Do we believe words or actions? The reality of Jim’n’Albo

Scoundrels like Trump, Johnson and Morrison were pursued by flocks of lenses so the gaffs could be recalled and replayed. Biden was much the same as his gaffs were legendary. Albanese and Chalmers now, who can recall a meaningful broken promise that has been reported? Has anyone ticked off the list of Albo and Jimbo promises and voiced the same outrage that Morrison deserved when he broke promises and denied he had said the sky was blue?

The victims do and I am. I am disgusted that Albo’n’Jim have slammed the door on logic, fairness and smart solutions, with Kennedy continuing his vendetta of 2015 onwards.

This is a personal protest, as said on other pages, Albanese and Chalmers have been selective in relieving gross disadvantage and abuse, as though they resent and dismiss critics as much as the psychos did.

UPDATE 26 July There was a trainload of hypocrisy yesterday that has to be sorted out prontoUnHoly Succession was published and “Fact Sheets” are going out with hotlinks

UPDATE 14 July Budget disappointments

The likelihood of a repetition of Coalition failures, as documented in these pages and associated websites and books, is increasing in the direction but at a faster pace than was predicted here. The hot news is that Health promises are being backed out and it has happened that support for the vulnerable has been would back:

On 10 July the Treasurer and senior ministers were given some more detailed background: in 2007-08 Albo fought Tanner and “won” so the iA Act was flawed from the beginning.  iA descended into farce and I made submissions of the “rescue plan” type several times, this one in August 2016.

I summarised the results shortly after Rudd/Albanese left office.

The proper way to plan a city has been defined by Sir Rod Eddington’s iA, Nick Greiner’s iNSW and the Commission of Audit’s Interim Report.  They do not seek any particular outcome except efficiency, effectiveness, environment and economy;  but they definitely exclude pre-choices about modes (as did the PM’s policy commitment – “there’s no place for ideology here”).  The ICAC Act and mainstream public service practices preclude corruption, preferment and unfair treatment.

What we had at the end of 2017 is a new “stench”:  

  • rejection of iA and iNSW prudential and probity standards, iA reporting continuing breaches, the cost of “waste” exceeds $30 billion since the eviction of Greiner in 2012
  • a metastasising cancer of repeated mistakes especially Labor’s metros, with no “logic” – no technology, route, cost or timing options properly considered
  • expungement of massive work by Ron Christie and Nick Greiner as well as Sir Rod Eddington and others
  • lack of proper population and employment discussions including over an imbalance between over-pressured and wasteful city  Vs  under-funding of willing regions.
  • secret documents, many leaked progressively to The Age
  • hidden benefit/cost numbers – 110 redactions in Bankstown “summary”, ES tram’s a sham, WestConnex’s a lie
  • poor pre-planning and excessive cost escalations across all projects with WestConnex’s associated works un-costed and the Metros’ fictional
  • developer and Big Business patrons including the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, Property Council, Committee for Sydney and Urban Taskforce
  • cowed parliamentarians who cannot wander from the ideological “pre-set correctness
  • deceit over the damage to the Bradfield-era heavy rail system – and still no “city plan” 
  • community disengagement with 67 high-rises in Campsie alone and heritage damage in Haberfield, North Parramatta and North Sydney/Sydney CBDs etc

Stench” was defined in the planning documents.  There has been an exiling of the professional and wiser heads of the Wran and Greiner reform pushes, indeed Christie, Messiter, Greiner, Eddington, Dempster and Cox have been expunged from the blaumange of the Bairdijiklian crisis which has no solution – the Premier has jumped off the precipice and will be damned if she goes forward and damned if she brakes.  The Metros brought down Labor, Berejiklian deliberately rekindled that to the Coalition’s knowing peril.  [Keneally let go of the metros but Albanese and Chalmers never did.]

Berejiklian told the world that she would not back down but as the Herald State roundsman, Sean Nicholls, wrote of her principal partner since 2011, her reason for being there was that “There was much to “refresh”, chiefly the perception that the government under Baird’s crash or crash through approach had grown supremely arrogant”.  Opinions surveys show rejection of her forced densification obsession as an indicator she and her colleagues’ militaristic habits failed Labor too.  She has intensified, not repaired, Baird’s damage.

The following chronology contains tell-tales:

  • the avoidance of explicit planning and transport commitments, of accepted probity protections, and of related community engagement.  Damage to the Bradfield system and affected communities is un-acknowledged and un-costed
  • the exclusion of integrated State/LG/planning reform ideas, to drive sound planning along world best-practice lines;  and
  • the regression to previously-reviled transport approaches to the extent they are now State Religion and beyond critical review at Federal and State levels.

I was always ignored and the consequences of that are set out in my books and websites, with a concise whack in “UnHoly Succession”.  Jim Betts took credit for the 2014 update of Greiner’s iNSW work and he now faces the implications of having worsened that planning situation under the Mad Witch .

The defects are fundamental  impediments to the Oct Budget – all my work is outside of Jim’s usage (c)  until and if my deed is signed and the deposit hits my account + I guess my positive ideas are listened to.

Such is the note in the booklet, read this and weep, it is not the only one. By the way, I am not the victim, that will be Jim if Kennedy escapes.

I’ve mentioned 11 am to Jim but that is after I have the car keys in my hand, or not, so the effective drop-dead deadline is 10 am.  That is just before Albo will get the news.


One expects the PM and the Treasurer to be close but what happens when the fundamentals are weak?

The “shoot from the hip”, gifting mentality defies “integrity” in the senses defined on these pages

I assume the majority of parliamentarians understand what I’m saying about Kennedy but …

J’accuse, this page looks at behaviours and correspondence in order to see which factors apply to whom. The factors are:

  • thievery through avarice or jealousy
  • cowardice, small ego, insufficient self-esteem to admit to superior judgement, scared of disciple for listening to wrong person
  • corruption, a pre-determination to close eyes and ears to fairness and logic, refusal to follow protocols such as to acknowledge inbounds
  • subservience, gives obeisance to a superior, weak character, likes treats when praised
  • fascist, gives preference to the state over citizens, does not respect democracy and human rights, tendency to violence and/or slamming the door rather than hear righteousness or INTEGRITY, denying me MY MONEY so as to kill me

Take a piece of string, starting at say 1 May 2022 and the other on 6 July, including May 21’s election, and see which promises have been kept and which dismissed with contempt.

A word of advice, 3 months ago I emailed Albo and asked if he would follow precedent and common if not statutory law and honour debts incurrent by predecessors? He did not reply and the concern arose because he refused to act on the blatant theft of my work under contract by the Rail Union in 2009 – he would not prejudice their voting support versus justice.

Here are some sends to Jim’n’Albo today, 6 July, and my resentment that JIM’n’Albo will not give me my money, MY MONEY, so I can recover my life after 8 years of fascist-inflicted homelessness, stress and starvation leading to urgent hospitalisation with three critical conditions. I want to care for myself, my family, and nominated beneficiaries such as Save the Children, Police Legacy and support for brain cancer sufferers.

I accuse Jim’n’Albo of cruelty, abuse, corruption and stupidity for not even considering a clever VALUE PROPOSITION that is to mutual and national benefit. As with previous errors they have refused to OECD and Charter of Budget Honesty “repair”, they are to be held accountable:

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