Albanese Chalmers Kennedy Dreyfus Integrity Crises

In February 2023, after more than 280 days of spinning wheels, the Attorney-General is self-destructing as Wran did, facing legal/ethical problems as a lawyer would, saying “I’m innocent”, where he is failing to implement the Rule of Law as a matter of practical reality for Australians. I am arguing he has to step down so someone else can deliver justice and integrity.

“Government” is a duty as well as opportunity, protection of The Rule of Law is sacred along with protection through Defence and Education &tc. The Attorney-General cannot sit there quietly while an errant clique lead the Cabinet astray over a wide array of health, transit, freight, bushfire and flood and long-term climate sustainability (which none of them understand):

That is especially so where a minority seek to oppress a citizen or a population minority, from me as a victim on LNP theft and oppression and Covid professionals, support staff and victims. That is where the A-G should be prominent:

The regrettable reality is that corruption in project planning, assessment, contracting and implementation, without professional protocols or proper community and professional engagement, had started in its current form in NSW in 2005, and was boosted by then Minister Albanese in Canberra in 2008 and as the “NSW Disease” by PM Turnbull from 2015.  It is currently in full cancerous mode during the NSW election where the beanstalk premier Perrottet is continuing his well-worn path of grifting, gifting, confusing and concealing corruption and incompetence.  He is compounding an informal deal with the Feds over the “Ghost Train” in western Sydney in knowledge of but ignoring the “Case to Pause” of 2016 et seq (below).

That is summarised in this juxtaposition where the clear implication is that I have experienced systematic bias and conspiracy as an eminent analyst with integrity – I will not accept that Albanese and Chalmers are acting in a fit and proper manner in denying my case for compensation for historic-level theft and oppression:

So much for 2022, the Government kept going backwards into the Land of Doom, Morrison & Kennedy with mayhem in Budget and MYEFO timings (has to be within 6 months of October ’22, collapsing MYEFO into a (what!) May budget that will be same as 2019’s), with A-G Dreyfus ignoring his own stated accountabilities. PM Albanese is the first Labor Leader in history to authorise stealing a citizen’s ability to survive and worsening a public health crisis.

This SWOT proves the point, it is identical to the 2020 one except in situational detail

The predictions all came true – the Labor Budget was a Frydenberg Budget without Labor priorities. “End corruption” became “enjoy corruption because we have plenty of it” –

The old and 6 February 2023:

With corruption galloping on without interference by legal and anti-corruption agencies, federally reporting to Dreyfus, his steadfast adherence to the “shameful tolerance of corruption” requires a public debate.

2022 was drawing to a close with the ALP in Canberra and LNP IN NSW still inflicting torture and oppression as well as imposing corporate interests over a null Public Interest, in succession to the corruption vendors in NSW since 2005 and 2007 in Canberra, both ALP, then the NLP fiends from Hell, Baird and Berejiklian from 2008 and Turnbulls/Morrison Canberra 2015, with S Kennedy featuring in both and now manipulating Albanese’s Sphere of Shameful Tolerance of Corruption.

Members of Parliament are not yet realising the significance of the challenges left behind at the end of the post-May 22 policy maelstrom.  Anti-corruption is in the media but the repute of an otherwise excellent Attorney-general is in the wind.

There was much done to admire but also many missed opportunities and mistakes – here is a wake-up call to fix two massive problems:

  • Budget integrity to restore “rule of law” and introduce proper provisions for climate change mitigation, reduction of bushfire and flood risks, and improved liveability and housing affordability. 

The “best  ideas” for  meeting national needs have been suppressed – the benefits exceed $3 trillion in the long-run and would contribute massively to environmental and social improvement.  Some of those ideas are illustrated in the following.

  • Fairness-with-Integrity to replace the malevolence, waste and corruption left over from Morrison.  This has got worse as the year progressed.

The elephant in the room is the corruption which suppressed a “value proposition” which is heavily in the Government’s and nation’s favour.  The text  is reproduced in full, below.  The PM’s promises “to change” and to “end the shameful tolerance  of  corruption”, together with an hypocritical move on HSTs, are in hot contention.

The collateral angles re the levels of oppression, violation of Human Rights and criminality are unprecedented in Australian history. Both LNP and ALP have slammed the door against fairness and justice and want and wait for me to die, which happened in February but for a paramedic stepping in, and is being repeated right now in November 2022.

