Morrison’s Faux Bubbles & Stimuless

Morrison’s Bubbles are his escape from facing questioning over ethical, policy and interpersonal failings.  His and Frydenberg’s giftings, cons and political appointments are cementing-in waste, inefficiency and corruption.

This counterfactual analysis provides a basis for discussion.  The consequences of laxity in politics, governance and journalism are profound as seen in the columns and lines:

Counterfactual 1

Dr Henry Ergas posted an interesting Opinion the day after this specialised website was set up:, because the PM has made no acknowledgement of the need for “repair” and due diligence:

…. this crisis is not a proof of machismo, nor an exercise in forcing us to do penance for our sins. Rather, it is a test of common sense, civility and courage: the common sense to avoid taking decisions that we may regret for decades to come; the civility, in the term’s old meaning of “civil righteousness”, to be mindful of what we owe each other and prudent before inflicting costs on people who will struggle to bear them; and most of all, the courage to calmly confront, and ultimately defeat, an enemy who, as the Treasurer put it, flies no flag and has no face.

A wise American journalist has concluded, about a context that we know well – including the complete disconnect between infrastructure planning and intergenerational equity –  that

It is now widely understood that famines arise from local political failures in the trade and distribution of abundant global food supplies, not from local crop failures. And floods devastate communities not because the local ­rivers are unusually watery but ­because poor zoning and subsidised flood insurance encourage people to build their homes on floodplains.

Those same politicians already have made decisions that may seal a country’s coronavirus fate, and it won’t have anything to do with quarantines or restrictions on travel or large gatherings. Rather, the important choices may have already come in the guise of technocratic health spending and investment decisions that were made largely out of public view over many years.

See and

14 March ’20 Morrison hatches a new Bubble: 

Coronavirus swamps him, Frydenberg and the other miscreants who are running from economic, ethical and societal reality.  No journalist has brought them back onto the scales of justice by revealing and spiking the Malenomic deterioration that started in NSW and was fused into the Turnbull/Morrison cabal and then further deteriorated, in a monotonic direction, to the Rorts and Stimulus deceits:

Due diligence

It is not amusing to recall that George Megalogenis agreed – as far back as October ’12!  Wish I’d remembered earlier so I could have prodded harder as he wrote the bible on Budget manipulations:

THERE is an economic slur from the 1970s that has returned to haunt us: crowding out. In the decade of stagflation, it described the over-reach of Gough Whitlam, when the federal government choked national activity by getting too big too quickly at the expense of the private sector.

This time, the crowding out is occurring at two related levels. 

  1. (Labor and) future administrations on the centre-left and centre-right (will have) to squeeze all other spending that doesn’t fit with the 21st-century programs on broadband, schools funding and disability insurance.  
  2. And the reform process increasingly is being driven by ministerial offices that have usurped the old policy advice role of the bureaucracy.

John Howard started the process of politically targeted spending and a politicised public service in 1996. Labor has merely adapted his regime to its ends…. 

He quoted Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark:

“Enormous amounts of money are being poured into a couple of things, then other things are being shrunk and I can’t see any evaluations, or no evidence necessarily that you ought to be doing one thing or the other. I’m not even aware of public debate on this, or what the process even would be for having this conversation.”

And so go Morrison and Berejiklian on their madcap metro, connex, tram, port monopoly and fast rail/Inland Rail absurdities, wasting $40 billion in Sydney alone.  So it was Howard who started the rorts!


10 March ’20 the great Peter Hartcher chimed in

(Morrison) has not shown the early commitment and determination of his tenure in immigration. So far, he is showing signs of the same reluctance and excuse-making that shocked the world in his leadership failure on the fires.

Australian Governments have shown they do not have the systems in place to analyse investment opportunities, measure the merits of options and alternative scenarios, and spend wisely.  They do not have robust “infrastructure pipelines”.

The sports and other rorts, including the Congestion Fund, waste money, break hopes, and worsen contexts.  It is economic illiteracy to argue that low interest rates should accelerate dumb projects:  that would increase dysfunctionalities (general economic costs as with degradation of the Bradfield system) as well as neuter better ideas.

The Australian media have not properly surveilled and deciphered governmental errors that arise from distorted Budget and gifting streams.  In some cases, they have refused to do so – a prime example being the ABC/The Age/SMH Cabinet leaks over Berejiklian’s deceits (such as banning transit in the consideration of a south-east freeway corridor in Sydney).  They refused, to a pernicious degree, to include the systemic factors as revealed through this and related websites .

The following charts indicate the areas in which “stimulus” was reversed – negatived and worse – into sucking oxygen out of productive investments, into whacky capricious gifting.  PM Morrison might do better through general fiscal stimuli but he is to be shamed for locking away $3,500,000,000 (and more) for a Western Sydney stub metro that will not be built, and useless if it is.  Add the gravy train offered to consultants for some 13 “fast train” investigations that are simply bullshit, smashing the confidence of a Geelong that is trying to recover from industrial contractions.  How much stimulus will come from indulging Blue Suits?

