Climate Crimes: Suppression threatens National Progress

Joe Biden looked to be a good prospect on several fronts so I approached him openly and honestly.  I saw a win-win:  he wanted Morrison to lift his game and seemed courageous.  I wanted him to leverage up climate into our human rights crises, lay Morrison on the mat then jump on him. 

I did a lot of work and didn’t get a cooee but watched Biden help Morrison (and Albanese) with Cormann and then rip off Australia to get even with the (as predicted)  lunacy of ATM/PM Morrison with anti-climate religionist Dutton, after Cornwall and especially Glasgow’s UN COP26.  The US is moving slowly as must be expected by realists and Australia will need its best efforts to overcome inertia, while the UN and IEA are still wallpapering COP26 which was undermined by the carbonised majors including Australia and the US. 

Arguably there is no one in Australia more aware of and expert in climate + infrastructure + post-carbon regional transformation + community engagement:

I have produced four websites and this is the fourth book on relevant matters.  One of my summaries is this – the notion of Bairdijiklian Malenomics is one of my contributions to the body of economic literature and the themes here are consistent through many publications:

That corrupt culture was taken into Canberra by Turnbull and Morrison and the Albanese Government has to choose between muddling through of using iA in the manner I have mapped:  I offered to Turnbull, Morrison and Albanese my Corona economics and the Murray/Gibbons Template for stable medico-economic continuity as “local solutions to local problems” or UK-style Localism as espoused by Next City and other liberal US thinktanks – on each occasion I was suppressed by Kennedy.

This the author’s note on my first book – on Covid Australia:  Failure of the Morrison/Trump/Johnson Bravura Model:

As opposed to that, there appears still to be no one in Canberra who is prepared to listen as opposed to suppress or close in awareness and nous.  There is much meat in the following, at the tail is a major piece of thinking on Covid and climate, all ignored and suppressed. 

That conference was a UN failure as the big carbonised nations opted out and most refused to participate in the wishy-washy target review session planned for a year later.  The US and UK appeased the lunatic Morrison, largely over their crony deal on nuclear submarines.)

Here are some pointers as

  • current politicians are unsure of the science:  they make bold statements about 43% reductions in carbon emissions by 2030 but promote increased carbon exploration, mining and processing against scientific and economic logic (a hot topic on ABC Insiders on 17 July 2022)
  • current politicians like PM Albanese, Chris Bowen (Climate), Penny Wong (Foreign) and Tanya Plibersek (Environment) have been assuring the Northern Australian and Pacific Islanders that we have their best interests at heart, definitely going to contribute to  […], where the science says we can’t lower ocean levels until we can stop the waters from rising
  • the ALP in government remains inclined, if not committed, to allowing mining to continue in traditional “blue collar” regions and are not committed to Newcastle-style rapid transfer to “new economy” engagement and manufacture.  The anal financial approach being taken currently by the Treasury in saving on medical aids while boosting carbon companies, is inimical to an investment-driven wave towards community prosperity.

There are no signs of the skills of the NSW Energy Minister of the 1980s, Peter Cox, who started energy conservation in Australia but not through ideological interventions, through appropriate independent inquiries and technologies with community engagement.  He taught me well as seen in Newcastle’s remarkable turnaround.

Australia’s particular target is the Biden & Kerry team at the top of the US food chain, with the Cold War Warrior Anthony Blinken.  Aussies like to have pats on the head but leave the cheque books open for submarine voodoo which undermines intergenerational economic  potentials.  Morrison manipulated the states and territories but Albanese welcomed then kept the “national cabinet” which is a fraud.  We give one message to our citizens and Islands neighbours but move contrary-wise in reality. 

Morrison, Cormann, Morison’s chief of staff, the “National Covid-19 Coordination Commission” and Angus Taylor were carbon ideologues, as boosted by Labor, my conclusion:

Both sides are ignoring the importance of balance and competency in recovering from de-carbonisation and marching strongly into the future, which the Coalition and Labor have not done before, are relying on inexpert and inexperienced political appointees and suppressing the skilled and experienced.

On 25 May’20 this email was sent to Ministers in the Morrison Government, it set the pace (past tense conversion avoided, please note last two years!):

Nev and his Narrabri fertiliser plan and gas pipelines are not “within the next few months” and are to be referred to a reformed iA.

NCCC is not to duplicate work and it is, repair has been written out and NCCC has failed already to be independent enough to “repair”.