This page reflects my serious efforts to bring to a positive solution critical issues of criminal & ethical failures and betrayal of the Australian National Interest, in specific directions identified in writing in various media over 10 and more years.

The PM has entrenched the corruption of gifting to cronies and corporates that he started in 2007 when he bullied Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner. There are other signs of malaise such as a Climate Control Act which lacks objectives, data generation and QA circles, and linkages to professional Budgets.

He and Treasurer Chalmers welcomed Kennedy, the LNP corrupter-in-chief, to their inner secrets and allowed exactly the same mayhem and corruption the LNP showed since 2015 when he started to suppress budget reform to meet climate and demographic changes as well as reduce waste, rorting and debt – he is condemned herein for his malfeasances in Western Sydney, during the bushfire and corona crises, and over the 2022 cycle leading to the Budget (which reflected the Frydenberg contamination).

He deliberately tortured me over that period – see below. I maintain my record of achievement and abilities as well as ethical commitment above his. Empathetically so.

Attorney General Dreyfus has formal carriage of the National Anti-Corruption Commission Bill and is Chief Legal Officer in the Commonwealth. Lord knows, he is eminently qualified for that role but is just as tolerant of corruption as are all Ministers, backbenchers and officials from all quarters of the Parliament and Government, in my opinion.

Here follow the text of a major re-offer recently and an email as a sample. Following is an accounting of the PM’s record in infrastructure against mine, sick I know but what he has determined against my protects. There are “five solution sets” to such issues as reducing bushfire risks as climate change is imperilling the world, but first the Sydney/capitals “budget repair” crisis caused by the confluence of lunatic Labor and LNP ministers from 2005.

The whole of Australia is suffering the effects of “Bairdijiklian Malenomics” which resumed in June 2012 from Labor’s start.  Specific indicators include rejection of “Budget repair” and better advice, theft of cherry-picked ideas, and ~

  • Political confusion and variability, no “plan”, excessive delays in adjustments, clumsy mechanisms
  • Lack of “balance” between cities & regions, “imbalance” in infrastructure spending between modes and philosophies, and high community impacts
  • Excessive reliance on debt, projects have extremely low “revenue cover” (less than 5% in the Metros) and low to negative benefit/cost ratios
  • Engineering crises in WestConnex and Metro – Australia’s “biggest projects” and least sustainable, the Western Sydney City Plan is destructive on transit and freight system
  • Budgets prevent spending on sooner, cheaper and more effective “options” (cf Eddington in Melbourne and Greiner/Gibbons in Sydney)
  • Projects are poorly planned:  high levels of waste and cost overruns, they produce more congestion not less.

The associated page “End of Chalmers at his start?” page deals with the systemic perversion of standards in Budget 2022  in order to camouflage past blunders and corruption.  Here we look at some of the content which has that stamp of Frydenberg incompetence all over it (fully dissected at and in these pages):

The PM put the $500 million into a fast train agency that does not appear to have an agency allocation in Budget Paper No 4 and does not have routes to reserve, this is most peculiar and a gross hypocrisy as I offered my work with Tim Fischer gratis (below) if he treated me decently, which he doesn’t, but he suppressed that  as with Eddington Bedrock etc.

The absolute refusal to repair at Federal and NSW levels is not only corrupt in itself but leaves climate change mitigation and environmental and housing quality and affordability in limbo:

Berejiklian and now Albanese have never come close to resolving a raft of strategic issues, the main examples being:

