SHAMEFUL TOLERANCE OF CORRUPTION: political, personal & national consequences of LNP & ALP leaders

This theme has been a persistent concern since Iemma became Premier of NSW in 2005 with Chalmers as advisor, and since Albanese bullied Tanner in 2007 to institutionalise gifting in budgetting, continued – intensified – since 2020 and the unholy alliance between Morrison & Albanese, with Kennedy and Chalmers in the shadows even after the change of government on 21 May2022.

At 18 October 2022 Albanese had been in office for 150 days and denied integrity including suppressing COVID and bushfire responsibilities and human rights abuses, and broken his associated promises.

  • I know I have to change and I will
  • I will end the shameful tolerance of corruption.

Chalmers is in desperate denial of breaches of OECD and other proper protocols while Albanese has leaked Budget funding on internet and Melbourne transit that show he has learnt nothing from his slip-shod career as failed Minister for Infrastructure 2007-13. That is not to say he was as idiotic as his LNP successors, although he appeased some of them in their bucaneering lunacy.

Chalmers is now facing allegations of criminal misbehaviour including oppression, corrupt acts and maladministration. Albanese is joining him with their mutual wierdo millstone, the Kennedy who smashed Australia under the LNP (shown on this site).

Appended is a schedule of corruption, governance and human rights offences I say they have committed over the theft of my IP, the suppression of my nation-building IP and the assault on my human rights including deliberate injury through to threatening death. This is a stain on Australia’s character and its intergenerational equity.

In short, it would be a series of acts of corruption for the Government and Parliament to proceed with the Budget knowing of the corruption associated with its formulation, content and effects.

The content will be included in a new edition of UNHOLY ALLIANCE and widely circulated in the interim. At the foot is text which summarises the mistaken view the PM has of the complexities of infrasturcture planning – and always has had. His time as Minister saw no successes but plenty of mistakes while he ignored the independent analyses and ideas that were bubbling around but suppressed by Berejiklian – there were similarities between the two.

There have been Budget-related changes to the page “End of Chalmers at his start”, this new section is orientated to general principles of failed democracy.

Albanese continued on from Morrison as though nothing had hanged.  He still has a $120 billion “bucket list” which is the corrupted outcome of  developer lobbies’ wish lists;  instead of a nation-building  model as urged on  Chalmers before the Economic Update and  consistently since – see image following. 

His much-vaunted “saving” are illusionary as large slabs are deferred not cancelled;  while the 2/3 under-funding of the previous bucket list has been continued and the contingent liability of the Inland Rail has been ignored.

The PM has been challenged on non-recovery of corrupt payments made by Morrison and  Kennedy especially to Trump and whacky religions;  and on illegitimate  studies by iA as in the graphic.

To cut this discussion short, the  defects at the Summit are the defects of the Budget (Covid Commission is now Council):

The highest priorities are  the OECD element here, followed by the omitted specific ideas which I offered to the PM gratis and over which he should account to the Australia nation:

Further OECD dimensions follow as the Albanese Government has gone backwards under Kennedy.

The PM and Cabinet received these notes among others before the Budget was finalised;  and they ignored all:


I (was) waiting for the PM and Treasurer to lead the discussion on integrating budget development with my much-suppressed national co-operative re-planning template to integrate responses to climate responses, demographic and migration changes, natural event crises and frequencies, and waste and inefficiency in existing infrastructure programs with failure of NSW, Victorian and especially Turnbull/Morrison “$110 billion pipeline” under iA’s separation from reality.

Such summits produce hundreds of unstructured ideas grouped into themes, very professionally, but reflecting a lack of focus on the real matters which bear on national prosperity, jobs growth and remuneration for workers and the disadvantaged. 

