  while the governmental response was to regard me as unhinged even though my judgement was peer-reviewed and sound.  The essence was, they resented my protests and never, not once, put up counter-arguments or other responses.

second, the Government realises the real challenges Australia faces as outlined in my work and adopts the best solutions including my own but also medicos’, in line with the PM’s promise “to end the shameful tolerance of corruption” and in the best nation-building manner.  Much such work has been sterilised and I should be compensated for such “misuse”.  (The recent email  quoted below  relates to this point in particular, now that Covid is at  crisis level.)

My approach was appropriate as there were three interlinked “levels” of misuse and thefts of Intellectual Property (the offences mentioned are examples, elaborated on below):

  • NSW – theft and misuse-by-destruction of copyrighted IP (Metro costs and planning approaches), misuse of “public affairs” IP by them and associated journalists to suppress criticism of corruption and incompetence (Corona stimulus and Murray zone crisis), conspiracy with Feds (metros and iA), unending refusal to respond (includes harassment) thus causing oppression, torture, hardship and social harm (malfeasance as defined later, including Blue Mountains recovery, bushfire approaches and Covid risks)
  • NSW/Federal as in previous item including the Turnbulls and Kennedy – theft, misuse-by-destruction of copyrighted IP, misuse by exploiting my “public affairs” products, and relentless refusal to respond thus causing hardship, medical and other effects of cruelty, and social harm (malfeasance)
  • Federal – theft, destruction of copyrighted IP, conspiracy with NSW, misuse of “public affairs” by them and associated journalists to suppress criticism of corruption and incompetence, unending refusal to respond thus causing hardship and social harm.  The national Attorney-General has become involved due to refusal to respond and concealing corruption associated with my issues and others including illegal payments  to Trump and churches.

Finally, for now, there is a crisis in Sydney that I solved 13 years ago and that solution remain urgent – without corruption, it would have been built at minimal cost with a massive landowners’ (government) return by 2015, solving CBD and innerwest congestion:

Some correspondence, there are many more on the webpages and at sydneyimprovementpolitics.com and stimulus-stupidity.com. There are four books of which https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/c-o-v-i-d-a-u-s-t-r-a-l-i-a-failure-of-the-morrison-trump-johnson-bravura-model has a lot of correspondence as with President Biden:

Jan 5 N

No one is listening to my great ideas and real grievances, so if you need to be waken up, I’ll make a very loud noise.  Please tarry no longer.  I’ve spent a lot of time documenting problems and solutions, applying a level of skills and knowledge that shames current Parliaments.  Past leaders of Labor were distressed at the treatment I was getting, before they passed.  This is going to really fine people and I’ve told Mark I admire and respect him – but the oppression on me coming from the “shameful tolerance of corruption” is vile.  I’ve had enough of being abused and bullied, of being prevented from caring for my family and society, and from remembering Forgotten Heroes in my institute which is christened for a founder of Labor whose name you do not know.  Here’s a taste of what explodes this afternoon if I am still under oppression:  Western Sydney first, in Western Sydney, followed by FIT FOR OFFICE?  Please don’t think it can’t get worse in terms of policy failures and breaches of Integrity and Labor Values + Human Rights

Saturday, 24 December, 2022 – 16:38

4 December to PM & Ministers

Subject: I’m advertising that it was foolish to protect corruption and further oppress the innocent

That you are vulnerable and unjustifiably arrogant

That you are bringing down all around you

That you are harming and killing millions  in current and future generations

That you remain incapable of recognising value  propositions same as in 2009 when I published “the best idea in 100 years” and you and Deegan were slopping around with undergrounding buses and Parra Road – both incredibly stupid.

So this is what you have done to yourself.  Do you have NO ONE who can negotiate and save you?

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