  1. West Metro – an obsessive race to justify what is not a valid project, it is to supplement mainline which is subject to Christie/Greiner plans + new RG option to give SSA the best transit system in the world.  The Metro “network” is crippled by a maximum central zone which is limited – permanently – to 30 trains per hour.  Her promised “60 trains every hour” was a lie, those 30 have to be split between the SW and West Metro.  This cannot proceed
  2. Goanna Transit Bridge – immediate feasibility of service to The Immediate feasibility of Hurstville to Strathfield, RG adaptation of Jacana to use tram/trains and link NW to Airport w/o 2nd Harbour Tunnel Fireworks icon, 16,000 dwellings, White Bay, Overseas Passenger Terminal  and then tram/trains (
  3. The Spit:  another obsession, 2008 scheme was in keeping with the planning character required and cheap and fast.  The Bairdian tombstone approach is excessive in cost and environmental damage, too risky in geotech and too late.  The Rozelle mega-cluster of freeway overpasses, portals and exits, and intensification of a highly-congested innerwest mean that this cannot proceed in the same way that the West and the SSA metros cannot either
  4. Parramatta tram:  another obsession to replace the Parra/Epping link, led to waste on ParraCity options and a back-of-the-envelope call by Roads and Transport Ministers.  Demolitions are like Labor’s – invalid.  This was a Turnbull obsession as was CLARA
  5. GSC reports – out for discussion, aspects that will be questioned include impracticality of 3 Cities and “30 Minute City, budget/cost/ of implicit transport projects (too unclear), complementary and innovative options, non-adherence to iA protocols, to lose developer interface via developer compacts
  6. UGNSW/successors reform – revision so that it takes the outcomes of proper planning and put them to market like Infrastructure UK – to lose its community destruction roles
  7. Second Airport – immediate feasibility testing of Christie/Greiner mainline upgrading v extension of SW v West Metro – SW rail sectors to be reserved for freight and logistics
  8. Fast trains – immediate feasibility testing of current in-fill and fringe densification v new city at or near Marulan etc, tied to economics of inter-capital fast rail, ACT proposal to be re-examined v RG alignment
  9. East Coast logistics – current plans are too late, too derivative, and incomplete v RG long-standing work on Maldon-Dombarton, container and coal railing, and western Sydney employment re-balancing
  10. Expressnet – immediate feasibility of RG proposals for Bondi Beach & Broadway/SydUni PRT and extension of tram/trains off the Goanna Bridge to North Ryde and Central/3 unis and 2 major shopping centres.

Sydney thus has a set of dud projects that will serve a small percentage of 800,000 or whatever new dwellings over just 15 years (NB Corona has changed all numbers, so see the re-planning template below), under a planning regime that has no rigour or Eddington-type logic. 

The long-term perspective has been provided in  several books  and websites and is summarised this way:

Here are five issue/solution sets:

The elongated Kennedy WS City Deal process (an attempt to protect Mrs Turnbull’s catastrophic stint in the Greater Sydney Commission) hid conflicted connections between politicians, lobbies and agencies which blew the wish-list into multi-billions without a practical path to proper design and implementation. 

iA is not strong in the area that the inaugural director of Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and Nick Greiner’s friend Dr Garry Bowditch emphasised in the AFR (this was key to turning-around Newcastle  and Rockdale cynicism):

Community support and trust towards credible infrastructure plans must be earned with sound community engagement and better customer service outcomes. These must form the central plank of the new long-term infrastructure-planning regime, not just a focus on assets and projects.  This is by far Australia’s most pressing infrastructure imperative.

Budget Integrity Vs Albanese iA “Gifting”

Outcome-based budgetting, including “repair” of wastage and inefficiency and re-direction to sound investments and productive assets with less debt, and community engagement, are intrinsic counterparts but national and state treasuries find them unfamiliar.  As OECD put the challenge,

Starting a review of public expenditures early is important because reallocation of spending towards priority areas is usually gradual.   Reviewing all government expenditure will be necessary to ensure adequate spending on high-priority areas and people, and enhance growth without threatening debt sustainability. 

The 2022 Federal Budget was correctly predicted to exclude “repair”, camouflage dysfunctions as well as neuter the most productive ideas.  Recent  NSW Budgets were falsified to hide legal contingencies.  The architects in both were past warmongers and so protected their backs at the expense of the health, living affordability and future sustainability of our citizens.

The question is, will the Government “repair” that credibility chasm and ensure robust arrangements for the Climate Change Authority and National Anti-Corruption Commission to work within?

Albanese’s election centrepieces were integrity and climate, but he has no plans or pathways – to work out how to get “there” includes working-back from the patterns behind the targets and gaining support for the practical elements of the transition including trustworthy budgetting in line with outcomes, not set as “gifting”, and reliable, timely and uniform data. 

In particular it depends on maximum utilisation of available financial and human resources.  It requires an understanding of past successes , as in the world’s fastest and arguably most successful de-carbonisation, Newcastle NSW. 

There is “no one size fits all” and replacement manufacturing employment is likely to be less than 30 per cent of total new employment.  The rest, where it eventuates, will be more dispersed than previously.  It is important to start as fast as possible as delays and gaps accumulate:

By contrast the eastern seabord of Australia has a ports and logistics network which is unsustainable and even unviable in major respects, hindering wider regional adaptation due to continuing poor planning, silo-thinking and refusal to repair mistakes made in the 2000s onwards. 