On the latter, there there has been little if any mention of past summits on social security and industry sector strategies (akin to Button Plans and Newcastle’s revival), inflation  or living costs on metropolitan fringes including tolls, congestion and stress.  I am driven by considerations as:

  • Dysfunctional lack of clarity between stimulus, investment, repair and integration, I have traced the elements of De-stimulus which relate to such confusion e.g. changes in education budgets and rejection of childcare and SME support.  No government has yet developed a “plan”
  • Governance disintegration which includes the domination of political apparatchiks and conflicted interests, and a lack of resilience planning such as with bushfires but also Corona, the examples are literally incredible, but add vicious, temporarily quiet, Trump-like anti-women and anti-climate prejudices.   These are disintegrative if there is such a word
  • iA is still the main back door to The Club’s backroom dealings (rorting as in the $130 billion Frydenberg/Kennedy “special dinner” and JobKeeper as well as logistics hubs and HK Metro Manhattanisations
  • Rejection of my significant papers on Budget reconstruction and integrating medicine and economic stability as Corona moves through its evolution, with unique involvements for local governments.  The community understands the risks but the dominant political clique does not as Omicron mutations are accelerating

There is a presumption that manufacturing will be an major part of future prosperity.  This has been disproved over many years as Japan, Germany, China and Korea among others developed massive manufacturing capacities and now India is too.   Solar is the main labour angle but the existing take-up rate has to be considered. The Government does not have a John Button and the administration needs to “plan” better.


