Malice & Cruelty betray Integrity & Climate Mitigation

Having worked across most portfolios in NSW and studied every major metropolitan and regional city, it was possible to track deliberate and consequential damage to “democracy” by vested interests and foreign/local corporates.

This website contains many examples of past misadventures such as the betrayals of Bradfield, Greiner and greyhounds; and is the vehicle now for current misadventures.

How do malice and cruelty bear on climate responses? It’s because I am so far ahead of the game I’m doing what I did to Frydenberg and Kennedy in mid-2020 – stop them dead in their tracks, I locked the gate to solutions. This is illustrated here – then read on to the dynamics. The solution is clear and I’ve put it a dozen times – expiate the evil and I’ll donate my IP gratis and with enthusiasm.

On 28 June Chalmers said that “only by facing up to these challenges can we transform them into opportunities. And this time of great challenge is also a time of great opportunity”. This is juvenile but also extreme hypocrisy, as I replied, “This the guy who ignores good ideas and won’t pay for the ones that are stolen“.

Many individuals and individuals have suffered from abuse of governmental privilege and powers, this could be the start of a library for common use on redressing mistreatment

UPDATE 28 July Treasurer’s program including Economic Statement

More than adequate notice was given to Treasurer Chalmers and PM Albanese that Kennedy caused cruelty & confusion* under Turnbull & Morrison and will not “repair” the damage which is catastrophic for PM Albanese’s  “Integrity” and Carbon transition commitments.  He is also incapable of commensurate competence for his $1 million salary + PM&C failed in its supervision roles.

Here are 4  x 2-page Fact Sheets, 1 Appendix to all 4, a books/website list (long!), and a Chalmers Correspondence file, all specific and easy to read + free!

The effects are:

1) Chalmers either deals with me re Kennedy* and gets gratis access to my work at minimal cost for expiation of 8 yrs homelessness & 3 near-fatal conditions which needed 62 days antibiotics and 10 days hospitalisation, or 

2) his work is defective and dysfunctional, in specific defined ways, stupidly.  The PM’s reputation avoidably damaged.

In comparison my career featured spectacular results including financial reform awards in State and Local Government, co-founder of energy conservation in Australia, lightning fast recovery from BHP closure of Newcastle steel making, ReviveBlueMountains and Rockdale Destinations 2020+, and Ski-tube In Kosciusko and “best idea in 100 years” in Sydney CBD & Innerwest.

Fact Sheet Integrity & Values defines and maps integrity, Budget Integrity adds and deals with Kennedy and my better ideas, Legal Legitimacy deals with plagiarism, National Cabinet defects and my iA national cooperative re-planning template which Kennedy has been suppressing since 2015, the Appendix covers short sections on a multiplicity of issues, and Books Websites etc the obvious. Correspondence with the Treasurer is rich in examples and proposals, all of which were ignored. This is the fourth Fact Sheet mentioned, it is separate for emphasis as the Treasurer does not understand how to position Australia to meet current and future challenges. The four Fact Sheets here plus Appendix and Sources would comprise a re-socialisation basis for him if but he would listen. [PS a full NATIONAL CABINET proposal, to reactivate medical involvement in the growing Covid crisis, has been posted on this site and promoted through social media and direct correspondence. It is a new direct accountability for Treasurer Chalmers who is still resisting reform and “repair”.]

An example of adequate warnings, one of many, was an email on 11 July:

An unofficial history of the first 7 weeks of an Integrity reform government which records ~

  • 2 speeds, fast forward and reverse, with deepening of the impediments to integrity in key aspects including budgetary foundations and victimisation of victims*
  • A Treasurer who has an understanding of economic issues but did not understand the Budget issues of a series of highly dysfunctional and corrupt budgetary instruments
  • A treasury head* who constructed those dysfunctional and corrupt instruments;  and has  Ph D in health economics who ruined the health and broader economic aspects of the coronavirus crises
  • Failure “to change” after the PM who opposed integrity in infrastructure in 2007-13 refused “to change”
  • Continuation of crony deals which undermine intergenerational economics and equity

The theme becomes – the Albanese Government is not repairing its Budget cycle and is repeating Frydenbergian “gifting” which is unacceptable from a pre-2012 perspective (“nation building”).

Better options & budget repair are being excluded which is a real NO-NO.

Malice and cruelty are staining its Integrity which is patchy at best anyway. A systematic approach is needed to the Four Pillars:

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