Metropolitan congestion is in the same boat as current transit programs are poorly designed and over-concentrated in existing corridors instead of in fringe and middle growth areas (given consolidation policies are weak).

The PM’s own scorecard has to be cleaned up in relation to his not having done needs analyses:

For suppressing this from 2015, for 8 successive years, alone but add the destruction of the Western Sydney economy, Kennedy’s performance should be reviewed, not condoned:

budget integration with climate and demographic change, and future generations through program effectiveness, responsible debt and proper climate mitigation programs (“plans”).  Currently “gifting” dominates the 2022 Budget and portfolio plans which denies system linkages and maintains corruption. 

This is expressed in several books but especially my major published proposal to strengthen the economic mitigation elements of the Climate Change Act along the lines of my Newcastle NSIP (arguably the world’s fastest and  most effective response to de-carbonisations a regional economy).

Neither LNP nor Labor produced any sense of how to respond to Covid but I did, in detail in “Border Wars” which both ignored (this is a central graphic):

As explained to PM Albanese on 22 May (as followed up weekly, edited down to achievements)

  1. I started “Save Sydney” in the face of the events of 2012 which were at national but mainly Sydney levels.  The perceived problems were in ports and logistics, urban transit, land use planning and taxation, and local government revitalisation in line with UK and US directions, based on 
    1. the extinguishment of the integrity of iA and iNSW protocols, and
    1. the sterilisation of very valuable “options” and indeed the exclusion of all options not related to backroom deals primarily with the PRC’s MTR and its associates
  2. Similar for ReviveBlueMountains and resolution on traffic congestion at entry
  3. My history under the Askin Government in  Sydney Water, and through Wran/Unsworth and Greiner/Fahey, was of prescient initiative to solve predicted problems.  My ability to do that made me a main driver of initiative and innovation.  That is supported by referees’ testaments and examples includ
  4. Resolution of Greendog Stevens’ blockade of Razorback before it happened (Cox)
  5. McDonnell Commission into Planning of Bulk Generation Capacity and resolution of Wran/Landa worries
  6. Skitube in Kosciusko National Park
  7. Newcastle revival with parallel work in Blue Mountains and Rockdale 
  8. expressnets in Bondi and the innerwest
  9. the CBD traffic oasis suite which includes the “best idea in 100 years” (Loder and Christie), and the Newcastle NSIP which I presented to the City Council 3 days after the announcement of closure of steelmaking and to Minister Knowles one week later, his reaction being this template should apply to every LGA in NSW
  10. for Wran and Cox – solutions to Landa’s freeze on Elcom power station sites and McDonnell Inquiry which Bowen has not listened to;  and certified voucher scheme for hardship energy situations & to resolve Vic and NSW chronic dispute over energy labels – the label that is still in place (as with vouchers – me – imaginative and practical solutions).

The “Sphere of Shameful Toleration of Corruption”

Each of the  key directions of the economic, industry, medical, climate and equity intentions of the Albanese Government are set by the PM, the Treasurer and the PM’s buddies including two Labor Premiers, instead of in a normal balanced Cabinet mode.  The promises “to change” and to “end the shameful tolerance of corruption” are mapped here, in brief:

The outcomes of the Budget originated in this imbalanced context from the beginning, and that seems to be maladministration.

Attorney General Dreyfus is shown in the Hot Zone for nominal purposes, he is negotiating the NCAC but is seen to be breaching its terms and the Australian Criminal Codes in specific ways.

The outer aspects might be seen by the PM to be  “soft” but they have never been his strengths (above).  The reverse is true.  The opposite of nous and integrity were evident in the single biggest urban barrier to national productivity, the Western Sydney metros, added to the biggest national one, Inland rail. 

UK City Deals are famous in devolving silo funding from central agencies to city governments but the LNP and ALP Governments, by design or by neophytes’ error, inverted them into unconstitutional control devices, starting with excluding local governments and ending by exploiting them.  The Newcastle experience was largely in line with the UK intent (except for the limitations of NSW legislation), as ResPublica put it in Restoring Britain’s City States:

What has so far been achieved in Manchester and Sheffield signals the beginning of a differential and incremental process that can, in time, lead to full place-based devolution and provide a template for other cities in the UK.