NB  Every line has a webpage and/or book which contains details    ©  RG

Refuse to consider options  &  “Repair” (OECD’s “Review” 2020)Chronic failure of all govts as part of sterilisation of Treasury Regs, ”due diligence” & “rule of law”, cost in Sydney calculated at $300 billion including future closure & reconstruction of current engineering catastrophes (ignored by ALP & LNP), future value of reversal put at c $3 trillion using my IP.  Kennedy been suppressing for 7 years (going on 8) my national infrastructure review (Eddo/Greiner/My methodology to reduce costs and corruption/ waster & meet climate change and demographic needs – benefits as stated – Treasury/Finance are playing in wading pools.  Problem intrinsic to Albanese iA 2007 Act and the rorting which followed the bullying of Tanner.  
National Bushfire -Risk Indigenous Landcare program + NRLW Indig team8,000 Indigenous rangers fully trained and well-equipped at c 100 per 1,000 sq kms, in every major forest firepath.  Held in © and available to Albanese if he expiates plagiarism & cruelty – landmark at national & international levels of fame, $ billions in l/t avoided damage to life and property. Helps to “close the gap” and rejection is both an insult to the First Nations and residents of the fire zones and gross maladministration given the rising frequency and intensity of fires and floods (includes Air Force ownership of a fleet of super-helicopters to supplement rotor/fixed-wing assets in fires and floods).  
Metros, Nancy Bird SSA & AerotropolisNeutered by WS City Deal and convoluted and disjointed set of metros – initially to reduce Berejiklian embarrassment at NW Metro’s failed economics (pick up Bradfield Main West), then laughingly react to my contemporary criticisms of consequential transit & freight damage across SW & Illawarra, the costs are absurd and loss of productivity put at $400 b minimum. My balloon loop is ©.  Perrottet falsified Budget papers to cynically hide my NW/ Bankstown metro cost savings that Berejiklian stole from me (c $4 billion). West Metro limited to 20,000 pass/hour Vs Greiner/ Christie/ Gibbons option’s 40,000 and “world’s best” transit support to the Airport while maintaining freight potential to the Inland Rail which the metros sterilised.  
Governance:  national council & righteous blame + Re-Activation of Corona medicalsGovernance is a blind spot for LNP & ALP.  National Cabinet is a failure against legitimate expectations in March 2020;  and replacement Council would re-activate medical influence in COVID, with Health system and personal damage benefits at massive scales over time.  Righteous Blame relates to that but brings in Localism (regional innovation & “willingness to pay” among other benefits, cf Creative Reconstruction of NSW Local Governance (2010)).  Appalling quality of National Cabinet performance is highlighted  
Climate Mitigation & AUKUSBoth are connected through regional microeconomics such as my world-best methodology in Newcastle.  Worth $ trillions if applied as template across Australia & NZ, © comment above applies, Govt is delusional if it keeps ignoring best practice – in coal-mining areas, will fail in replacement employment,  AUKUS is unlikely to work in competition with US, Indian and Asian competition (Biden is much smarter than Aus in this respect, he picked Morrison’s pockets.)  
 ExpressnetsUsing ARUP work with permission, careful applications mapped in innerwest and Bondi Beach precincts in Sydney and applicable in Vic, SA, WA and other congested/parking-stressed precincts
  Goanna, CBD Traffic Oasis, Circumferential By-Pass, Transit Boulevard,  etc    Only solution to Sydney’s core problems in its entire history, described by 2 ex D-Gs as “best idea in 100 years”.  Incompetently sabotaged by the Black Witch.  I added the 110-story Fireworks Tower on Glebe Island (only place it could go) after Berejiklian booted out Google for asking for Goanna to be built.  UGNSW tried to steal it, their exec was sacked.  Idiot Planning Minister trying to proceed without it, typical malice/ incompetence.  Total yield to landowners (NSW/Fed Govts) – $1 billion!  Cost of Bridge minuscule and an adornment in the City of Bridges  
High Speed Rail in a balanced regional modelPM Albanese started a detailed investigation of HST based on the CSIRO precedent study and without options.  The results were appalling – about 10 years pre-construction, 30 years construction, and uncertain positions in relation to technology developments and undermining regional cities it would have to miss/by-pass.  There were subsequent CLARA and Chinese ideas plus Fr TGV and Japanese Shinkansen possibilities.  I developed an arguably more practical option, the “Mandurah” model and I published it in every regional paper from Campbelltown to Shepparton, the Land and ABC Radio.  Tim Fischer asked me detailed questions and agreed with me, from which point he endorsed neither HST nor CLARA (which was a Turnbull/Nats political scam).  It would strengthen regional cities instead of undermining them.  The concept has been offered to the PM gratis on condition he expiates the plagiarism and cruelty towards me, as with other elements.  The goodwill period is near expiration.  
Congestion Policy FrameworkFlattened Turnbull and his Angus Taylor on their “Bustin’ Congestion” PR crap.  Add unique solutions to 2 Katoomba traffic snarls and to insane location of WestConnex linking at City West.  Value is $ billions p.a.