So here are three immediate ideas I have not shared with Nev and am passing on this platform for copyright reasons:

  1. Pressure put on families and institutions through Zoom needs 1) subsidies for download limits & costs, backdated, and 2) upgrades in homes and institutions
  2. Best integrated stimulus is $2 billion for van parks for road and drainage upgrades but not under wastrels McCormack or Barilaro : pavements, drains and GPTs – obvious, duh
  3. 3rd pensioner payment to take us to the US level (I forced the 2nd)

Can PM Morrison listen? Seems not. I wish he could.

He steals these and …, Nev is not experienced in these matters and has alienated me so far, not smart.

As for not smart, I published and circulated my Border Wars, Morrison downgraded NCCC to make them a smaller target (didn’t work), took them into his Department to pretend they had Cabinet secrecy, and Power disappeared, presumably back to WA.  Labor said NCCC is not “Cabinet in confidence” and its Minutes should be public, then in office he went into “Cabinet” and came out shaken, speechless.

This was my summary for the international book market:

It is assumed that international readers would know from their media that PM Morrison’s government is in turmoil, including over

  • attempted suppression of justice over two violent rapes, one in a minister’s office 
  • abandonment of coronavirus vaccine protection of the community for the reasons below, leading to economic instability without community resilience – surely a sacking offence
  • corrupt gifting to Trump, corporates, Parties’ cronies and Qantas which has shed staff
  • right wing intentions to increase coal mining and power generation, including gas, with a particular threat to the Great Barrier Reef – the Australia Academy of Science says 70-99% of corals will die unless immediate climate change measures are taken
  • lies told to President-elect Biden and OECD inter alia and national strategic actions exclude climate change mitigation (there is no “plan”)
  • premature cessation of community support payments, Trumpian distortion of the media and lies about the “economic recovery”
  • a variety of discriminatory actions against mum-and-dad businesses, casual employees, superannuants, pensioners, unemployed, farmers and firefighters, and
  • deliberate hostility to bushfighting risk reduction and repair, including cancelling three aerial fire tankers (grossly malicious, evil indeed)Aboriginals taking back control (c 8,000 jobs), also as below. 

Cormann had a weak record as Finance Minister, his accounts having reflected Abbott’s, Turnbull’s and Morrison’s erraticism.  It was hard to believe he could contribute to the G7 framework agreement on harmonisation of international corporate taxation, the UN and OECD having done the hard work with the woman who lost the appointment to Cormann by one vote, Biden’s. 

You will recall there was widespread disbelief at Cormann’s candidature including by Ritchie Merzian, Australia’s former lead on negotiating climate adaptations and targets from 2009 to 2018.  At all stages of his previous campaigns against carbon taxes, renewables, targets and economic recovery, Cormann walked hand-in-hand with his treasurers, Morrison and Frydenberg, and led on tax disincentives for renewables.

All three had been under my sustained attack for professional, moral and corruption failures, including long lines of lies, excuses, broken promises and cruelty against victims and reformers, including this analyst whom they plagiarised, and more disciplined and successful State Premiers (“dog whistling” in Trump style).  Nothing could be more surprising than the three put their heads together subsequently, in Paris.

Cormann’s faux-reversal on 26 September 2019 was via the usual churnalism mode, the Australian Financial Review – “Anyone who genuinely cares about achieving outcomes, not just political-point scoring, would actually want to lower some of the shouting up of the debate and focus on talking about how we can achieve the best possible outcomes”.

No he isn’t, he is in denial through distraction, setting up a convoluted path through the silos within the UN and OECD.

There was no substance. He had said that the proposed framework on carbon pricing would be a technical forum and multilateral negotiation in a gradual process. That sounds like it will be ready by COP36.

The same rag has a full-colour “power profile” on Cormann on 1 October, part of the same Carbon Club PR.  Morrison also on 26 September through the Nine mastheads:  bring my government together to get a plan that we can take to the Australian people and say, “we can deal with this, we can do this, but we can do it without having to tax people, we can do it without having to shut down our industries and regions. I’m a patient person when it comes to getting things right”.

Morrison was desperate to distract attention from the failure of his vaccine acquisition program and the likely disastrous effects of premature reopening of orders and dropping of restrictions when vaccination levels reached 70% of adults.  Sydney was in massive crisis under the lunatic Premier Berejiklian, Morrison’s political partner (later enemy), both refusing to listen to medical and economic advice.

