Is Tanya the Saviour?

She has released the overdue State of the Environment Report and is being praised for that. Why? She has been ignoring my websites (4 of) and books (3 on line and 3 free downloads on sites) and has reached the world record of 10 years refusing to reply to emails, phone messages and tweets. So…

Is Albo Albo?

The evidence is building across a range of policy areas that public policy interference is happening still on the “Morrison Model”, with an absence of action on Integrity and the Treasurer increasingly lost in a mist of self-delusion. The centre of ongoing corruption of purpose and ethics is the Treasury wherever its outposts are including…

Will Albo come through for Aus?

Sad but hopeful, a very long and hard road close to ends if I push through the final bumper. The quotes are in the site but Jim has led with his chin and will not have to gallop to catch up. The PM promised Integrity and to change and now I’m in his face with…


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