Eastern Seabord Rail Freight Strategy (2012) & Critical Port FailuresAll three NSW Ports are location-constrained yet misunderstood by local MPs and regional business chambers all the way through to national logistics lobbies and associations.  This is not complex:  National Rail is sub-economic and technically insolvent (revenue seems to be 10% of financial costs-only) but is increasingly isolated from the main freight attractors and generators.  Port logistics consultancies heavily biassed = marketing tools.  Prof Rob Lee and I copyrighted the route from Newcastle to Inland Rail – Port refused to deal but is trying to steal the IP.  
Vic Improvement IdeasDifferent ideas in Marysville, Mornington Peninsula, the Shepparton-Tocumwal pure renewables train (with Tim Fischer) etc – no govt interested in Outsiders due to rejection of and now ignorance of proper protocols and best-practice case studies
OECD  DimensionsRealpolitik  
Coordination across of government levels is difficult, increasing the risk of wasted resources         Lines are linked, duplication has been avoided, so the schedule should be read as a whole  “Waste” is no longer measured:  pre-setting of Petticoat priorities (capriciousness) means that “options” (as benchmarks) are ignored and waste becomes contract disputes and overruns, not “more expensive” Vs “most cost effective” in an integrated social balance sheet. The formal mechanisms of COAG have been displaced instead of reformed, replaced by a consensus/opt-out informal structure which excludes “planning” and dissolves under bullying stress. Historically, the peak co-ordinating bodies comprised public servants, with emphasis on cost effectiveness from planning assessments through to contracts, with “open” consultation with vested interests and regular discussions at Ministerial Council level (ATAC). Now, iA, iNSW, (NCCC) and the Greater Sydney Commission have vested interests throughout their structures – they focus on spoils (projects), not integrated outcomes, starting with contracts without “plans” (“all a bit arse-about” said Nick Greiner), now eliminating “due diligence” (notably the Sydney Metros and less so Melbourne’s freeways and rail strengthening).  That Berejiklian took all “Kremlin NSW” agencies into her Department, including the faux-independent GSC, showed her contempt for professionalism, something she had shown from 2000 or earlier NSW under Berejiklian said it wanted to be freed from central surveillance, but its governance is so deformed that there is no inbuilt sustainability, and the begging bowl comes out whenever this analyst hits the “debt lake”.  The side-lining of COAG accords with Berejiklian’s maverick approach – dominatrix
Uncertainty of revenue flows and sources can erode confidence in a project’s affordabilityThe high marginal costs of tunnels through built-up suburbs and rail and tollway routes to and through fringe growth areas mean that high subsidies are needed if congestion is to be reduced contra laissez-faire non-planning (which dominates in Sydney). The loss of due diligence reduces the security of superannuation- and government-funding schemes, on top of poor pre-planning and engineering which saw a sequence of failed PPP rail and road schemes.  The only independent expert assessment was Jim Steer’s in 2008 of the NW Metro – benefit/cost ratio of 0.65 or lower – Berejiklian refused to acknowledge its existence and the result is a 5% revenue cover. Indeed, all current NSW projects appear to have benefit/cost ratios under 1.0 as documented in the “Save Sydney” suite. The superannuation agencies and business chambers engage soft consultancies which tend to boost projects rather than promote reform protocols, examples include Financial Services Council’s reports on port and logistics, 2011 and 2014, Port of Newcastle’s AlphaBeta market potential study, and CSIRO’s Inland Rail for ARTC.
Unstable regulatory frameworks can prevent long-term decisionsInfrastructure pipelines were planned through State-level strategic planning, regional-level plans, and agency-driven Ministerial submissions to the Budget Committee of then full Cabinet. Now agencies have been amalgamated and put under political appointees so that the former inbuilt competitive surveillance mechanisms (a la Gary Sturgess’ “To Join Interest with Duty”) have been replaced by “the strongest wins”, with Berejiklian being duchessed by 3 successive Premiers then herself. iNSW and GSC were hailed as the saviours of infrastructure planning but both simply took Berejiklian’s projects without any plan*, meaning they made the situation worse (  * COAG tried to rein-in NSW in 2009 by insisting on a “plan” but Berejiklian forced its abandonment in 2012.). Local government used to surveille state agencies, but now compete for any goodies which range from grants in return for co-operation (bribes) and the location and naming of metro stations (ignoring better outcomes for their communities).
A lack of systematic data collection on performance undermines evidence-based decision-making Political dynamics may undermine sound decision making when identifying priority projectsGSC and the other agencies say they build “metrics” and are “evidence -based”, but none are:  there is no scope for QA assurance feedback repair cycles because (1) their “masters” do not permit questioning, and (2) the elimination of options means there are no comparators. Baird reduced Performance Indicator sets as his decisions unpeeled, and Berejiklian has done the same.  Indicators are now of busyness, not outcomes. Peter Spearritt and others used to publish Social Atlases which provided very interesting data in context, they are missed.
Governance challenges are diverse and occur all through the policy cycleThe challenges are political, personal, social and environmental, all of which are regarded as non-quantifiable and are therefore ignored.  Governance is not understood by planners and engineers:  their guilds have put up reform reports which are laughable in their naivete
