Dreyfus: timetable of Decay of Integrity

Albanese/ALP promised to “put an end to the shameful tolerance of corruption” but 280 days of experience features continuation of the malevolence of Morrison and his henchman Kennedy and similar operatives in PM&C and Treasury. The over-whelming majority of victims punished by their vicious targetting remain in despair, across vast swathes of Australia and the World.

Fire victims on the South Coast and flood victims on the North Coast see no humanity behind pious claims to be committed to climate targets.

Attempt after attempt to negotiate conciliation fell on brick walls left over from Morrison’s malevolence – as follows. On Sunday 26 February 2023, after 281 days of inaction and worse on Integrity:

Nothing casual or recent about Albanese’s affection for the LNP way of fixing things:

Hurting vets, kids and me does not slow Albanese at all.

A key “last gasp” letter dated 24 Feb follows.

A degree of rigour is needed to define legal accountabilities against A-G’s and agencies’ performance Vs gaps in “rule of law”. This map is a summary which the following table of correspondence cross-refer to:

Albanese denied he is a bully on the death of Senator Kitching but there a dead-hand paralysis through the massive portfolio towers and silos

There was a general respect of “the Rule of Law” under the succession of LNP and Labor administrations up to Turnbull in 2015, when he, his wife, his allies such as Kennedy, Morrison and Porter, through to (now) Albanese, Dreyfus and Chalmers/Kennedy, have driven through standards of decency and probity as though they aren’t there – which is exactly how this crazy road felt as we endured it. Albanese has quietened the uproar but the cruelty is unchanged and the failure “to plan” is unacceptable:

This letter went to senior Labor and other Parliamentarians on 24 February, other examples follow:

Within the family, why Mark must stand aside and why the Budget has to be healing, not exclusionist

You’ve got the emails and passed the drop-dead point, the case has to be finalised as the consequences – which you are aware of – cannot continue.  Some of you understand responsibility from previous lives, please apply your best standards now.

I assume the rest and re-state these points (PS the PM has visited SMART so he has a solid rebuttal by tweet  re the shambles of port and Inland Rail non-planning):

Showing the crass cruelty of LNP/Kennedy and Labor/Kennedy:

This also heads the “Dreyfus to NCAC” page as I have to bash the bell to get remote, tone deaf politicians to understand they have to be accountable for abuses of Human Rights and the Criminal Code:

If you depend on Kennedy, wear heat-proof protective clothing, he has nothing but failure in his past and is intensely jealous of me, has been since Dec 2015 (I apologise for formatting, it’s a move from Mac to Win 11):

I went to some trouble to put up a concise guide to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code, ICAC/NCAC Acts and treaty and related provisions including torture (which I am subject to), this is part and Mark has to face such accountabilities, if he continues to frustrate me, his accounting and the PM/Treasurer’s will be harsher (the whole document is a free display at the “Shameful Tolerance of Corruption” page, nearby:

Finally, an oldie but a goodie:

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