Criminality of Suppression of Citizen IP Rights & the Public Interest

UPDATE (below) – conspiracy to defraud and to deny common-law rights

Other pages reveal defects and strengths of the main policy and personality characteristics of current arrangements.  They point to failed ethical and professional standards.  Former head of NSW Premier’s Gerry Gleeson would have solved this situation within 30 minutes.  Professor Glyn Davis has been brought in to do much the same thing for PM Albanese but to date no interventions let alone successful ones have been noticed.

The current PM was long-term minister for infrastructure who tended to turn project processes inwards, thus missing opportunities for more cost-effective solutions and greater productivity and community benefits.  He recently said he knew he needed to, and promised to, change.


This document is in response to past abuse and torment by malevolent people and a general disinterest in re-activating ethical and professional standards in medical and socio-economic well-being, especially as Covid mutations and “Second Waves” are taking heavy tolls.

I remain positive as the main innovator in NSW Government for decades (as seen around the State & Victoria) – and I ask readers to understand the whole and well as the particulars of the “NATIONAL COUNCIL” which replaces the faux-National Cabinet as a rational and effective governance reform in a conflict-ridden and unsolvable series of crises – except that “they” have no solutions and suppress and corrupt mine (above).

The extra mystery is why good and honest Labor ministers and backbenchers maintain the “shameful tolerance of corruption” they inherited (and contributed to at times). The same applies to Independents and journalists. As necessary, later, more will be said of “all that” but I expect reality will prevail in what could be a great Government.

I need him to stop being the first Labor Leader in history to endorse theft of an individual’s Intellectual Property, so I can contribute positively to Australia’s future as I used to do before the breakdown of the “rule of law”:Here we look at corrupted outcomes of convoluted contexts with a focus of the current writer who has suffered the nation’s worst deliberate destruction of his life for being an ethical operator with strong record of innovation.

The thefts took place and slamming the door has legal implications as explained elsewhere
including oppressive behaviour and fraud

Do not forget outcomes. The cruelty shown by the LNP juntas went deeply in malevolence, they did not care if hurting me, their mission, led to beneficiaries being bashed by the Turnbulls, Morrison, Frydenberg, Kennedy, Taylor, Gaetjens, Baird, Berejiklian and Constance, then Albanese, Chalmers and Kennedy again et al. Incredibly, Frydenberg and Berejiklian deliberately ravaged SMEs in travel and accommodation out of malice towards this one analyst who had pushed for them to be given “stimulus”:

  1. Save the Children and kids’ hunger and poverty charities
  2. Beanies for Brain Cancer, Mark Hughes Foundation, they raised $2.3 m before COVID so I offered them two of those which would have met a real gap – double bastardry by LNP
  3. Police Legacy Wall to Wall, NSW & Victoria x 2 years
  4. Men of League
  5. Marie Bashir Institute
  6. My special mission from 1972 – National Institute to Remember Forgotten Heroes
  7. Tim Fisher projects including world first pure sustainable train (better than Byron) – rejected by Mike Cannon-Brookes who wastes money everywhere else
  8. Set-up of an indigenous women’s’ NRL team attached to a mainstream club as is the practice – attacked by V’Landys as Berejiklian’s buddy, shows the oceans-deep malice
  9. About 8,000-strong indigenous landcare program in teams of 100 to reduce fire risks in major (1,000 sq m) tranches over an initial 10 years – Aboriginal ministers Wyatt then Burney have been unfair and incompetent in plagiarising the notion
  10. Rollout of 10 fireproof demonstration homes deliberately suppressed especially with 2019’s savage fires, repeated in Western Australia
  11. My family

Treasurer Chalmers hides from emails so this was a barb sent by speargun:

I’ve given you every reason to allow me to stop

to Jim, bcc:, bcc:, bcc:, bcc: Mark.dreyfus.MP, bcc: Patrick.gorman.MP, bcc: mark.butler.MP, bcc: Ed.husic.MP, bcc: chris.bowen, bcc:, bcc: Michelle.rowland.MP, bcc: Jason.clare.MP

This continues at a very high pitch while ever you are holding my money in an historic act of vicious theft (box below right)

Theft of the value of my Intellectual Property and associated conspiracies

This is typical message, to the point and meaningful

Three cases come to mind but over 20 are mentioned later:

