End of Chalmers at his Start?

This website contains detailed analyses of Australia’s critical issues, creative but practical solutions to many, and expectations that the May 21 2022 election would be a platform for the reconstruction of Australian democracy and credibility. Specific guidelines to better outcomes before the Economic Update, farcical Business Summit and “right now” are clearly posted on this website – contemporaneously in real time.

Anthony Albanese thought differently and his confidante Jim Chalmers in his first real job and similarly decided before May 21 that he was not interested in progress but in patching up and camouflaging the gross ineptitude of his best mate, Kennedy, and the latter’s and former’s long history of corrupting Australian infrastructure systems and cultures. Chalmers closed his eyes and ears and deeply committed his soul to The Devil of Frydenberg’s malevolence

Like the LNP in NSW and Canberra, they decided to make me their main victim and so they now experience the Wallabies Serpent that will defend democracy, The Land and our future generations.

Below you will find the text that went last night, Wed 12 Oct 2022, to a wide range of political stakeholders, and to the PM this morning. No response meaning

  1. The PM does not care that he and his Attorney-General inter alia are acting illegally and destroying the quality of the 2022 Budget, as set out on this website in great detail and according to the following jurisprudential and criminal definitions, in the download
  2. The PM’s colleagues are not trying to “save” and indeed might be sick of the bullying culture.

They can explain > you and I can’t read their minds. I am not going quietly, if the bastards who robbed and abused me deny me yet another weekend where I CAN USE MY MONEY TO RECOVER MY LIFE, their cruelty will be reflected in legal allegations as below.

Labor has achieved great things but few lasting and some people have made loud noises but had no effect.  How many did anything at all when they heard of LNP OR ALP malfeasance – especially the latter cf blind adoration in lieu of informed judgement?  How many “in power” read and responded instead of powering up “the shameful tolerance of corruption”?  Does Labor respond or react?

On New Year’s Day 2023 a Guardian “journalist” on ABC News Breakfast repeated the canard that the October Budget was “finding its feet” and the May edition will “provide the setting”. The 2 ABC journalists rattled their heads in spinning out more of the same tripe. Here is a different angle on the highly-dysfunctional path that the Albanese inner cabinet is rocketing along, leaving their apathetic colleagues with a growing realisation of corruption doom and Australia with increasing anger at the sullen refusal to explain the Covid deception:

Occam’s Razor: the shambles of Iemma/Rees corruption while was stopped by Christie/Gibbons and then by Premier Keneally, was reinstituted by the Berejiklian corruption in Mid-2012 and remains essentially as it was in 2009-09 – Albanese still apparently not understanding the economic and engineering catastrophe he is wasting Covid/climate money on:

Did Chalmers disappoint? – no way, he excelled at corruption

It’s as if a cancer started undetected, was ignored, metastasised, diagnosed, agonised over and excised but too late? It reflects a breakdown in democracy with vested values replacing the “public interest” – law enforcement, political representation, Cabinet & executive, Parliament, media and courts. Porter, Brittany, March on Canberra, ejection of Morrison, continuation of malevolence for 213 days and rising, me, Sydney, Australia, world climate ….

The Budget was delivered with massive technical and strategic gaps, mistakes and inbuilt corruption – the process having been designed to ignore climate, covid, integrity and rising bushfire and flood risks and excuse-cum-camouflage the gross mistakes made previously by, ahem, the PM, Chalmers and Kennedy! Not the very best people to rely on in my opinion, especially as they have continued to harm me and my family.

UPDATE: Next day 29 Oct:

This raises the real issues of flawed integrity – how can the Attorney-General articulate the case for a National Anti Corruption Commission as he is actively helping the PM, Treasurer and Kennedy to breach Human Rights and corruption principles as well as commit serious maladministration?

There will be more coming especially an accounting of Albanese’s performance in suppressing economies and $3 trillion in benefits to Australia and his own waste and failures in the Green Metro, Moorebank, CBD underground buses and underground Parramatta Road, Gold Coast transit, ports, Inland Rail, isolation of transit around ParraCity and among the worst transit transitions in world history, the Sydney Metros.


In 2008 new Manly MP Mike Baird asked me to prepare a cost-effective transit plan for the Northern Beaches which he then stole and used for eight years until giving up, incompetent and arrogant.  Berejiklian, both Turnbulls, Morrison, Frydenberg and Kennedy from December 2015 suppressed and oppressed me to the point of imminent death.

