A feasible path out of Bairdijiklian Malevolence, not a corrupt continuation

Other pages here contain a great deal of detail on many aspects of

  • the deterioration of “democracy” under the onslaughts of mercenary lobbies which became embedded in agencies, departments and boards from the mid-2000s
  • the failed economics, engineering and environmental quality of projects and protocols as “pipelines” replaced budget integrity, Due Diligence and the Rule of Law
  • falsification of information to the community – those who pay taxes, fees and charges – while decision-making is locked up in backrooms
  • complete disregard for Intergenerational Equity as Berejiklian in particular gifted property development rights to a PRC company without requirng a PPP contribution – there and elsewhere transferring taxes and risks from corporates and putting them on households and small businesses – while giving them higher living costs and congestion together with lower amenity
  • journalists becoming sponges and bludgers whose main mission is to camouflage corruption and incompetence, “dog whistle” high performers and suck-up to their proprietors

The long-term situation is objectively recorded here while the next graphic is a front door to a matrix of mistakes, suppressed opportunities and avoidable costs:

It gets worse, of course, the Albanese Government decided in secret before the May 2022 election to suppress as follows –

There has been massive cruelty, pain and loss of life through many types of government malice and maladministration and I have called on the Attorney-General to step aside if unwilling or unable to implement the Rule of Law:

The chart above shows progressive corruption of due diligence and the rule of law but Albanese accelerated it (after Berejiklian was scared off, to a degree, by my Case to Pause):

On 6 April PM Albanese and Minister King opened a critical new Front in the best Moscow 1941 manner – facing certain Budget disgrace, he revealed a lack of understanding of the history and realpolitik of the Eastern Seabord:

There has been a long series of detailed explanations of critical issues by me (with others’ issues paralleling some of mine), and a failure of Governments and especially Attorney-General Dreyfus to

  • ensure the law is applied equally and fairly to everyone
  • support the Australian Government in being accountable for actions, making rational decisions and protecting human rights.
  • We uphold the rule of law through our daily work to ensure …Dispute settlement is fair and efficient where parties cannot resolve disputes themselves.

The October 2022 Budget was a falsification of proper protocols and respect for democratic principles.  The Government is refusing to keep its undertakings and to observe the rule of law.  The locked doors and windows, which put intolerable and illegitimate pressure on me,  are countered today with progressive intensification of my existing four “chasm” documents being

  1. Integrity failures
  2. Budget failures
  3. Metro failures as a special case
  4. Leadership failures including suppression of solutions and valuable ideas.

Every recipient is “deemed” to have informed themselves of relevant issues that will not go away without proper action.

What did the PM think would happen?

  • He worsened the effects of thievery and cruelty which extends the LNP’s “act without authority”,  leading to maladministration *
  • He rewarded the LNP wrecker of Western Sydney and of the Coronavirus medical and economic crises – why? Because Chalmers is besotted with him and has no professional appreciation on which to base proper judgement **
  • He extended LNP policy malpractices including
    • Suppression of “Budget reform” of waste, gifting and corruption, and matching needs with resources and programs
    • Neglect of Covid medicine and healthcare programs
    • Illicit gifting of $5 million to Trump’s wallet, c $80 million to errant churches and c $20 million to the GG’s private religious obsession
    • Maltreatment of migrants
    • Maltreatment of corruption fighters
    • Withholding compensation to victims of fire and flood crises
    • False promises to deal with climate consequences and rejection of normal KPI-setting, data collection and collation, and reporting
    • Refused to fund a balanced Yes/No referendum information campaign but, under fire, arranged for his CEO’s previous employer to gift $5 million to the Yes case
  • He falsely manipulated the Inland Rail 40-year shambles to his benefit but scored an own goal as he had not taken appropriate action in c 2008 but had accelerated waste and incompetence.  A detailed critique has been posted in the appropriate place on the Web

                         *        refused to keep his promise to “end the shameful tolerance of corruption” and “I know I have to change and I will

                        **      he should keep his private relationships clear of allegations of official misbehaviour and denial of the National Interest

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