  1. In 2009 the RTBU commissioned me to do work which I completed to their expressed satisfaction but Lewocki and Claassens conspired to deprive me of the unpaid balance of my contract.  PM Albanese failed to exercise influence to recover that money (with interest and compensation for duress etc)
  2. The NSW Government stole my “economy” ideas for the Bankstown Metro and deliberately sterilised my case for “the best idea in 100 years”, the CBD/innerwest transit solution + the Goanna Transit Bridge + the Greater Sydney Commission’s planning approach – all as documented here and on parallel websites – Perrottet then removed the project details from Budget documents – illegitimately – to disguise the compensation amount and SMH journalist Matt O’Sullivan published a deceitful series of stories supporting Perrottet and Berejiklian and camouflaging my case
  3. The Turnbull and Morrison Governments using Kennedy stole my “public affairs” consulting value over the Covid response phases and the successive Ministers for Aboriginal Affairs stole by national fire risk reduction program concepts in the Rangers context

Breaches of Integrity in principle and ICAC provisions

I made the point repeatedly that the Federal Government could pay for the accumulated loss of my property due to plagiarism in easy way what would produce mutual benefits;  and draft deeds of agreement to that end were submitted to PM Turnbull in December 2015 and subsequently to him and Morrison and Albanese.

In each case Kennedy rejected the submissions without acknowledgement or reply;  and the current Treasurer Chalmers has taken the same course under Kennedy’s influence.

The PM’s promise to change and to pursue INTEGRITY – and indeed to “put an end to the shameful tolerance for corruption” has been treated with contempt. In all cases mentioned here, the thefts were without consultation, against my expressed views and intentions, and done with malice.

For guidance, out of Wiki but consistent with texts and legal friends  I have consulted, “The standard definition of a conspiracy to defraud was provided by  Lord Dilhorne in Scott v Metropolitan Police Commissioner, when he said that  “it is clearly the law that an agreement by two or more by dishonesty to deprive a person of something which is his or to which he is or would be entitled and an agreement by two or more by dishonesty to injure some proprietary right of his, suffices to constitute the offence of conspiracy to defraud.

“Conspiracy to defraud therefore contains two key elements; that the conspiracy involved dishonesty, and that if the conspiracy was undertaken, the victim’s property rights would be harmed. This does not require the defendants’ actions to directly result in the fraud; in R v Hollinshead, the House of Lords held that producing devices designed to alter electricity meter readings constituted conspiracy to defraud, even though the actual fraud would be carried out by members of the public rather than the conspirators. In two situations, it will not even be necessary for the actions to directly lead to any kind of financial loss for the victim; these are when the conspirators plan to deceive a person holding public office into acting counter to their duties, and when the conspirators know that their actions put the victim’s property at risk, even if the risk never materialises.

The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage the creation of a wide variety of intellectual goods. To achieve this, the law gives people and businesses property rights to the information and intellectual goods they create, usually for a limited period of time. This gives economic incentive for their creation, because it allows people to benefit from the information and intellectual goods they create, and allows them to protect their ideas and prevent copying. These economic incentives are expected to stimulate innovation and contribute to the technological progress of countries, which depends on the extent of protection granted to innovators.


The “SWOT” matrices follow.

Precursors – all with detailed documentation

  1. There have been some 25 instances of NSW and Federal Governments filching work I have done over some 9 years on my “Save Sydney” suite of policies as well as during the Coronavirus crises and in Federal Budget and MYEFO shenanigans (violating my “public affairs consultancy” roles).
  2. Mike Baird started a vindictive pattern of bias and brickwall recusals when I sought compensation for the first and for work the then Opposition had commissioned in 2010.  That produced a clear statement in writing to his lawyers, uncontested, that I would pursue my case on “political and moral suasion” platforms, but without any response, leading to denouement
  3. Berejiklian maintained  that prejudicial malice as Minister, Treasurer and Premier, as did Malcolm Turnbull during 2015 over ReviveBlueMountains and greyhounds reform
  4. A formal offer of constructive settlement went to Baird and Turnbull in December 2015, with iterations and supplements (such as “iA Rescue Plan”) in Jan and Oct ’16, Jan and several more in ’17, and Oct ’18 and others.  None, not one, was acknowledged or replied to. The bete noir was Stephen Kennedy
  5. Then PM Morrison stopped short of dealing with my issues as part of his “barnacle” words, leading to a MYEFO which deliberately confirmed two dreadful blunders in his 2018 Budget.  Lobbies remain dominant.  Neither the PM or Treasurer even replied to my efforts to save their reputations.  The Treasurer ignored my “Christmas special” deal.  All Coalition MsP and Cabinet Members were advised in late 2018 of my imminent intention to finalise in public this pernicious unfairness.  None replied.  (There had been previous expositions.)
  6. The Morrison Government was wedded to Berejiklian and so must face shared consequences.  Personal costs have added to the deferred support to Save the Children Fund and bushfire safe housing, regional economic revivals, and tributes to “forgotten reform heroes” across Australia.  There has been no sign that the addressees had any social awareness or commitment.
  7. Issues of “Save Sydney” from generalised broken promises such as “bust congestion” and “affordable housing” (especially the CBD Traffic Oasis and Goanna Transit Bridge); and inept and corrupted decisions which damage NSW and its cities and regions, are separate from IP theft, so are being pursued simultaneously.  (The same congestion and related issues have been raised in Victoria, with the Fed Ministers and agencies being deskilled, misreading the tea leaves.)

