Solutions not Ideology, Integrity not Malenomics

Email to PM Albanese this morning after months of continuing brutal repression and avoidance:

Moving from ideology & deceit to solutions & integrity:

Emails out on
* central agency cultures
* cost of repression , non-repair c $3 trillion
* removing impedances

Blasting off hard, please repair your barriers  & implement integrity 360 degrees straight away.

Enough has been done on forensic analysis and creative, practical approaches to eliminating waste & corruption from the Turnbull/Morrison interregnum, improving the prospects of restoring integrity and climate mitigation and economic revival, and reversing deleterious impacts of democracy and “rule of law”.

Update 30 August

Treasury is still ignoring reality and sitting on an ideology spike. The Business Summit is little more than a day away and still the PM has not replied to my letter of 22 May which is Appendix 2 in this document. He cannot say is not responsible for any de-legitimisation.

UPDATE 2 August 2022

Another serious attempt has been made to break through the remaining Morrison barriers to reform, last night, as reflected here. The graphics then attached are at the foot of the text as a reference point and there are many other illustrations that might follow if Fortress Kennedy remains much longer:

Submitted on Tuesday, 2 August, 2022 – 02:37

To PM Albanese, Treasurer Chalmers and various other Labor movers and shakers:

You have received this advice by Twitter but I’m making doubly sure as I intend to publish this and similar emails today. This nonsense must end.

2 examples this week alone, your wonderful trip to the Northern Territory compares with your  hypocrisy in suppressing my national indigenous bushfire reduction program.

In turn that reflects  a sum of about $3 trillion in your Accountability for poor budget ethics which continue Morrison’s. This is not “not knowing”, it is allowing the Coalition’s attack dog to continue his wrecking ways.

 You have images by way of Tweets, you know this is from the new “Integrity not  corruption” webpage, this continues until I achieve fairness

On 12 August 2022 the banks of the river of reform broke in the face of adamant corruption in the Treasury ranks, affecting a wide range of reform potentials ~

Me: ~

I suspect you know the following to be true:

  1. I want fairness – to repair my life and make positive contributions as advertised
  2. They include contributing my IP gratis if I get the deed and deposit/full amount, then you can recoup most from NSW
  3. I can help repair the gaps that are opening especially with the Summit and Budget, they are too vulnerable (below)
  4. Apart from repairing my life, I want to get moving fast with my Institute to Remember Forgotten Heroes (not its name), surely this gets support

UPDATE 3 August 2022 – bringing Dr S Kennedy to account

The woeful decline in Budget standards since 2015 has been mapped on this website and at and The consequences included

  • failed fast train, CLARA, inland rail and port/logistics planning, add carparks and $4 billion in regional rorts
  • denial and dithering over growing recession in 2019 leading to ramshackle capriciousness over bushfire preparations and damage non-repairs then failed managerial and health responses to coronaviruses which is a big story retold at

Right now the PM has been left in the lurch, at left is the corrupted “30-Minute Club” created by both Turnbulls, Morrison and Kennedy, while Gaetjens has gone his apparatus survives in Treasury and PM&C and in the persona of Kennedy and the entangled Chalmers. At right is a representation of the Coalition and Labor streams, there being strong interconnections such as iA’s legislative backdoors and Morrison’s backroom manoeuvrings with Kennedy and Gaetjens:

Another representation is

This aligns with this morning’s email out: Washing dirty linen in public
I proposed that I hand over my intellectual property gratis if the PM expiated the accumulation of cruelty and malice I  experienced over 14 years, Baird 2008. Treasury Malice leaves Albo
defending the indefensible, they roll on not facing elections

Yesterday (Tuesday) to PM’s office, “Proving your failures avoidably in Integrity and cruelty” and “Continuing Morrison malevolence, corruption and failures to current and future generations. The longer this goes, the harder to repair your behaviours.   I’ll say no more, I’ll just do“. This was after sustained recusal from any normal negotiation over a serious combination of strategic and personal crises resulting from

Authentication was provided over some 15 years and recorded progressively on the websites.