On 28 October 2018 the following text was sent to PM Morrison’s and Berejiklian Ministers and Parliamentarians – not all as RG is sight-constrained and can’t be sure – in the face of 10 years of barnacle-like recusals and now PM Morrison’s retreat into his “egosphere”.Deepening trouble for the PM & Treasurer, the Nats and credibility – please read carefully:

Killer 1

Stimuless 1

Stimuless 2

The Coronavirus has caused a collapse of logic and retreat into locked rooms – the people who produced past failures are being allowed – encouraged – to repeat their misadventures.  As Jacqueline Maley put it,

You might say our petty domestic scandals should be put aside now we are facing a major health and economic crisis that no one can know the end of. But if we can’t trust our politicians to respect the conventions of fairness and transparency in ordinary times, imagine what they will be able to get away with under the cover of an all-engulfing crisis.


State of DISARRAY:


  • The PM, Treasurer and their chosen acolytes are persisting with a Budget direction that wastes money, abandons iA and even Budget protocols, damages the economy, and favours foreign corporates – leading to open controversy in time for MYEFO – see the following graphic
  • Refusal to acknowledge that the Berejiklian Government has “hit the wall” re fatal design defects in the Metro and WestConnex extensions, and the disappearing financial and economic viability of the $35+11 billion “debt lake”
  • The PM is hurtling towards an ethical cliff with him and Berejiklian continuing to extort my IP (including economy measures in the Bankstown Metro – breaching copyright), betray Tim Fischer, blithely overlook the deaths and enslavement of children, and prevent TLC to injured footballers and families at risk in firepaths
  • Berejiklian’s 100% failure record continues with nonsensical pipedreams – the 4th failed redevelopment of Central’s track complex, the 3rd failure of tunnelling across to Rozelle*, and the idiocy of building a cruise line terminal alongside the Airport noise inferno + without land or sea connections

The effect is, with the Party Rooms ignoring reality and the media attacking both the psychological bubbles enveloping the PM and Treasurer and the increasing incursions of the state into personal and professional rights, the scars left from past misadventures are opening-up and suppurating.  My path of publication is accelerating, in the absence of bells ringing in the Canberra belfry:

Killer 2

Fast.  The Nats are unravelling – the revelation of Minister McCormack’s failure to deliver on regional road promises, the crying over spilt milk with the bush in deep crisis and anger, and the Betrayal of Tim by McCormack in particular, are revealing rents in the haphazard style of Cabinet non-planning.  The benefits of my remedies are sitting there in front of you – it is typical of wounded egos that they cannot acknowledge a “value proposition”.

Have you noticed the ridiculous abandonment of regional infrastructure stimulus and the Treasurer’s illegitimate inveigling of the Governor of the Reserve Bank?  Sad but true, the bumbling into the $100 billion came from poor expertise and inexperience in advisors and executives – and the resulting debacle reflecting more of the same PLUS PLAGIARISM OF MY WORK.  Such blundering is embedded with changes in the Public Service.


  • if the PM and Governments continue to rob me and hurt Australia,
  • there will be explosions ‘cause I am not going to stop. 

The outcomes must not to be allowed to continue – here are just two:

  • Peter Costello’s righteous anger at Fed/NSW debt-funding.  The $15.9 billion from poles and wires was immediately over-committed by about $60 billion, and Berejiklian now has to fund all of her extravagant promises from debt, with some coming from reclassifications – all Monopoly money.  When I showed the “debt lake” would be empty in five years, and reproduced the dreadful words from her Budget Paper 5 (that she thought no one would read – the journos didn’t), she got the Western Sydney rednecks to call on the Feds to pay for the West Metro monstrosity (below)
  •  WestConnex is dumping 20,000 vehicles a day more at the critical Anzac Bridge/Victoria Road interchanges which are already over-capacity.  Berejiklian is making the problem worse by putting more entry and exit and interchanges structures there;  instead of re-directing traffic away from the choke points, in line with usual practice.  She has ignored SGS Economics & Planning’s report and done all she could to deny the Goanna Transit Bridge because it comes from me, it is the single most important project if the Morrison Government is to have any “busting” credibility in Sydney, against this rubbish:

The Rozelle interchange is the most technically complex part to build of the $16.8 billion WestConnex toll road because it will comprise three levels of tunnels and scores of entrances and exits, including a link to the proposed $14 billion Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link” (SMH Dec ’18).  The SMH of 27 Sept ’19 showed how stupid this process was in reality.  WHY IS BEREJIKLIAN INCAPABLE OF ACCEPTING HER MISTAKES?

Killer 3.png

How on earth can anyone not see that this cannot be allowed to continue:

See again Final proposal to PM Morrison re avoidable problems that will mark PM success or failure to the freshly-minted PM from a year ago – which is about to be be repeated IN PUBLIC in the course of derailing the Treasurer.  The bush is being skinned while incredible waste is accelerating in the cities – Melbourne’s rail extension as well as Morrison’s ridiculous $3,500,000,000 to a metro stub that no one will use!


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I have better things to do with my remaining years than arm-wrestle with knuckleheads – please.  No one is winning from these psychotic silo-isms, not Parliamentarians, not society, not the economy, not democracy, not care for community, not Aussie fairness …..


O4O8 ll2OOl

Manager Planning Co-ordination across NSW and interstate, NSW MOT at age 27

General Manager under Greiner at age 37

General Manager of Newcastle City at age 45

Sacked by Carr for “pushing WS too hard and brutalised by Baird and other ideologues from 2008

Age 67 – fitter and harder than ever before.

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