In that time frame Frydenberg said the cost of damage from not meeting the climate challenge would be too high. He told the Guardian Australia, “the deliberations were ongoing. We are having lots of internal conversations – I can’t say any more than that”.

All these events happened after the correspondence which all were aware of, which anticipated systematic forensic attack on the credibility of the Australian politicians.  Unfortunately attack is the word because they have stolen from me and hurt victims, women, my family and Australia.

Australians were horrified to see that the first person Morrison met when he landed in New York was Rupert Murdoch, alleged architect of ongoing anti-vaccination and anti-restrictions street violence.

President Biden announced with p.m. Johnson, that Australia was dropping its submarine contract with France and shifting to acquiring American nuclear submarines.

That produced the anticipated avalanche of complaints, not only in Europe but within Australia as it increases regional tensions and negates Cormann’s potential to bring Asia closer to OECD. Worse appearances and Biden appease Morrison in April and onwards while he was developing his secret plan, mollifying Morrison.

In this confusion of issues, the three actors have reverted to type, namely deceit and intensifying the negative effects of their mistakes – refusing to repair. The consequences are falling widely

This is the tale of how Biden had the chance to exercise leadership but reverted to self-interest.  Right up front I say I offered him my templates to speed state and regional adaptation in America;  but he threw the money at them and said do you darndest so that they have to each engage consultants where my templates would have saved months and millions.

9 April 2021 to Jim Kerry +(paraphrased in minor respects): 

URGENT:  using my materials before and at 22 April,  to your advantage and mine, to

I have attached a technical manual comprising six appendices which briefly state the background to this letter:

  1. The truth about bushfires & continental warming which showed Morrison to be a bastard to fire chiefs, farmers, environmental groups, Paris targets;  add his own ignorance of my/his continent.  It includes “hard carbon” hypocrisy, a refusal to mitigate
  2. Corona economics and the Murray/Gibbons Template (as above)
  3. Corona management responses and failures including the failure of “national cabinet”, unjust superannuation, education and welfare impositions, the latter after Morrison’s own “RoboDebt” cruelty.  Community cohesion, reduction of debt, elimination of waste (“budget repair”), mitigation of climate change and intelligent system design where Morrison’s is worst-possible, are included
  4. Infrastructure directions which contradict climate change mitigation and reduce revival and productivity improvements, in total denial of OECD recommendations (as with welfare impositions).  Gross gifting to cronies and buddies is rampant.
  5. Mediadistortions which corrupt public attitudes and conceal governmental corruption and incompetence
  6. Web references to my work in the many areas and career achievements are listed there.

After a lifetime of making constructive contributions to my city and country in company with great Australians, I find that the strata of governance, business, academe and journalism have lost their moral and prudential integrity. 

I have spent the last decade preparing my swansong, the “Save Sydney” suite of 360o reforms.  That is documented on four websites, in several book-length downloads and the comprehensive Eddington Bedrock:  from Christie to Greiner to Gibbons.  All are being suppressed apart from the thieving cherry-picking of Intellectual Property.

I would be grateful if you would arrange for a senior staffer to hear my case before the Antipodean nonsense careens further out of control.  Australia, the only “leader” to not condemn Trump’s insurrection, and the UK need an extraneous “shock” if they are to join the world community in sustainable societal, climate and economic directions:

  1. Pressure Australia’s Scott Morrison to be honest, committed and accountable in pursuit of climate change mitigation and employment and social equity, such is the potency of my work as demonstrated from 2016 to now when I forced changes (not yet paid for) and
  1. Force Morrison to pay me for what he and his and have stolen from me which led to the deaths of c 4,000 children in slavery and misery,  and rising.

We have the same specific values and problems and personal extensions, such as for me 8,000 Aborigines trained and equipped to reintroduce traditional fire risk reductions – versus Morrison who has deliberately increased mental and dwelling stress and done nothing good to reduce fire risk – in fact he cancelled the order for aerial fire tankers.

Hopefully together we will achieve solutions.  I have prepared a Briefing on Australian Carbon  &  Stimulus  CRISES – Reality  or  Pretence ?  for you and the President, as a consolidated either/or set of problems/solutions.

