Albo One Shot

There was a history: in 2008 Albanese had bullied then Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, a legendary clean-skin, to drop Rudd’s Nation Building Bill so a backdoor was installed for developers to do direct sweetheart deals with Albanese, which he used repeatedly for substandard deals over Moorebank IMT while boosting lame-duck projects like Inland Rail and port logistics at points he closed down due diligence and even iA protocols. (He recently used Kerry Schott in an effort to wallpaper Inland Rail but fired in an Own Goal).

Since 2008 (2013), the LNP widened that door but did not need to insert new ones.

Now in 2023 as PM Albanese has again applied his bullying to now-compromised Ministers but with compatriots who are very comfortable with LNP practices and projects like Treasurer Chalmers and Catherine King: sham policies and Potemkin projects are failed attempts to disguise contempt for community needs and hatred of victims.

You’ve had enough information which is all in play, none of you have shown remorse or foresight, all are part of a callous and bullied Parliament.  Australia is in desperate need of caring economics, health, climate and bushfire attention and all we see is a continuatuation of Kennedy/Turnbull/Morrison malevolence.

Just today’s and I say to Dreyfus, restore the Rule of Law immediately! please:

Reminders of True Labor Values, after which I get back to publishing what-you-know about Dreyfus, King, Bowen and whomsoever, I’m in a positive but foul mood so get outta my way and restore justice, please.

This is a critical overview of

  • what has gone astray with Budget processes and content
  • who “dun it”
  • how to fix it right now, as a secong Lib/Lab hybrid compromise – excluding societal priorities – would be extremely damaging:

Albanese also made a name for his distinctive brand by

Albanese also made a name for himself by appeasing Morrison on such critical issues as integrity and National Cabinet (on Corona recovery and ongoing Covid preparations and care).

There are four CHASM documents loaded here and graphical representations on critical issues left are:

The essence of corruption is to sneak sweet deals through under the table, sub tabula, so the journalists in Sleepy Hollow do not inform the mug punters, thus the first 1/2 October Budget 2022 suppressed all non-LNP community priorities and their Puppet Master Kennedy is trying to over-manage this tight flood of briefing papers so the May 2023 1/2 Budget achieves an extension of the Morrison/Albanese anti-Labor agenda:

Albanese’s anti-ethical approach flooded respected lawyer Dreyfus’ and produced a plethora of injustices (in lieu of his statutory duty to implement the “rule of Law”):

There is a long list of integrity failures and political hypocrisy such as Albanese’s tears over The Voice and joy over hurting victims; but other pages and especially the four Chasm pamphlets ( carry details, here the KEY POINTS are the foci of the faux-May ’22 transition:

So, long story, PM Albanese’s ALP Government was elected on 21 May 2022.  It inherited a governance system in turmoil after years of sustained stupidity and governance.  So what did he and his colleagues do?  They closed their eyes and ears and rocked on with the same captain’s calls and taxation excesses.  In that course, they continued almost all of the specific abuses of civic and human rights that the LNP villains had forced over any rule of law traditions and systems – including continuing the privileges of the worst of their mercenaries.

On 18 April, this was the position:

There is explicit criminality as explained on other pages but this is an index map to the key points which follow:

On 20 April, the situation included this:

Month or so before:

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