Cities simply lack the necessary control over public resources to shape and design services in order to achieve distinct local outcomes.  Consequently, many local communities and individuals experience a system that provides overly prescriptive and reactive services, deeply disjointed and fragmented, with multiple points of access, assessment and referral but with limited continuity of care between agencies and providers. This situation disincentivises local co-operation as delivery organisations compete with each other unnecessarily.

It results in wasteful duplication of ineffective activity across services.  It limits innovation and the capacity to adapt to local variations, leading to unintended policy outcomes – solving easier-to-help problems but entrenching others – and, ultimately, poorer services at higher costs.  Most importantly, it frustrates the public and undermines the quality of the services they receive, resulting in poorer outcomes and a reduced trust or belief in local and national governance to actually deliver public goods.

These comments were of Morrison and Frydenberg/Kennedy but apply still, it seems:

There is a dictum in economics, to state your assumptions and err on the conservative side.  I have taken the second option from OECD for the following reasons:

  1. the complexity and uncertainties are incredible and politics is dominating science in terms of early re-openings = high risk
  2. dithering has cost 1.4 million lost jobs and the Government has not even started its stimulus package for tourism, 156 days on
  3. the Government has appointed inexperienced people to key posts and rejected a generous offer by an expert reform planner, increasing the risk and costs of delay (those options are under copyright so the Government has snookered itself.)
  4. where States have re-opened early in the USA, experience is that c 12-15% only of former patronage returns, due to majority fear of infection.  Texas has paused its re-opening.  That fear is evident here
  5. the caravan industry is refusalist and likely to miss out on the relevant two-part stimulus package outlined on this site if it remains quiescent
  6. the Government has mismanaged the political agenda by focussing on relaxing environmental controls over distant, long-term projects which are not stimulus but are divisive, instead of OECD’s prescriptions.

This is one of the greatest challenges of both climate and corona reform, re-activating scientific and medical expertise but also local community energy.

Breaches of Integrity & Ethics

Mine is a complex case which encompasses denial of my rights to live a free life and a range of harassing and intimidating acts, abuse of human and civic rights and associated maladministration, as well as cruelty associated with my five ocular disabilities and critical health conditions, over 14 years, by, in this initial but major instance (seeking a practical way forward), the Governments of Australia in their place in the federal structures.

Previous PMs Turnbull and Morrison were involved over seven years.  The current PM, Treasurer and Attorney General have had involvements especially in the last 170 days (earlier communications with them, going back years, have been excluded). 

My legal colleagues were adamant from the beginning I could not sue for practical reasons but through all that time I expressed my objections and lodged requests for relief.  I was supported in formulating counter-proposals by the former D-G of Planning & Environment and former Finance Director of Murdoch’s media group.  There is nothing unhinged about my work.

Those communications became more urgent when I suffered a series of serious illnesses from 2021 leading to total collapse in February 2022 related to life-threatening levels of undiagnosed diabetes and anaemia and (obvious) suppurating cellulitis.  Those conditions remain, with no change in destitution due to refusal to negotiate release to me of my money.

Major policy matters arise because theft and cruelty have extended into malfeasance and maladministration especially regarding the avoidable neglect of

  • Covid victims and medicos, paramedics, pharmacists, Police and related others – see my formal proposal for a National Council to re-engage medical involvement
  • bushfire victims and 8,000 Indigenous rangers – see my formal proposal submitted to Ministers Wyatt and Burney
  • integrity elements especially outside the NCAC including immigrants, whistle-blowers and me including re-introducing “due diligence” and “rule of Law” in parallel to reports by Sir Rod Eddington and Nick Greiner, and
  • budget integration with climate and demographic change, and future generations through program effectiveness, responsible debt and proper climate mitigation programs (“plans”), above.  Currently “gifting” dominates the 2022 Budget and portfolio plans which denies system linkages and maintains corruption. 

All are matters of national concern, with many extra project elements, where I have the solutions under copyright, offered them gratis to Albanese, but was rejected by Chalmers/Kennedy with a series of Budget stages which breached OECD and Treasury protocols.  The proposal for a co-operative infrastructure review cycle  (Dec ’15 on) remains a critical and  essential  part of Australia’s Budgetary solution re climate and demographic changes as well as eliminating rorts, waste and corruption. 

All Labor and LNP parliamentarians did the same which was not true of the then head of Industry Mike Mrdak and Turnbull chief of staff Moriarty as well as planning  professionals.  Senator Sinodinos also had a sane and sensible talk with me.