PM Albanese, with a nil-cost “Value Proposition” worth $3 trillion or so – has continued that for 139 days from 21 May, obviously influenced by said jerk Kennedy who has been left in Treasury despite his catastrophic record. 

What we have and I am fighting – with powerful arguments – are:

  • Lack of legitimacy in harming citizens & communities
  • Malicious & intimidatory motives which continue
  • Imposition of the costs of malfeasance & maladministration on current & future generations regardless of NCAC, Climate Act and other inadequate “non-repair” moves
  • Escaping appropriate punishment despite Criminal Code and administrative laws & codes
  • Broken democracy reflected in political & journalistic breakdowns despite supposed Ethics

Embedding the corruption culture Albanese enforced against Lindsay Tanner in 2007 is at the roots of the current crises and Rudd can explain why he allowed that back in ’07-08.  Albanese’s colleagues can explain why they continue “the shameful tolerance of corruption” at risk to their collective reputation.

Fools saw an ethical enemy and decided to neuter that person without the wit to know they were increasingly breaching his “human rights” & anti-corruption and anti-oppression laws and deepening their own vulnerability to what is happening now.

This is explained below but the facts are

  1. Albanese know of the ethical and prudential issues well in advance and that Chalmers had been as cruel and vicious as he could be, for months
  2. they know the extreme hardship that LNP and then their own behaviours caused
  3. they deliberately chose to harm Australia and its citizens’ welfare through their sick attitudes to Covid, bushfire and flood and economic malaise “better options” and community concerns.

This file is an outline of those legal and ethical factors that Albanese and Chalmers have deliberately violated and which have been regarded with “shameful tolerance of corruption” by their Attorney-General and other Ministers at a time they are postering reform climate, ethics and other shams – as documented on these pages and here:

This is how the tirade started and progressed and all readers have seen these before and now must act in the interests of our current and unborn neighbours.

This is the text of the email to the PM and others, followed by the download from which a sample follows. More recent Tweets will be posted later:

Subject: Slightly advance notice of Albanese Reality Check before Finale Fatale

Dear PM

This has gone on too long in breach of the Criminal Code and Human Rights.

This note was widely distributed last night and the insert was the attached file of images and text.  This has the same context I believe although I am visually impaired.  There are two extra images which somehow dropped out of the email so am sending an apology and the updated file after I send this to you.

Here is last night’s text and it is directed at you and Tony, the Treasurer, the Attorney General and other addressees who have breached the Codes in my opinion.

Albo and Jim took a turn in the road and went so far down it before they realised there is a cliff fall at the mid-point, they cannot get through.  Moreover they have seen an out-of-control truck behind them, rocketing down the Low Road.  They are saying goodbye to each other.

They don’t know that the truck contains essential medical supplies for 500,000 Covid and long-covid sufferers, every one of whom has 20 loving family members waiting anxiously for relief.  That makes 4,000,000 voters, increasing over the next 952 days left in the term.

I’ve had a great career and got into trouble because I’m a high achiever, way over the comprehension of recent governments, unions and lobbies, my peers gave up and retired but I cannot – none of yours have found effective solutions to Australia’s growing crises.

I have given you oodles of evidence, analytical excellence, problem-solving your teams are incapable of, and VALUE PROPOSITIONS.

I was treated with MALICE & EVIL.

PM has an intimation, goes public mid-morning, maybe earlier if I hear nothing because of anger I lose another weekend recovering my life, and book comes out with fanfare on Monday, if I hear nothing.  143 days of pushing INTEGRITY backwards, today’s speech was a distraction.

There’s a gift for Chris, Ed and Catherine at the end, it’s reality time.


PS The “gift” is on the second page – your refusal to allow me access to MY MONEY and the oppression and maladministration involved as explained here, lead me to strongly declare my intent to push through: https://sydneybetrayals.me/end-of-chalmers-at-his-start/

This becomes a centrepiece of the book along with the rich variety of sector impacts (ASIC and geography) and of Albo’s direct and associated blunders and corruptions:

This outline of the book that is based on the websites, including the clear warnings given to the loose cannon Chalmers:

Australia’s Future Denied:  the  2022  Budget  Camouflage


  1. The Chalmers/Kennedy End Point:  the first Budget of the Albanese Labor Government
  2. The New “Colonial Socialism”:  Malenomic De-democratisation from 2005/2011 across Australia and the world
  3. The Climate Change Crisis: 
    1. Bushfires
    1. First Nations Last and
    1. Morrison Corruptions
  4. The Coronavirus Collapse:  Morrison/Kennedy Chaos, Albanese Acquiescence to National Cabinet  to “We Just Don’t Care”
  5. Breaking the Budgets: 
    1. Bairdijiklian/Gaetjens/Kennedy to
    1. Morrison/ Gaetjens/ Kennedy to
    1. Chalmers/ Kennedy
  6. Breaking Future Generations: 
    1. Cronyism
    1. Myopia and
    1. Debt without Benefits
  7. Media Masquerade:  the end of balance into “whistling the dogs”
  8. Ripples in the Pond:  TEALs and other Ducks

Email to advance to PM Albanese:

Fair notice to PM Albanese – we are heading

for a solution, mais non?  Not a collision?

