Albanese adrift in InlandRail, housing & subs

PM Albanese has been running a “Potemkin” line in many budget areas and is coming undone at a rapid rate, but he is especially vulnerable in housing and nuclear submarines as his line is intrinsically Morrisonic by way of his inexplicable retention of Kennedy.

Let’s hope he realises the way to redemption extremely soon, as on 6 April he fell flat on his face in trying to politicise a dreadful state of Inland Rail, which is a permanent drag on National Productivity, to be reminded he started it, should have stopped it, and his carryover golem from Morrison Malevolence, Kennedy, has been suppressing reform of it for 2,671 days.

The attempted politicisation of Schott’s report on Inland Rail fell flat on its face when I revealed that Albanese did not review it in 2008 but instead accelerated it:

That, with everything else, makes Kennedy an agent of stupid corruption & factional warfare and Albanese, and especially Chalmers, dupes. The signifiance is massive as we should be talking about a balance between city and region but are faced with city domination and regional idiocy:

After this, housing resumes

“Reform” is achievable as has been shown but there is a world-wide de-skilling of executive strata in line with the rise of political cowboys. Grasping line agencies dominate “planners” in the rush for bits of the bundles of cash in “pipelines”.

Generally, the result is high debt for poor systems – low capacity, high risk and unfortunate housing and environment outcomes. Unpeeling this was the Carr’s Government’s intention:

This was legendary Planning Minister Dr Andrew Refsauge’s contribution, indirectly, but he was in tune

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