Designing a strategic vision is crucial but difficultVisions can only be formulated through strong community engagement – the Improvement Royal Commission of 1908-09 showed that Vs the Baird/Berejiklian “transformational” buried the merits of strengthening the great Bradfield system as was shown in this analyst’s “Towards a transport vision for Sydney”, for the NRMA’s Clean Air 2000 and Greiner’s SIS.
Infrastructure projects are vulnerable to corruption, capture and mismanagement   Lack of disclosure of data on contracts reinforces concerns about fraud and lack of transparencyThe first form of “corruption” and “capture” is an orientation to the hidden, internal corporate values of an Hong Kong or similar prospective investor/operator, instead of the interests of the community which owns the money and the systems.  A real example is that Berejiklian is using some $40,000,000,000 of our money to foster MTR’s densification towers, with them not have to pay a cent (reversing proper PPP and all other practices), in the course of which she is lowering service standards and system capacity, neutering special events and emergency response capabilities, and taking all energy away from genuine community accessibility/congestion “busting” transit as in Eddington Bedrock. The second form of corruption is “cronyism”, for example PM Turnbull and NSW’s Baird and Berejiklian gave $100 million to buddy consultants to do a PR brochure for the St Marys Metro, which has no merit but which was supported by Turnbull’s specially-commissioned regional transport faux-reports by iA and the Federal Infrastructure Department.  All hidden on GSC site: it started this crap then hid it on its website etcThe third form is pure “capture” through political appointments such as the heads of Prime Minister’s and of Treasury, each at nearly $1 million a year, some 40% more than their NSW counterparts with no apparent different in performance i.e. submissive, appeasing and forgiving (not “repairing”).  This is connected to “mismanagement” as the head of NSW Transport is the engineer with the most questionable track record (the only executive I’ve had to coach in elementary economics). A fourth is “Media embedding” such as Berejiklian taking Mathiesen from News and then handing him to Turnbull, Baird taking Salusinszky ditto, and Fairfax taking special favours from Berejiklian and thereafter not questioning engineering and economic disasters of WestConnex’s Rozelle and the Metro’s network.  A more general dilution of professional standards in journalism undermines democracy, as the WashPost masthead proclaims, “Darkness is the Death of Democracy”. A fifth is political appeasement per se such as the National Cabinet folding under the NSW bullying by Morrison and Berejiklian (actually in reverse order) and not rejecting NCCC. A sixth is hiding data and concealing complexities.  A former joint exercise by the ABC/The Age garnered leaks of “cabinet in confidence” documents such as a Berejiklian direction to exclude transit options in favour of a tollway in “planning” for a southern freeway through the PM’s electorate.  This is also done by setting up business figures to conduct inquiries into state taxation and reviews of  the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act:  the outcomes are expected to favour the PM’s/Premier’s original predilectionsA seventh is hiding contracts per se.  An early example was a Greiner (Coalition) Government’s decision to sign a secret contract for a tollway and then refused to release it, when a professor of accounting was able to download it from an American corporate website.  The biggest is the “planning process” for the Bankstown Metro (cf the first item) where transport minister Constance promised to release all data in the “business case”:  he then only released a Summary in which 110 redactions were made being 100% of key data.  4 years later it is still unknown how much trouble the project is in, after he opined that he might have to subsidise private hotel developments “to make the Central Station precinct work”.  The “Baird Model” is broken if anyone though there was any logic in it (as I opposed ab initio).  The Hong Kong-style apartment blocks along the metro’s length (north and south of the Harbour) have been shaved back under fierce community pressure as recently as 22 June ‘20. The “City Plan’s” network of disconnected metros (supported by Albanese without logic of legitimacy) highlights the profound loss of nous in planning. Finally, Premiers put opposing figures into decisionmaking roles such as Iemma (failed Lab Premier) into greyhounds and GSC, and Morrison putting ex-union boss Greg Combet on NCCC – dimming the opposition of the industries, unions and media.  It is vital that the ACTU uses its influence to protect tourism and accommodation employment where NCCC is slow and inept as well as dishonest, including via my regional and SME empiricism and analyses
Consultation is less common in setting an overall vision or prioritising investmentsEngagement is critical as one of the Four Pillars of Democracy, where media is another.  The Improvement Commission’s President, Sir Tom Hughes, was the greatest statesman Sydney has produced and escalated his political influence by pulling the community up behind himself. Engagement is anathema to Berejiklian and Lucy Turnbull, both of whom took-on hurt communities when this analyst revealed the ineptitude of their suburban densification targets – they showed contempt after smashing Botany’s, Surry Hills’, Randwick/ UNSW’s North Parramatta’s, Newcastle’s and Ryde/Epping communities