It is critical that either the President or you ring Morrison ASAP  on the basis of our negotiation over these options, in order of my preference:

  1. He stops holding back the money he and Berejiklian stole so I can get on with my agenda, Morrison being substantially responsible for the deaths to date of c 4,000 children in misery and slavery;   also committing to openly discussing my options and potential solutions – the incentive being Morrison will not be uninvited
  2. The two 50-page documents be sent quietly to the OECG executive personnel and the Paris secretariat (M Tubiana et al) with a similar message – payment to me being primary after 13 years of plagiarism and theft from my family
  3. Send same to all invitees to the 22nd Summit with a crisis note – Australia must pull back its manipulations
  4. US pay for a suitable adaptation of my work as a case study and then push further on Morrison and OECD.  I believe my work to be the first of a truly forensic nature
  5. Raise concerns about OECD governance and policies, the implication being funding conditions, and/or
  6. I proceed but with Mr Kerry’s help with contact details – I am proceeding hard if there is no other solution.

That will exercise leverage of rare potency.

Morrison has a heavy load of ethical, diplomatic, economic and general governance issues to repair in line with OECD’s guidelines and no time to waste, as explained by in your speeches and me in my publication program, for example

  • Border Wars and the Murray/Gibbons Template for community resilience and other local solutions (so relevant as Morrison has just realised after resisting for 6 years) in the face of repeating cycles of coronavirus
  • The current positioning of Australia and its links with the UK through Messrs Sharrock and Cormann, being contrary to the OECD’s path to date
  • The imminent If Christ Came to Canberra which detonates the myth of the Canberra Bubble and replaces it with Morrison’s and Qanon’s psychoses.  This gets very seriously into regime change
  • Progressive exposes of the underlying corruption of the carbon agenda by corporates and cliques within Australia’s minerals industries.  The Briefing has the full text of a letter sent on 5 November 2020 to International agencies – there have been no replies.

You might have seen my letter to Mr Biden and the 50 pages of 6 appendices which covered the range of governance issues, whereas this Briefing delves more deeply into politics and political decrepitude, including of the fused Morrison/Berejiklian HK infrastructure conspiracy and the threatened perversion of OECD’s leadership.  (The main text of that letter is at the foot of this email.)

Morrison is a disaster for Australia as is the most destructive politician in history, his fused ally as Premier (Governor) of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian.  I believe they are conspiring to defer coal moratoria and thence reductions in their usual way of ignoring critics until they have lost interest.  Morrison is incredibly insensitive, his wife tells him what to do, then he bounces back to default incredibly quickly, so nothing changes.

Reminiscent of Trump, a noted journalist and historian John Birmingham wrote today, .

That flop dick goat rodeo was already morphing into a disaster with the promised four million doses missing-in-action as of a week ago, the PM’s goons blaming the states, the PM blaming the EU, the states swearing a blood oath to defend each other against these vile slurs, and the EU straight up blading ScoMo as a teller of untruths whose trousers had combusted.

So of course he defaults to his mogus operandi of blame shifting and back stabbing when it becomes obvious his only vaccine rollout strategy is staring out the window, whining, “Where the bloody hell are ya?”

Hubris — masked as charisma or charm — is often mistaken for leadership mojo according to Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic.  And while you might recoil from finding anything the Prime Minister does charismatic or charming, you’re not the audience. The 68% of male voters who approve of his handling of the Brittany Higgins horror show are. Where by ‘approve’ I mean ‘enjoy’, and by handling I mean something worse.

It is my intention and belief that my work can break the chains just as If Christ Came to Chicago did in 1894.

I have been the main driver of innovation in NSW since 1971, and the main victim of their crypto-fascist predations since 2008.  It happens I am an eminent economist, political scientist and historian (including of Chicago), introduced energy conservation in NSW under my boss the Minister for Minerals & Energy, and led the revival of Newcastle City on the close of steelmaking.  I introduced energy labelling of white goods and social vouchers for energy bills via welfare NGOs.  There’s a lot more.

I used the time of exile to prepare forensic economic, pol sci and historical critiques and innovative solutions to the main problems in my purview.

To add insult to injury, Morrison engineered one of his Hard Carbon and Budget advocates, Cormann, into the top job at OECD, whose recovery guidelines had made great sense but which had been contradicted by Morrison and his Cabinet.  Morrison and Cormann as well as Frydenberg neutered the financing of renewables solutions and OECD’s “climate change mitigation” and other education and like elements, and are to be condemned. 