Repression is ignoring and denying engagement on ideas, processes and case studies;  as well as locking decisions in backrooms among vested interests.  Strengthening the Bradfield system (Christie, Greiner and this analyst) was ditched in favour in 2012 of the PRC’s MTR’s metros on a parallel pattern of lines contrary to a succession of more careful official reports (2001, 2006 and 2012-3).  Sources include Berejiklian’s project distortions and mistakes/deceits (samples, there are dozens) & & & & & &

Theft is using, or maliciously destroying – sacking and pillaging – citizens’ ideas and concepts – sources & & this reflects Berejiklian’s deliberate conspiracy to destroy my IP

  • the “Barangaroo Expressnet” package (below) is the primary example, at a valuation based on UK best practice exercises (which the “best idea in 100 years” is here), incrementally and maliciously sterilised by Berejiklian. 
  • saving $4 billion through re-thinking the Bankstown Metro and consulting German experts makes the current deliberately-distorted NSW Budget illegitimate.

Repair” of errors and non-actions is a requirement of the Charter of Budget Honesty, OECD protocols for recovery from recession and disturbances, and “Treasury Regs”.  Repair is intrinsic to “integrity” which includes eliminating waste and corruption, re-balancing distorted priorities, and clearing out unacceptable values. 

Primary examples include all of and much of the current website & & & &  

  • the faulty design of the Sydney metros which made the case for a pause in and from 2018, with Berejiklian panicking but falsely proceeding  The repressions means a future generation will incur at least $30 billion to augment and re-configure the erroneous scheme;  and
  • Federal Treasurer Chalmers proceeding with a Frydenberg “gifting budget” model instead of a more professional, balanced and nation-building model, with multiple benefits through health, fire risk, transport/land use and even Defence systems;  relying on a Secretary who failed through the succession of Frydenberg miscalculations, distorted processes, faulty instruments and stimulus tools, and poor design of payment streams.  His previous roles under Turnbull were disastrous, the cost of reduced capacity, dreadful transit to the new airport, missed productivity and congestion/housing imposts, all estimated to exceed $100 billion.

The fat top layer of Treasury suggests that re-engineering would save money, re-energise lower echelons and encourage innovation in the style of this analyst’s work.  The same would be applied to PM&C.

The following graphic was published and circulated and received no adverse or other comments.  The original valuations were audited by two internationally-renowned Sydney analysts and the legal bases by three national chairman of top legal companies (and an internally-renowned IP lawyer)*:

This website and the others provide sufficient examples of productivity and systemic improvements while my practical experiences and achievements, especially one of the world’s fastest and most successful post-carbon revivals, Newcastle on announcement of the closure of BHP’s historic steelmaking complex.

The record is that Liberal/Nations Coalition parties and others have cruelly stolen, cherry-picked, and repressed ideas that have an estimated value of $3 trillion for Australia and its Pacific neighbours. This is the sad and sorry record:

New Treasurer Jim Chalmers has nothing obvious in his public career that suggests he has the vile character of a Frydenberg, Morrison or Turnbull;  but he has shown cruel and malicious attitudes towards me even though he knows how cruelly Kennedy’s pack treated me since 2015 and the severity of the consequences.   I informed him precisely of my needs, WITH MY MONEY, and the manner I propose the Deed would operate. 

He has refused to respond to any email or message and left me in the position I have no choice but to treat him like the guys I terrorised, Morrison and Frydenberg.

The comments are based on observed behaviours, public statements and materials as commented on on my websites, and Chalmers’ media appearances.  They are as objective as any such comments can be.

These illustrations were appended to the email of 2 August (above):

The Gaetjens chain is still working in Treasury which is despoiling democracy and Budget priorities, towards gifting to corporates and shrinking social caring
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