This is the email sent to Ministers and the PM on 18 Oct to which there has been no reply – as legal preps continue:

Subject: Confidential draft:  Treasurer Chalmers schedule of accountabilities

Dear Prime Minister

This morning’s message out was, nation-building is being suppressed (my revival of iA etc), fibre to the home is great but how to compare with transit and freight crisis in the Illawarra and Hunter?  You know the problem, I know something of the solution.

This went to your colleagues in the early morning, it awaits a response but you will intuit the options I face.  My situation is untenable and the Budget need a boost of good news:

I do this in accordance with clear advices and with reluctance but  in the context that
my money – capital and lifestyle – has been stolen, retained  and withheld by LNP, RTBU and ALP officials ~
•They have refused  to countenance any negotiation
• Both actions/non-actions are explicitly corrupt and  illegal
• the consequential damage from Chalmer’s evident improper motives are grievous and bring the Parliament into disrepute.
• The “shameful  tolerance of  corruption” is front and centre.

The next send is my special perspective on the greatest act of maladministration in history, iA.

Everyone receiving this has an opportunity to cut further disarray off at the pass by simply enforcing fairness.

The schedule of “charges” or accountabilities against Chalmers (as the first example) is here:

Here are three pieces of context (there are associated pages under this “parent” heading on the website), namely recent emails to the PM and a document circulated on 7 August plus the schedule of claimed offences:

Chalmers had been informed repeatedly and loudly that his path was corrupt and illegitimate and would be opposed vigourously.

13 October

Subject: An easier way

If it helps  you, you have only to instruct the deed be signed  and deposit  paid.

If by lunch,  I will  hold my additional  material which is the offences/ consequences matrix, and the rest.

I will  then deliver by Monday 8  am a set of briefs for you and the Treasurer to use in  the Budget as preparation for proper investigations, noting the extra fee per topic and therefore additional invoice.  The $ allocation  won’t harm the bottom line  but there will be engagement principles so each works in  my  manner.

To guide, the 8,000 Indigenous rangers reducing bushfire risk in a programmed manner over an  initial ten years;  the fast rail model that  will enhance regional  cities and be achievable in a relatively low budget and short time frame;  National Council with you and Premiers & Chief Ministers but balanced  and informed;  national co-operative infrastructure review cycle based on the NSIP/Gibbons/OECD template includes making my fee almost nil and likely positive;  and community resilience model  and scalable incentive cycle and supportive data system from Border Wars and Corona website.

Each  is unique and exclusive to me  although developed in my  peer-based manner. 

I emphasise the real  hardship your treatment of  me causes me and others.

6 OCTOBER – Subject: Part 2 of Jurisprudence & Criminal – Ignorance of the Law is no excuse

Dear PM

As I said yesterday, the full file exceeds the webmail file limit so please arrange for this to be married to Part 1.

I’ve added to the last page in view of the growing reactions to the lack of logic and care in the corona contexts – “community resilience” has been suppressed for more than 2 years and you seem to be ignoring the proposal for a National Council – to ease the dread responsibility – while Treasury confusion, malice and camouflage of their rotten history continue unabated.

I believe that “reasonable persons” would agree that the benchmarks for oppression, intimidation, malfeasance* and plagiarism inter alia have been exceeded, leaving the elected and un-elected officials involved liable to open accusations in the context of the National Anti-Corruption  Commission and more generally.

The hardships inflicted on me, my family and Australia through the long phases of LNP corruption and ALP involvements and appeasements are unacceptable and I ask for IMMEDIATE RELIEF  in the form of the deed you have already, from the cruel hands who will be referred to NCAC if necessary.

* The attachments deny you and yours any opportunity to say “I didn’t realise” – “The mental element is satisfied when the public officer engages in the impugned conduct with the intention of inflicting injury or with knowledge that there is no power to engage in the conduct ….”.

From here I publish “charge sheets” of behaviours against the heads of corruption and criminality in my report, covering public affairs arising from maladministration and cruelty to denial of personal property rights and of community rights to be engaged properly in discussions of national priorities and directions.  You are aware of the volume of forensic analyses in my three websites, four books and the pending fusion of my reform elements in “The Suppressed Future of Australia”.

I reinforce the imperative that you delay no longer.  See the last page, please, in the context of the whole.


Here is the heritage document which is one of dozens:

The Real Jim Chalmers:  Budget Blunderer & LNP Dupe                  7 Aug ‘22

This is a supplement (2nd ed) to “How Repression, Theft and Deliberate Ignorance have harmed Australia”. 

The PM promised Integrity and “to end the shameful tolerance for corruption”, but his system is twisted and corrupting as were Turnbull’s and Morrison’s with Gaetjens, both with Kennedy. 