It is said the Morrison OECD line was opposition to carbon pricing across European borders as he had opposed it within Australia and as the UK PM has lately been doing.  (Morrison had made fairy-tale promises to try to avoid blame over the failure of his unbelievable statements on multiple sources and massive quantities of vaccine only to fail – he “blamed” Boris Johnson who bit back! )  The SMH again acted as cheerleaders. 

The thesis here is that that Morrison’s and Berejiklian’s “gifting” culture (including to Trump’s personal wallet), which includes executive de-skilling and journalistic churnalism, effectively neutered Australia’s chances of minimising the impacts of the carbon crisis and Novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).  Now the challenge is to repair the blunders  and accelerate “improvement stimulus” which will see Australia becoming more internationally responsible, more equitable, more prosperous, and cleaner and safer to live in. 

PM Morrison’s smugness is false bravado:  he  has  not  yet  started  genuine stimulus including carbon mitigation.  Treasurer Frydenberg will not listen and continues blunders and corrupt plagiarism.  He and his peers reject responsibility and chronically “blame the victims”.  From the start they denigrated local governance including Health and now are embarrassed.

It’s worse than that, Frydenberg and Mathias Cormann were confronted with my 2019 version of my Malenomics package which unpeeled three years of their errors but they hid – they cancelled MYEFO, deferred the Budget, deferred Parliament, cancelled 2 weeks of Parliament, and deceived themselves into more “gifting” tranches.  “The Emperor has no clothes”.  That they got further into trouble was no surprise but that they oppose repair of their blunders is catastrophic.   Most media are entangled through proprietors’ political and commercial connections and they have misinterpreted and ignored a damaging climacteric. These factors were ignored by OECD and IMF in their surveys.

Professor Christian Downie published “Genuine about climate action, Mr Cormann? Here’s how to turn over a new leaf” on 21 March 2021 in The Conversation:

From 2013 to 2020, Cormann was finance minister in the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison governments – an administration with arguably one of the worst records on climate change of any OECD government.

Just last week, Australia ranked last on a list of the world’s 50 largest economies for “green” spending to aid economic recovery after the COVID pandemic, according to a United Nations report.

The litany of the Coalition’s indictments is too long to list in full here. But dubious highlights include:

  • abolishing Labor’s carbon price in 2014
  • abolishing the Climate Commission
  • unsuccessfully seeking to kill off the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

And Cormann has also discouraged the climate action of others. For example, in 2017 he described Westpac’s lending restrictions on coal projects as “very, very disappointing”.

The OECD itself has condemned Australia as “one of the most carbon-intensive OECD countries and one of the few where greenhouse gas emissions (excluding land use change and forestry) have risen in the past decade”.

It is not hard to see why many around the globe lobbied against Cormann’s new appointment, including the British Labour Party.

  There is an uncanny parallel:  in 1930 Frydenberg’s muse Joseph Scullin brought Sir Otto Niemeyer out from England to review the National Debt.  Just as I am doing, ON’s revelations hit the political world like a sledgehammer (‘bye Baird and Frydenberg).  NSW Labor Premier Jack Lang fell as the events unfolded (the New Guard thugs similar to Murdoch’s street thugs).  There are a few details different but it takes no imagination to see that 1930 and 2020, 90 years apart, are uncannily similar.    The reality, if ears are uncovered, is that the NLP federal and NSW heads of government and their Treasurers were and are facing that hubristic cliff.  Labor any smarter?  

The Governments ignore, even suppress,  the solutions which the Australian people should have the opportunity to understand and discuss, including new budgetary processes to assist with “targeted and proportionate” (which the Government has been unable to achieve) and to save lives;  and the impediments to that, being the people and processes including in the Coalition Governments in Canberra and Sydney & the National Cabinet and NCCC.

This has been such a long and hard road with massive disappointment that my peer-reviewed solutions were contaminated by distinctly conflicted persons, as seen on

National Cabinet is discussed elsewhere on this site.

social cohesion, stronger carbon futures & medico-economic stability

through the Coronavirus crises

15 February 2021

Australia features savage fires which showed up PM Morrison’s basic inability to respond and his malice in denying rebuilding aid and cancelling aerial fire bombers, denial of climate change then incompetence and dithering, and grandiose promises which were cruelly and invariably broken;  and add Britain’s catastrophic mishandling of COVID-19 and Brexit by a maverick PM.  That was also Morrison’s path regarding Novel Coronavirus.