I have interest in the original perpetrators in NSW and Federal Governments, coming to include NSW ICAC’s and Ombudsman’s coverage of state and NSW/Federal matters as necessary:  the “value  proposition” to the PM (below) encompassed all and would be a “peace plan”.  The Albanese Government has extended Morrison’s malevolence by over 150 days, ignoring the solution (the “value proposition”) and rewarding miscreants while punishing me – a display of discrimination and intimidation.

On 22 May I submitted another offer to new PM Albanese in these terms:

I feel I have to be pre-emptive as Kennedy and others will be staking their claims and I want to stop this BETRAYAL stuff right now, today, and make the book retrospective as history.  He would continue to exclude me as he did under Turnbull and Morrison.  That would make bad vibes much worse.

I ask for understanding of the horrible consequences of criminal plagiarisms, extended homelessness, critical health challenges requiring urgent hospitalisation in February and ongoing symptoms including the horrors of cellulitis fuelled by diabetes’ sugars.

Theft of my ideas started in 1999 and accelerated under Baird and Berejiklian leading on to both Turnbulls, Morrison, Frydenberg, Gaetjens and Kennedy.  NSWUG tried to steal the Goanna and was stopped, the executive involved was dismissed.  The Planning Institute tried to pinch Creative Reconstruction but backed off.  All were documented at, “The Value Proposition”.

The valuations in the attached draft contract are drawn from that website and represent an en globo solution, with contributions by the Federal and State Governments going to iA’s proposed National Re-Planning trust/pool, with payment for my rights to ideas and reports being satisfied smoothly.

Subsequently I will focus on my stated priorities especially the national institute to remember forgotten heroes, which will be an open and participative framework with top board and sector expert panels.  This will be world famous and include Brown and Fitzgerald as prominent among the founders of the Labor 1890s movement onwards, with Nugget Coombes also being a priority as with Menzies’ engineers.  (Many others have substantial biographies and so would not be included.)

The individual projects in the schedule such as the Tim Fisher Refresher would be the Government’s to pursue having paid for them, with me guiding as required.  I intend to “rescue iA” and take it to a higher level, it is in a sad state at the moment.

Please note that this solution set is a win-win for the Albanese Government, with minimal risk to the States and Territories.  It sees me off if done well.  OK?  (The NSW contribution to the iA National Replanning Trust would cover their contributions to my stolen IP .)

From the draft deed sent  to Kennedy:

The Consultant will provide to the Principal within 1 month of commencement of the Deed (earlier re parts as might be agreed):

  1. Intellectual Property associated with his review of Federal and NSW programs and budgets, the history and features of transport/land use proposals, and his knowledge of iA, iNSW and GSC (and other) procedures and methodologies – assigned sufficiently to allow production of (3) to (6) below;  provided the Principal agrees to and meets the terms of (A) below, with a reference panel formed if the Client wishes to facilitate taking the draft report/s, green papers or similar  forward for implementation or other arrangement
  • Coronavirus Context Analysis
    • Financial and budgeting including unique targetted and scalable incentives and community resilience through “local solutions”
    • Medical and health integration – IP to be shared and marketed internationally [this became the proposal for a “National Council”]
    • History and applicability of bubonic plague to go with 1919 influence as governance precedents
  • Bushfire Context Analyses including indigenous landcare model
  • Infrastructure Context analyses
    • Federal bushfire, rorts, pipeline and corona crises – histories & solutions
    • NSW Government statements, reports and correspondence.
    • iA and iNSW, GSC and NSW Productivity Commission reports
    • Associated or transport, land use and technology reports from around Australia and the worldGSC, ROC, RDA and associated regional reportsIndustry stakeholders’ correspondence, statements and reports
  • Draft EDDINGTON BEDROCK – from Christie to Greiner to Gibbons – dealing with Sydney & regional transport, project planning and probity, logistics, and employment planning frameworks and incorporating ROC, Federal and State, and industry/community concerns; and Creative Reconstruction of NSW Local Governance (see Appendix)
  • Draft Eastern Seabord Rail Freight Development Plan including Ports Strategy (especially to resolve the former PM’s painful problem in St George/Sutherland and re-formulate Inland Rail into a Rail Bridge)
  • Draft correspondence for engaging NSW principals or other arrangement and generally in the Feasibility Testing phase
  • Finalisation of document and support for briefings for principals and Australian Government stakeholders
  1. Research, briefing and other services as requested and agreed

There was no answer then or since as in explicitly contrary to “non-action” provisions (below).