The new Secretary of PM&C was welcomed as a lost cousin by Chalmers and has been as refusalist as Kennedy who has fought me since 2015.  Notes follow on why budget integrity is important;  and that Albanese’s Integrity promise cannot exclude Treasury.  This is, I hope, self-explanatory, it could be represented again as a brick wall but the importance of strategic back-planning is seen today in the confusion over Defence planning:

The destruction of “due diligence” has been underway since June 2012 although NSW Labor led the way from Iemma in 2005.  The continued refusal “to repair” by Kennedy, to hide the corrupt interests that drive both Coalition and Labor at various times, has dastardly consequences for such “victims” as the community and reform thinkers of classic integrity like me:

Where there is a preponderance of Weaknesses and Threats, you know you have a major problem.  This SWOT was shared with the Treasurer more than 24 hours ago (Saturday morning, early) and he offered no comment:

Underpinning all of the words is, why does Chalmers reject Budget integrity and normal levels of ethical adherence?

It is more serious for Kennedy as there are no known Strengths or Opportunities, apart from the possibility of “working with RG” which he has committed his life to squashing.

The hypocrisy is reminiscent of O’Farrell’s words in 2010 which led to the deliberate destruction of “rule of law”, ejection of Greiner followed so quickly in 2012:

  • I am determined that our new infrastructure and transport bodies, along with a modern planning system, will make decisions based on evidence and expertise …. 
  • We need to have an open door to the ideas of the private and non-government sectors, with ministers and public servants eager to explore how to deliver better services …. 
  • I want citizens to be able to trust our public institutions ….
  • I want a NSW Liberals & Nationals Government to be unafraid to run a ruler over its own performance at any level and welcome the results – good or not so good….

Baird was the first Premier in Australia, and Turnbull the first PM in history, to endorse thievery and fiscal abuse from and off a blameless citizen

In early April Chalmers’ Twitter account sent a message of support for the Morrison/Frydenberg’s employment level fraud which apparently was based on numbers which were corrected quickly.

These words are typical of long-term advices from the World Bank as well as OECD and and the UN:

Corruption erodes trust in government and undermines the social contract.  This is cause for concern across the globe, but particularly in contexts of fragility and violence, as corruption fuels and perpetuates the inequalities and discontent that lead to fragility, violent extremism, and conflict.

Corruption impedes investment, with consequent effects on growth and jobs.  Countries capable of confronting corruption use their human and financial resources more efficiently, attract more investment, and grow more rapidly.

The World Bank Group recognizes that corruption comes in different forms. It might impact service delivery, such as when an official asks for bribes to perform routine services.  Corruption might unfairly determine the winners of government contracts, with awards favouring friends, relatives, or business associates of government officials.  Or it might come in the form of state capture, distorting how institutions work and who controls it.

Chalmers is proceeding unabashed by a record of failure in

  1. not criticising Morrison and Frydenberg during a disastrous budgetary collapse from 2016 and especially in 2019;  in
  2. not presenting an effective response to the Last Coalition Budget and
  3. accepting a deferral to October of what was promised to be substantive but is looking, smelling and tasting like a Frydenberg/Kennedy clone

Worst of all, he has rejected an integrated package of integrity, effective innovation and repair of critical failures.  He has endorsed the cruelty and criminality of Baird, Berejiklian, the Turnbulls, Morrison, Frydenberg. Taylor and Kennedy in a manner that undermines his professional and political credibility.

He refuses to address such explicit warnings as

  • the faulty design of the Sydney metros which made the case for a pause in and from 2018, with Berejiklian panicking but falsely proceeding.  The repressions means a future generation will incur at least $30 billion to augment and re-configure the erroneous scheme.  The PM and Chalmers explicitly support the extension of the metro network to deleterious effects on the Nancy Bird Walton Walton airport, the Aerotropolis and freight links between eastern ports and the three most important eastern economies through an incompetent Inland Rail project which risks moving back onto the Budget balance sheets as a massive liability; 
  • ignoring the only national thinking by an experienced reform implementer on a steady reduction in bushfire risks through the recruitment and training, equipping and management of some 8,000 indigenous rangers, and
  • Federal Treasurer Chalmers proceeding with a Frydenberg “gifting budget” model instead of a more professional, balanced and nation-building model, with multiple benefits through health, fire risk, transport/land use and even Defence systems;  relying on a Secretary who failed through the succession of Frydenberg miscalculations, distorted processes, faulty instruments and stimulus tools, and poor design of payment streams.  His previous roles under Turnbull were disastrous, the cost of reduced capacity, dreadful transit to the new airport, missed productivity and congestion/housing imposts, all estimated to exceed $400 billion.

