Business Summit integrated with budgetary mainstreams

The PM and Treasurer announced on June 10 that in September they would convene a 300-person national summit on “ jobs and skills shortages” regarding “strong, sustainable wages growth”, Treasurer Chalmers saying he would be “picking the brains of experts on how to solve rising inflation and job vacancies’.

This is obviously merited by itself but the timetable is at odds with the Budget the next month.  These topics should have been solved in Opposition.  There are crisis elements documented here and on the website which require a hard-hitting approach akin to the Newcastle recovery strategy on the announcement of the closure of steelmaking, applied to economic, climate and COVID planning.  (See page “Corruption & the 30-Minute Club”.)

The Economic Statement & Business Summit will go off half-cocked &
the Budget will be definitely under-cooked

I am waiting for the PM and Treasurer to lead the discussion on integrating budget development with my much-suppressed national co-operative re-planning template to integrate responses to climate responses, demographic and migration changes, natural event crises and frequencies, and waste and inefficiency in existing infrastructure programs with failure of NSW, Victorian and especially Turnbull/Morrison “$110 billion pipeline” under iA’s separation from reality.

Such summits produce hundreds of unstructured ideas grouped into themes, very professionally but reflecting a lack of focus on the real matters which bear on national prosperity, jobs growth and remuneration for workers and the disadvantaged. 

On the latter, there there has been little if any mention of past summits on social security and industry sector strategies (akin to Button Plans and Newcastle’s revival), inflation  or living costs on metropolitan fringes including tolls, congestion and stress.  I am driven by considerations as:

  • Dysfunctional lack of clarity between stimulus, investment, repair and integration, I have traced the elements of De-stimulus which relate to such confusion e.g. changes in education budgets and rejection of childcare and SME support.  No government has yet developed a “plan”
  • Governance disintegration which includes the domination of political apparatchiks and conflicted interests, and a lack of resilience planning such as with bushfires but also Corona, the examples are literally incredible, but add vicious, temporarily quiet, Trump-like anti-women and anti-climate prejudices.  These are disintegrative if there is such a word
  • Rejection of my significant papers on Budget reconstruction and integrating medicine and economic stability as Corona moves through its evolution, with unique involvements for local governments. The community understands the risks but the dominant political clique does not as Omicron mutations are accelerating
  • Re-balancing business support payments, recovery of greed-grabs by Harvey Norman and deceitful diversions of Job Seeker by QANTAS and other corporates, due to the incompetent March 2020 legislative packages + need to reform National “Cabinet” into a proper Council
  • The powerhouse states are seeing their revenue prospects fall away but are not cutting back on wasteful expenditure, NSW in particular is on a literally lunatic path, iNSW recently said focus on smaller projects but continued the anti-transit Parramatta stub tram and ignored “better ideas” and cost-saving “budget repairs”
  • Albo HST replacement is sitting there, unloved but why?  The alternative would promote regional prosperity where CLARA and HST would have harmed them.
  • Lack of economic nous in the media and the alienation of university economists and political scientists as the data series needed for fast responses to changing circumstances are corrupted by political opportunists like Frydenberg and Kennedy – the Fourth Estate is neutered
  • NSW and Feds ignoring total savings of c $140 billion-plus from better ideas in “Eddington Bedrock:  from Christie to Greiner to Gibbons”, as well as “best transit support” in the world for Nancy Bird Walton Airport
  • Progressively killing the “best idea for 100 years”, the CBD Traffic Oasis and Transit Boulevard and the Goanna Transit Bridge with 2 expressnets at its end.  NSW Planning Minister Stokes is lying by progressing the White Bay redevelopment without any transit solution, UGNSW having tried to steal the Goanna as the only practical transit option for the precinct – Stokes’ shame instead of negotiating, the fool
  • NSW and others ignoring solutions to the collapse of metro and connex projects from incompetent engineering and economics, with massive adverse consequences for coming generations (see also

There is a naïve presumption that manufacturing will be an automatic part of future prosperity.  This has been disproved over many years as China and Korea developed and now India is too.  The Government does not have a John Button and a political-scientist Treasurer needs to listen much more.

The Newcastle recovery process is discussed on associated pages “Treasurer Chalmer’s Performance 2019 – on”, “Do we believe words or actions”,  “Albanese’s Unfinished Business”, and “Aussie Democracy dies in darkness”.  The suppression of my work has produced something of a waterfall of goodies.

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