There is a lot of integrity mapping and solutions discussion in these webpages. These tables are more holistic and are in the manner of a SWOT:

Let’s start with a national example:  in 2020,  Morrison had been rejecting my repair solutions (with their high benefit/cost ratios) for years, and he was bushwhacked by the Corona closedowns.  Frydenberg made the mistake of mentioning the OECD’s Survey, which accorded with my previous and ongoing work.  Morrison must have wept when he read this:

Reviewing all government expenditure will be necessary to ensure adequate spending on high-priority areas and people, and enhance growth without threatening debt sustainability.  Starting a review of public expenditures early is important because reallocation of spending towards priority areas is usually gradual. 

Today, 4 July, the Albanese reform government is facing a similar situation as its heads towards rocky shoals with its 2022 Budget under the wrecker of previous Budgets and MYEFOs. 

It can restore sound principles of fairness, probity and prudence and led the way to a reform Budget in October.  Or it can continue to ignore the obvious, harm the most and stay tied to the Turnbull/Morrison decrepitude at the centre of government policy coordination, the Treasury, which is controlled by a person who has been strangling reform since the start of Turnbull’s chaos.

What did it do to this point? It has ignored evidence, analysis and empathy, and its operatives act the same way as before May 21 under the wretches of Turnbull, Morrison and Frydenberg.

Other pages reveal defects and strengths of the main policy and personality characteristics ofInnovation is generally regarded as applying to machines and materials but the literal meaning is how things are organised.  It is the opposite of corruption which tends to reject better ways of running processes in the context of inward-turned conflicted corporate and selfish values.

It turns out all organisations tend to turn inwards through Galbraithian identification psychology and groupthink before they implode or explode through loss of sense of reality as the Morrison evangelical takeover of democracy did with the nutty attitudes of its adherents.  Such disasters proliferate across the “Trump/Morrison/Johnson” bravura world, requiring positive reform packages by President Biden and Mr Albanese, in parts.

Malcolm Turnbull viciously attacked Professor Roy Green, innovation specialist, over Budget allocations, Albanese Labor now increasing those levels in response to climate targets, while Green is failing in the development of the Port of Newcastle, misrepresenting land transport practicalities which remain from earlier governmental distortions.  He also rejected my anticipation and smart response in December 2015 to changing climate, environmental, demographic, migration, economic and industrial patterns and challenges.  

That tale has been told on the Rogues Gallery webpage and the central actor driving the suppression was the current Secretary of the Treasury, Stephen Kennedy.  It is almost incredible how many times his name crops up in discussions of failed policy processes.

Two major contexts are relevant here:

  1. Historical, even recent distortions and suppressions which have massive implications for corruption prevention and repair, social and economic healing and sustainability, and respect for or sterilisation of citizen rights in a weakened or negated democracy
  2. Increasing divergence between improved outcomes and continued corruption, revealed in a successful or another catastrophic Budget in 2022.

Innovation can be done well or badly, encouraged or strangled, facilitated or over-taxed in different places and times.  “Inclusion” is a key word to stimulate smart people as in US “innovation districts” versus NSW Premiers’ Baird’s and Berejiklian’s developers’ priority which reduced competition and design quality. 

In 2005-09 NSW Labor got itself into terrible trouble with a secret plan to neuter the rail union by introducing driverless metros. 