Finally, the whole Labor camp shares the responsibility “to end the shameful tolerance for corruption” in this context.  My loyalty and capacity to contribute are demonstrated and mindlessly suppressed. 

This is interpretation, not fact in a few cases, but it deserves to be addressed.  The explanations are contained in three websites and four books, there is no lack of commitment here:

Schedules of Corruption, Human Rights and Governance Crimes & Offences – as claimed on the basis of extensive evidence and quoted provisions:

This analysis was prepared four years ago in sheer frustration that the parvenues in the SMH still had no idea of Berejiklian’s idiocies. However the same can be said of Inland Rail, Port planning, Gold Coast transit, Moorebank IMT and so on:

Sydneysiders are used to Big Announcements of new roads or metros or tramways.  They are the big bits of what used to be called “planning”, such as Ron Christie’s Independent Inquiry for the SMH in 2010. 

Christie focussed on air quality outcomes, based on increasing use of the Bradfield CityRail system as it would be upgraded.  He had a “plan” where the bits fitted together and made sense. 

The NSW Government rejected COAG’s notion of a “city plan” in 2012, and morphed budgets into “pipelines”, such as the Morrison “$100 billion over 10 years”.  The pipelines have lists of the bits and pieces and carry big outcome claims such as “busting congestion” and “nation building”.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s Mid-Year Economic and Financial Outcomes “mini Budget” is such a pipeline approach.  He has no “plans” over the regions, the groups of projects, the resources needed to implement, or the way bits fit into the Big Picture outcome promises.

You know that something big has gone wrong when it sinks into the community psyche that living costs and congestion are suffocating the current generation and imperilling future ones. 

The reality is that the apartment farms in the city increase the number and usage of cars but without matching improvements in street transit and road capacity.  Frankly, that could not be done in a built-up place like Sydney.

Our challenges include increasing congestion on the fringes, where commuters’ cars and utes fill the interstates, with an overarching community desire to shift the pressures of population growth into wider regions. 

The experience with metros includes uncertainty in routes, with “decisions” being made in backrooms as-they-go.  That also means broken promises.

It includes a financial shock.  The “Baird Model” of using privatisation windfalls to finance the 2nd Harbour Crossing and the Northern Beaches Link, with “value capture” from the apartment farms, “hit the wall”.

The North West Metro covers some one-twentieth of its direct operating costs, with the rest coming from ever-increasing borrowings.

It would take 30 years’ tax contributions from about 125,000 families to pay the finance and operating debt of a “train” that under-performs even Bruce Baird’s “ghost train” to Mascot Airport (1995) which was insolvent in 6 months. 

Against that, in 2012 Nick Greiner recommended a Bus Rapid Transit scheme until patronage justified rail investment.  It is estimated that that would have been in place two years ago, making a profit and spreading the transit network over the suburbs instead of just along the axial spurs.

There is also a choke-point if the West Metro proceeds:  the total track capacity is 30 trains an hour which would have to be split.  The engineering mistake could only be corrected at massive extra debt if it proceeds.  (The same effect is seen at Rozelle with the WestConnex mistake.)

This is another example of Greiner’s advice being rejected.  His experts calculated in 2012 that the Main West Bradfield lines could carry 40,000 passengers per hour in each direction, about a third more than the metro could.

That would be cheaper and less risky as well.  Moreover, extending it to Nancy-Bird Walton Airport would give it the best access network of any airport in the world.

Greiner’s ideas are part of what is called “options” and there are others such as the Goanna Transit Bridge which would link street transit systems across and in the CBD, create a “traffic oasis” in the CBD, and give the NSW Government a return on the Joint Venture of up to $1 billion, greatly exceeding its cost.

Accepted “due diligence” protocols, which are set out in Treasury and Infrastructure Australia guidelines, insist that options be tested against needs analyses and measured against economic, engineering, financial, environmental and community outcome indicators.

The Federal and NSW pipelines approaches abhor options:  the metro and connex cheer squads extend into the bureaucracy in ways that were unheard of under Wran’s, Greiner’s and previous Governments. Robert Gibbons is former General Manager of Newcastle City Council, Executive Director Planning in NSW Transport, and historian of Chicago and Sydney.

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