Trump we know about.  Trump = Johnson = Morrison & team, all without science and rationale, with vilification followed by taking credit for others’ achievements, protected by Murdoch’s doctrinaire mastheads and by “political appointees” in an Australian system lacking even US-style protections.  They stopped my efforts in May ’20 to save 800,000 jobs.  They have made Australia’s laggard carbon and corona performances even more elephantine….

Now Morrison and his entire Cabinet ignore criticism, cement-in mishaps so their real “clients” cannot be disappointed, and penalise everyone in the community who ask for different carbon, corona, tax, welfare or other “public interest” directions, with awful consequences including for victims of bushfires.  These statements are surreal for me, not in my worst dreams could I have conjured up a Berejiklian or Morrison and certainly not the twin set.

Morrison and his anti-lockdown allies whipped-up Trump-like vituperation against his community critics to the point Police had to provide protection to several families including the Victorian Premier’s (“governor”). Trump asked for and was gifted Australian dollars for himself and for his Mars escape.  Morrison is also captured by the evangelical Hillsong “church” to which he has gifted public money to, $44 million plus which is illegal. 

PMs Johnson and Morrison remain in denial but worse, are stuck in cycles of ego-based cruel hubris, self-deception & public betrayal, rejecting the “public interest” in favour of vested interests.  They care not about citizens in current and future generations. 

Morrison is manipulated by evangelical snake oil salesmen and was gauche in lying to you about “his” contact tracing successes and to OECD about the supposed merits of the “hard-carbon mercenary”, Mathias Cormann. 

He is incapable of introspection or contrition as shown in his address to Australia’s National Press Club on 1 February 2021 and is appeasing his “hard carbon” factions in steadfast contradiction to Cormann’s deceitful presentations. 

By the end of July 2020, the “National Cabinet” and the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission had produced no stimulus ideas, just a set of school-standard “guides”, and controversy about bias to carbon fuels and especially gas which was said to be in surplus supply anyway.  They are under the thumb:  the line report is to Philip Gaetjens who is directed by PM Morrison (and vice versa).  Not only is there no independence, there is no expertise.  This is the perfect combination in a system that supresses all external influences so that El Supremo’s every wish is met, no matter how perverse is.  The mechanisms, tentacles, can be seen in every context.

President Biden, you are on the way to achieving “repair” in these critical areas and to smooth the way for recalcitrants to join the mainstream of nations who acknowledge the imperatives of carbon and corona reform.  Your “orders” are in direct contradistinction to Morrison’s attitude I hope to brief your advisors, initially on streams within G20 and OECD, re the Murray/Gibbons “community resilience” model, in conjunction with experts in the UK situation.  I recognised the likelihood of corona recrudescence (I am an historian of bubonic plague), so focussed on re-engineering “pathways” in society to make travelling as well as residing more safe.  My work has been suppressed by the Australian “national cabinet” which is under Morrison’s thumb and which I judge to have failed.

The prospect is of exercising informed and creative influence on the two PMs as part of global harmonisation – urgently!  In short, there are two points to this letter:

  1. Using my extensive and intensive work on solutions in the OECD integrated or holistic framework over many years but especially the universally-relevant “Murray River/Gibbons Model” of medico-economic resilience, which Morrison is suppressing Redressing distortions introduced by the conniving Morrison Government and its state, corporate and media villains, which you have detected, I believe, so as to raise America’s leadership status in appropriate ways in line with OECD recommendations which include social support, community resilience and “budget repair”, and climate change mitigation, all of which Morrison has rejected.  Morrison has done everything he can to wreak revenge on fire chiefs, farmers and victims who regarded his performance a year ago as laggardly and abusive.;  and on aged care units, universities and public schools, as did Trump.

The illustration of evil “malenomics” was in July 2020 when Morrison cancelled food and accommodation stimulus and Berejiklian collapsed the tourism zone of the Murray River economy – thus smashing SMEs in “tourism” across the country but especially where I live (and for that reason).  The Victorian Premier turned that into a triple whammy when he clumsily included the disease-free “green zone” in his latest lockdown.  I have stated my disagreement with that approach in appendix 2.

The Business Council of Australia and the hotel and catering lobbies refused to help me to reverse those hits.  I succeeded without help and now question their commitment to the real economy as opposed to Big Business rorting.  That spurred me on in the direction you are driving.

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