Notes to Ministers and Backbenchers, House & Senate

The “package” is ready to go to the PM as fair warning, and to churches, NGOs, industrial and other associations etc.

There is every reason for Treasurer Chalmers to wake up and spend a dime as I am not going to stop.

People I have no respect for – especially Kennedy “the wrecker” and his partner in perfidy Gaetjens  – have made me the victim with conspicuous cruelty, so here it comes right back at them – and whoever else  is in that “shameful tolerance of corruption”.

PS  the Western Sydney catastrophe has been systematically misrepresented by Labor, I and others put decades of work into solutions and to see otherwise intelligent people spruiking intergenerational disasters is shameful in itself.  Let’s have no more of that, please, and talk solutions – the red bars are dislocated for a reason, they are Berejiklian/Turnbull/Kennedy crimes


There are literally dozens of emails and other major correspondence on this website and the two associated ones, this to the PM and Chalmers on 20 August is self-contained:

The website  sydneybetrayals.me  records gaps, delays and mistakes in the subsequent progress of the new Government.  There are chronological quotes there as well as flow charts and similar illustrations.  This booklet is a yardstick on those 2 dimensions which are critical impediments in the Budget, health, climate and like agendas.

There has been no feedback whatsoever on any of the aspects I raised in correspondence which is exactly the same approach taken by the LNP miscreants.

I was founding director of Holyoake Institute of Alcohol and Addiction.  The 8 years of forced from 2008 (Baird) to 2013 (exhausted assets) homelessness and destitution and emergence of 3 critical illnesses, 62 days of antibiotics and 10 days in hospital, produced no sign of empathy from Albanese, Chalmers and their peers, all because I am courageous and independent, have decent values as opposed to their cruelty, then add my commitment to using MY MONEY for:

  1. Save the Children and kids’ hunger and poverty charities – calculated to be 8,000 and more
  2. Beanies for Brain Cancer, Mark Hughes Foundation, they raised $2.3 m before COVID so I offered them two of those which would have met a real gap – double bastardry by LNP
  3. Police Legacy Wall to Wall, NSW & Victoria x 2 years
  4. Men of League
  5. Marie Bashir Institute
  6. My special mission from 1972 – National Institute to Remember Forgotten Heroes (as an historian I resurrected the memory of the greatest municipal leaders in our history, a nice start)
  7. Tim Fisher projects including world first pure sustainable train (better than Byron) – rejected by Mike Cannon-Brookes who wastes money everywhere else
  8. Set-up of an indigenous women’s’ NRL team attached to a mainstream club as is the practice – attacked by V’Landys as Berejiklian’s buddy, shows the oceans-deep malice
  9. About 8,000-strong indigenous landcare program in teams of 100 per 1,00 km2 to reduce fire risks in major tranches over an initial 10 years – Aboriginal ministers Wyatt then Burney have been unfair and incompetent in plagiarising the notion through casual training of Rangers
  10. Rollout of 10 fireproof demonstration homes deliberately suppressed especially with 2019’s savage fires, repeated then in Western Australia and elsewhere redularly
  11. My family.

My websites and books forensically analyse Australia’s  problems and provide the solutions at a quality I have been famous for in energy, water and sewerage, state development, local government in various places but especially Newcastle;  facing blockages by hubrists in State and Territory governments.

