Malice & Cruelty driving National Disarray

Other pages on this site show major gaps between promise and delivery in thematic or functional pillars. Every effort has been ignored, contrary to ethical and professional standards. Efforts to achieve a negotiated win-win solution which would boost the PM’s repute way past his Government’s ability to so do have been treated with the usual cowardice and bias “brick wall”.

The Government has passed the training wheels phase and is showing worrying trends, in long form:

  • Ministerial one-off announcements whereas good governments issues statements after Cabinet considers all inputs and makes a unity statement
  • Ministers are embarrassed when obvious questions are asked such as of the Health Ministers on Insiders, what about community-based protections, he went red and mumbled
  • Past allegations of bullying have not been resolved and Ministers are letting cruelty, malevolence and Budget stupidity slide by whereas good governments have a Gerry Gleeson to sort such things out in the quiet, Professor Davis seems to be more of a “mate” than a hard-discipline man.
  • Massive opportunities to improve programs are being ignored.

In short form, major aspects of the Morrison Government are indistinguishable from Morrison/Frydenberg “government”.

UPDATE 22 July Pm and Treasurer continue to ignore fairness & integrity, corruption guidelines, proper budgetting principles and acknowledge of the great ideas under Chalmers’ “working together” which is here challenged as it reflects a lack of central skills and leadership. The Treasurer had until 8 pm to ring but again recused himself:

UPDATE 21 July PM Albanese trotted out the Nationals’ favourite

“The book” escalates the pace – it is permanent, internationally-available and to be circulated through the new Parliament and interest groups. Chalmers has been offered better outcomes time and again but his silence is eloquent malevolence.

The emphasis is moving to the reasons for Jim’s cruelty and malice, which is characteristic of his department head but not previously of himself. He has invited himself onto the cover of the book aside such similar types as Taylor, Morrison, Frydenberg, both Turnbulls, Baird and Berejiklian. This is awful.

The promises “to restore Integrity“, to “change“, to put “an end to the shameful tolerance for corruption“, have been smashed by a reality where bullying was and seems to remain an issue:

  • aggression is directed towards an ethical citizen accused of no crime and is further victimised, even tortured, into homelessness and destitution way past 21 May > shows criminal intent in a supposed reformer
  • Cabinet Ministers are lined up in a row, like ducks in a sideshow, just as mute and stoical
  • the deliberate retention at $1 million p.a, of a proven Coalition thumbscrew and mercenary, thus perpetrating disconnection between budget integrity Vs climate, natural events, population and migration changes, waste and debt built into really stupid current infrastructure programs, and
  • “climate crimes” is becoming the new Morrisonic mantra after his The Joker’s trickery.

Here is today’s message to the PM – the Minister who created infrastructure gifting back in 2008 and has nurtured mayhem since:

Subject: Being real about targeting, measuring and repairing. Being real about who in this equation has the ideas and the practical experience

I read your words yesterday praising the public service and I have also given Jim  clear advice that I am not tolerating any further delay to expiation of the black stain of brutality and cruelty that you now share with the coalition, there can only be one motive for further delay which is malice and cruelty.

So this is it, are you going to accept my positive offers including four historically important announcements and events?

Or is repression going to deepen that stain

To the Treasurer after endless UNANSWERED message about fairness, cruelty, corruption, better ideas etc – all as set out on separate pages especially those labelled with his and Kennedy’s names:

The new webpage entitled “Malice & Cruelty” goes up and is circulated.

After over eight weeks if the Morrison behaviour continues then the motive has to be the same as Morrison’s, malice and stupidity with a healthy mix of cruelty thrown in.

Looking backwards we saw the appeasement and looking forward we see a repetition of Frydenberg budget incompetence and gifting.

You’re going to have fun explaining this aren’t you?

To Cabinet Ministers, also this morning

All accountable and I am not being a victim any more, time is running out, too much time has been wasted and too much pain has been inflicted past 21 May

On July 16, the real deal !

I’m having great trouble getting Albo away from Morrison’s evil and Jim away from Frydenberg’s, and I’m not joking.

Some of you have seen my tantrums but the real truth is reflected in this email to the PM this morning.  Please understand I have been through true hell and am very unhappy Labor is acting exactly like the LNP cretins.  

After about 18 disappointments, I want to start to recover my life with my money that bloody Jim is holding back from me – and I gave him the smart way out of the mess while achieving fab results for Anthony.

I warned Jim UnHoly Succession would be ugly but he just, as usual, ignored reality.  I’m holding it back from public exposure UNTIL NO LATER THAN 4 PM.  I want my 10% in my account by 10 am tomorrow – FINALLY, AFTER 8 F’ING YEARS!  So I need to hear by say 3.50 pm.

To the PM

Subject: Valuable adds to your programs + solutions to integrity & iA problems:

You might have heard that yesterday I did some very serious further work in the spirit of supporting you and your reform government, in order to expiate the nasty stuff before it goes any further & to enhance the prospects of “integrity” and the budget.

The work went to your senior ministers in the afternoon and evening in increments but this is an overview and I am hoping that Jim will facilitate the solution finally and I can invite you to the 4 events that are in the timeline. (I can only attach one image but I hope you’ll be able to find a copy.)

As a further gesture I will hold publication of the second edition of “unholy succession” until 10 am which gives Jim time to fix the deed and help me to repair my life (that includes neutralising adverse perceptions by active sends via social media & amendments to websites).

This is a massive personal goodwill gesture hoping to breakdown the bias in the Treasury with your help:

Draft but will wow the community

This Draft PR on announcement to enhance Budget prospects in context of climate, Corona, natural disasters, infrastructure waste & broken promises:

See image, this was suppressed by Kennedy in 2015 and subsequently, it will be iA’s rescue


National Indigenous Bushfire Program + NRLW Indigenous o

I couldn’t even get Ken Wyatt to respond properly and the Royal commission had conniptions but I hope PM Albanese will see the benefit of this and talk to me about how to go about implementing it, I don’t have enough life in me I don’t think to do more than set up my National Institute, but it’s time that Jim and Albo  expiated the vicious plagiarism and violence I have experienced with Labor  looking on silently.

As a further gesture I will hold publication of the second edition of “unholy succession” until 10 am which gives Jim time to fix the deed and help me to repair my life (that includes neutralising adverse perceptions by active sends via social media & amendments to websites).

I’m ready to go either way at exactly 10 am but this is my preference with other materials that you’ve seen before

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