  • They used people with no relevant qualifications or experience (including Premiers Iemma (Charmers) and Rees) and were opposed by the heavies including Ron Christie, Gordon Messiter and me. 
  • I re-thought the innerwest congestion conundrum and came up with the idea of a curved bridge off the points of the three bays, from Darling Harbour to Balmain, a circumferential by-pass road and a transit boulevard, under the label “Barangaroo Expressnet” (the first use of that term). 
  • I wrote it up, had a traffic expert check the CBD street changes (“traffic oasis”):  all cheaper, faster to implement and lower in risk than the metros.

Berejiklian hated me for being right when she blundered as with the CBD to Eastern Suburbs tram and when Google asked for my bridge to enable their national technology and innovation hub at White Bay, she started a campaign to neuter my idea, later steal it through Urban Growth and then Planning Minister Stokes  replicate Google but without a transit solution.  This was plagiarism of Google and me, reverse-innovation and totally dysfunctional.

Who remembers John T Dunlop’s immortal “Attitudes to technology change depend on whose ox is being gored”?  I’m a specialist in such matters in great cities, especially Chicago, Sicily’s and Sydney, as well as reformer of Sydney, Newcastle, Rockdale and the Blue Mountains, and other places.  Climacterics are the great waves of technological change including refrigerated railroad wagons.

There are legendary inventions which “just happened”, especially in big labs, which were rapidly commercialised.  Governments hope that QUAD discussions with the US and India among others will have technology spin-offs in say IT and military materials.  R&D is the usual focus of discussions but the context or environment for success-or-failure is the focus here.

Newcastle’s post-carbon recovery was world-class in speed and quality across eight industry sectors plus real estate, with virtually no Federal (Howard/Costello) or State (Carr) financial support.  Cost and speed are important in adjusting to technology demands, bringing endogenous parties together as under the later Detroit model.  Innovation becomes natural.

Climacterics are “changes of life” such as the Ford Model-T’s impacts but better was Sydney’s transport/housing Royal Commission of 1908-09 leading to the great Bradfield rail electrification scheme which remains a world exemplar of technology-smart and community-engagement benefits driving housing reform, supporting many generations.

That compares with Sydney’s metro trains which are unplanned and disorganised, with engineering and financial disasters camouflaged by bi-level and bi-Party government relations with the PRC’s Hong Kong MTR, and lacking a sustainable financial model so blow out into Debt Lakes. 

They have massive adverse implications for heavy-rail based transit and freight capacity problems and options across the Illawarra, South West, West and North West regions of Sydney – all in all a clumsy permanent hit on national productivity.

They are the products of breakdowns in “due diligence” and “integrity”, the latter getting a lot of attention in Australian politics but in limited terms.  Similar disorganisation was seen in the economic and governance responses to bushfires and coronavirus, with small business, renewable technologies and affordable housing being in the OECD templates but excluded by PM Morrison and Treasurer Frydenberg.

The harsh reality is that local governance was to be a focus of the O’Farrell Coalition’s and of Federal Minister Albanese’s reform moves about a decade ago.  The effect was that BOF’s successor Mike Baird wrecked local government so that it is in a greater disarray than a century ago! 

Other examples of my smart innovation are the Skitube in Kosciusko National Park, the Goanna Transit Bridge (“best idea in 100 years”), and the suggested implementation of “expressnets” based on PRT and Flexity Swifta technologies in heavily congested areas, indirectly inspired by an EC design competition in Bath, England.

One Monday morning the head boss of planning in the NSW Ministry of Transport, the great Gordon Messiter, arrived shouting at me, solve that blinking transport problem at Sawpit Creek!  I recovered sufficiently to tell him my idea which he liked and which was approved by the Minister.  We issued a call for ideas and Ken Bilson came out of the woodwork with his proposed funicular railway from near Thredbo to Blue Cow.  Transfield stepped in and voila!  It is still running, showing the benefits of opening up paths into policy innovation.

The third example is a neat transit solution using the boys’ own Personal Rapid Transportation notion but really being based on technology implemented around the world including at Heathrow Airport (“ULTra”).  I was given permission by ARUP to use their winning submission for perway at Bath and applied the concept at the Bondi Beach and the Broadway/SydUni precincts where additional roadspace cannot be found and congestion and parking stresses are at maximum levels.  It would work if transport ministers would listen.

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