I formally advised the subjects of my intentions to seek relief – after the PM and his Department refused six formal requests from mediation, in such terms:

  • The highest threshold of “threat of serious injury or death” has been met twice within the purview of the Albanese Government.
  • Theft in two forms, stealing and destroying value, with origin by source and cumulative with time and oppression
  • Direct intimidation, discrimination, confinement and torture, oppression and malfeasance, especially over the recent year, by “locking the door” and hiding from requests for remedy and relief in addition to theft
  • Refusal to honour inherited obligations of Turnbull/Morrison re crimes and penalties against breaches of probity, humanity and ethics
  • Refusal to recover illegal and discriminatory payments by Morrison that had Kennedy support/ involvement especially to Trump, Hillsong and other religions, while depriving me of my own assets
  • Refusal to move on “shameful tolerance of corruption” which is urgent and immediate .. including the remedies discussed here to matters outside of NCAC’s timeframe and abilities 
  • Refusal to “repair” explicit corruption and waste in infrastructure programs, and then lie about not spending on my initiatives re Corona, bushfire risk, implementation of budget integration with climate mitigation programs, and integrity Vs Treasurer promises to meet such needs including integrity.  Malfeasance  arises in  several  respects as does maladministration, in my opinion.

The provisions of anti-corruption, human rights and general governance protocols have been summarised under these heads:

Discrimination Cruelty (substrate to slavery)
Bullying Intimidation and harassment Confinement
Malfeasance Oppression Maladministration Conspiracy including to Defraud  

It is probable a formal complaint will be lodged with ICAC over  this matter:

Theft & Malfeasance   Conspiracy, fraud   Berejiklian Constance Perrottet         ê Succession to iA and AlbaneseEconomy savings on CBD to Bankstown Metro, from my published  “Case to Pause” (editions from 16 May 2016).    She and Perrottet falsified successive Budgets to conceal the explicit savings to trackage and operations.  iA falsely reported benefits.  Albanese has praised Perrottet, not  disciplined him.  Savings approx. $4 billion which at minimal creative-licence level of 5% is $200 million.  This should have been paid quietly but due to dishonesty the works are illegitimate.  Auditor-General and ICAC should have intervened.  The IP’s value is very real.   Albanese, Chalmers and Kennedy are explicit supporters of  this and related projects and have not exercised political or funding leverage.  


I have exhausted constructive and assertive approaches against the brick walls of the Sphere of Shameful Tolerance. 

My offers to the PM, treasurer and Attorney General are largely public and will be more so if this relatively private communication is converted into a public appeal along with the probable approach to ICAC.

Please don’t make me do that as my circumstances will bear heavily on  your anti-corruption future.

This email was sent at 9.17 am this morning, Friday 11 November, the Day of National Remembrance. Did anyone notice?:

Enough offers and far too much torture, 173 days and LEST WE FORGET day.  It’s aso eyes-wide-open day.

Yes, torture, that is the point, the heads of concern about the treatment you have given me which you have seen a major part of and not responded to so far as I can see.  The consequences for me are very real: chronic and currently uncontrolled hypertension, recrudesce of cellulitis, 2 diabetes drugs daily and kids dying.

High noon today, if the A-G responds positively, the integrity & economics burdens ease greaty.  if not:

• new web page on breached integrity as previously advised, correspondence to be published there with supplementary legal material
• new material on Albo’s track record as it bears on mistakes and suppressions in the Budget and preparatory phases.  The Parliaments have not not been told the truth.

Truly horrible stuff, from bullying Tanner in 2007 through to multiple appeasements of Morrison and extensions of corrupt gifting and suppression of bushfire, corona, climate and integrity solutions as well as of genuinely good ideas for nation building.

Putting an end to the shameful tolerance of corruption is urgent.  I do not accept all the allegations thrown at Chris , my concerns are very substantive.

Add: this graphic illustrates the long-term degradation of the quality of planning in NSW since 1995. It is part of a suite of context statements that represent THE IMPERATIVE TO ADOPT THE OECD PROTOCOLS AND NATION-BUILDING PROPOSALS IN MY WORK, LEST THE ALBANESE GOVERNMENT BE REGARDED AS A STRAIGHT-LINE DESCENDANT OF MORRISON, Frydenberg AND KENNEDY, THE NATION WRECKERS:

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