Is Tanya the Saviour?

She has released the overdue State of the Environment Report and is being praised for that.


She has been ignoring my websites (4 of) and books (3 on line and 3 free downloads on sites) and has reached the world record of 10 years refusing to reply to emails, phone messages and tweets.

So no leave pass, especially as the only guy in Australia who produced a world-record pace in recovering from prospective decarbonisation (yes, moving really fast) is being treated with malice and cruelty


Is Albo Albo?

The evidence is building across a range of policy areas that public policy interference is happening still on the “Morrison Model”, with an absence of action on Integrity and the Treasurer increasingly lost in a mist of self-delusion. The centre of ongoing corruption of purpose and ethics is the Treasury wherever its outposts are including the Treasury itself. Prof Glyn Davis has been in DPM&C for a month or more and seems to be quiescent, after all his recruiter appears to have been the Treasurer himself from their mutual Queensland background (Davis has been head of Beatty’s Premier & Cabinet and Chalmers had been Beatty’s staffer)

Will Albo come through for Aus?

Sad but hopeful, a very long and hard road close to ends if I push through the final bumper. The quotes are in the site but Jim has led with his chin and will not have to gallop to catch up. The PM promised Integrity and to change and now I’m in his face with Morrison’s and Berejiklian’s most evil act of all, the attempted murder of me and harm to my family and my stated beneficiaries. I’ve laid it all down ….

A bonny traveller

It is nice, as so many have noted, to see the new PM bring a tornado of fresh air to Australia’s international relationships. Many promises are being made and the timing of the extended sojourn was very much Morrisonic, I put the pressure on for fairness and rule of law and poof! off goes the weasel

Regrettable that Integrity has been hit by a bus

PM Albanese seemed to be sincere at the time but more suspect appointments without due process are happening through the NSW mates’ network while Kennedy appears to be killing my effort to host, at my expense, a major thank-you for first responders and others with the PM as special guest.

Jim is still blind to the fact he is holding back MY MONEY, it is not his, and my clever way of doing it seems to be a bit too clever for the dullards.

Knock Knock Jim, time to overcome the inertia

Once more into the fray, bloody hell, is it really the 7th round!

I start by asking you, please ring me so we can settle this sensibly and to the PM’s benefit. Your relationship with Kennedy pre-dated Albo becoming Leader. Appearances are you maintained that relationship so is that where the appeasement and consequent damage started?

To this point I assumed it was Albo appeasing Morrison but that seems to be wrong. That certainly fits with the going soft on Frydenberg through the budget and MYEFO chaos I documented. Also, did you consistently critique the dilution of employment criteria?

You know my phone number so please use it, I have a very strong desire to start to repair my life and overcome fascist inertia

Speers misunderstands economics again v Chalmers

On Insiders, Speers pontificated about stagflation but Aus’s bulldog was better informed. Remembers Speers was mystified when Frydenfreak said business cases were optional, didn’t decide routes, just the colours on the bus shed. He and Jim are in same trouble when speaking of Budgets and productivity – Frydenfreak and Jim do not understand microeconomics and in particular OECD and my own Malenomic criticisms. If Jim continues to bully me after 5 weeks of continuing Morrison malevolence, that will lead to grief. This a snapshort of Coalition and ALP mistakes as at October 2010 with two others books referenced there, climate malenomics and Bairdijiklian contamination of the “NSW disease” and Australia through Turnbulls and Morrison et al

Roy & HG rightly whack Perrottet

They point out that the NSW budget omitted Leichhardt Oval for 12th time since 2010 -Premier Keneally RIP. I’m ripping a new hole in Perrottet for falsifying Budget papers and stealing from me, save the children, Men of League, Beanies for Brain Cancer, Police Legacy Wall to Wall, Mark Hughes Foundation, and my favours for PM Albanese – Jim and his crony Kennedy have added to the disaster with jealousy of my qualities and retro-fixation on Morrison

A disgrace for the ALP to heal in the best possible way

I did not start with any ambition to write books or set up websites but the necessary political and moral suasion required it. Labor unfortunately appeared to have appeased and  now has continued it. 

I am fighting extremely hard to be heard, now that I see that Kennedy still gets his $1 million a year and I am still at risk of re-hospitalisation.  I don’t know why Jim simply refuses to talk especially about my solutions and ideas for the PM.  All can explain to Australia why you continue “the shameful tolerance”.

PS this morning’s radio carried an interview with a couple on the south coast of New South Wales who are still living in tents at three years after the bushfires. One of the most significant costs of  suppressing my work is sterilisation of my offer to build 10 demonstration fireproof and storm proof houses in fire areas of Australia. This has been fully documented on my websites and is parallel with my proposal to engage about 8000 indigenous Landcare workers on a 10 year program of reducing fire risk. 

These two factors together represent a national disgrace Today I paste in ALP performance vs Frydenberg/Kennedy during the weirdly incompetent fire and corona episodes.  I’d rather be reconstructing my life and family