Baird = Berejiklian = Turnbulls = Morrison = Kennedy =

Frydenberg = Chalmers = Albanese* = Cabinet*

                                                         * Until they wake up to themselves

There there has been little if any mention of past summits on social security and industry sector strategies (akin to Button Plans and Newcastle’s revival), inflation  or living costs on metropolitan fringes including tolls, congestion and stress.  I am driven by considerations as:

  • Dysfunctional lack of clarity between stimulus, investment, repair and integration, I have traced the elements of De-stimulus which relate to such confusion e.g. changes in education budgets and rejection of childcare and SME support.  No government has yet developed a “plan”
  • Governance disintegration which includes the domination of political apparatchiks and conflicted interests, and a lack of resilience planning such as with bushfires but also Corona, the examples are literally incredible, but add vicious, temporarily quiet, Trump-like anti-women and anti-climate prejudices.   These are disintegrative if there is such a word
  • iA is still the main back door to The Club’s backroom dealings (rorting as in the $130 billion Frydenberg/Kennedy “special dinner” and JobKeeper as well as logistics hubs and HK Metro Manhattanisations
  • Rejection of my significant papers on Budget reconstruction and integrating medicine and economic stability as Corona moves through its evolution, with unique involvements for local governments.  The community understands the risks but the dominant political clique does not as Omicron mutations are accelerating
  • Progressively killing the “best idea for 100 years”, the CBD Traffic Oasis and Transit Boulevard and the Goanna Transit Bridge with 2 expressnets at its end.  NSW Planning Minister Stokes is lying by progressing the White Bay redevelopment without any transit solution, UGNSW having tried to steal the Goanna as the only practical transit option for the precinct – Stokes’ shame instead of negotiating, the fool
  • NSW and others ignoring solutions to the collapse of metro and connex projects from incompetent engineering and economics, with massive adverse consequences for coming generations (see also sydneyimprovementpolitics.com/ethics
  • Re-balancing business support payments, recovery of greed-grabs by Harvey Norman and deceitful diversions of Job Seeker by QANTAS and other corporates, due to the incompetent March 2020 legislative packages + need to reform National “Cabinet” into a proper Council
  • The powerhouse states are seeing their revenue prospects fall away but are not cutting back on wasteful expenditure, NSW in particular is on a literally lunatic path, iNSW recently said focus on smaller projects but continued the anti-transit Parramatta stub tram and ignored “better ideas” and cost-saving “budget repairs”
  • Albo HST replacement is sitting there, unloved but why?   The alternative would promote regional prosperity where CLARA and HST would have harmed them.
  • Lack of economic nous in the media and the alienation of university economists and political scientists as the data series needed for fast responses to changing circumstances are corrupted by political opportunists like Frydenberg and Kennedy – the Fourth Estate is neutered
  • NSW and Feds ignoring total savings of c $140 billion-plus (old dollars) from better ideas in “Eddington Bedrock:  from Christie to Greiner to Gibbons”, as well as “best transit support” in the world for Nancy Bird Walton Airport

There is a presumption that manufacturing will be an major part of future prosperity.  This has been disproved over many years as Japan, Germany, China and Korea among others developed massive manufacturing capacities and now India is too.   Solar is the main labour angle but the existing take-up rate has to be considered. The Government does not have a John Button and the administration needs to “plan” better.

The Newcastle recovery process is discussed on associated pages “Treasurer Chalmer’s Performance 2019 – on”, “Do we believe words or actions”,  “Albanese’s Unfinished Business”, and “Aussie Democracy dies in darkness”.  The suppression of my work led me to produce something of a waterfall of goodies.

What we had at the end of 2017 is a new “stench” affecting the integrity of State and Federal Budgets as Albanese gifted $92 million to his Green Metro and Turnbull almost as much to his wife’s putrid distortion of Parramatta CBD’s planning:  

  • rejection of iA and iNSW prudential and probity standards, iA reporting continuing breaches, the cost of “waste” exceeds $30 billion since the eviction of Greiner in 2012
  • a metastasising cancer of repeated mistakes especially Labor’s metros, with no “logic” – no technology, route, cost or timing options properly considered
  • expungement of massive work by Ron Christie and Nick Greiner as well as Sir Rod Eddington and others
  • lack of proper population and employment discussions including over an imbalance between over-pressured and wasteful city  Vs  under-funding of willing regions.
  • secret documents, many leaked progressively to The Age
  • hidden benefit/cost numbers – 110 redactions in Bankstown “summary”, ES tram’s a sham, WestConnex’s a lie
  • poor pre-planning and excessive cost escalations across all projects with WestConnex’s associated works un-costed and the Metros’ fictional
  • developer and Big Business patrons including the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, Property Council, Committee for Sydney and Urban Taskforce
  • cowed parliamentarians who cannot wander from the ideological “pre-set correctness
  • deceit over the damage to the Bradfield-era heavy rail system – and still no “city plan” 

community disengagement with 67 high-rises in Campsie alone and heritage damage in Haberfield, North Parramatta and North Sydney/Sydney CBDs etc

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