Transparency to ensure Accountability

The dominant quasi-defensive mode of the Coalition and now of the Albanese Government is to make promises, deny they said “it”, state they achieved “it”, or just lock the door against logic, the public interest vs corporate cronies and fair claims for redress of ill-doing.

The PM and Treasurer are in active denial of

  • Good ideas for improving Australian equity, productivity and environment as well as domestic and international repute
  • “repair” of blunders and ill-doing – in line with “Treasury Regs” and OECD protocols, the Red Hot issue being plagiarism which threatens
    • the prospects of proper budgetting,
    • industry development with carbon mitigation elements and
    • “community resilience” under ever-increasing COVID threats
  • Rewarding courage, ethics and professional excellence

The Albanese Government has not responded to requests for fair and equitable treatment and in a manner consistent with this page’s objectives, here is a substantial slab of “UnHappy Succession” – 20 pages on Jim’s Budget history have been held back in the hope that he and Albo will “do the right thing”

This is an graphical summary of and index to the 10-page pamphlet that is being widely distributed:

UPDATE 4 August 2022 Treasurer Chalmers has refused, repeatedly, over some 11 weeks, to respond to any messages about negotiation (win-win, not abusive) and the same for the Secretary of PM&C. This pamphlet is a summary of critical issues in the holistic context of the Climate 43% Act. It becomes a more complete governance review to cover society’s failure to enforce Integrity undertakings protecting current and unborn citizens.Treasurer Chalmers has made Kennedy his millstone. The latter is a destructive and malevolent force who has been attacking me and my family and benefactors since 2015. So, Jim, transparency means you should explain to us all.

The Treasurer is copping a drubbing which can only get worse as he dribbles away valuable time and causes me more pain therefore more reaction:

UPDATE 28 July Treasurer Chalmers over-reacted to admittedly consistent criticism, the circumstances being of his manufacture namely continual recusal from urgent discussions about outstanding Integrity arguments as well as ICAC and other terms, my frustrations at his more than 20 non-answers to requests to expiate damages done by his friend and his friends namely the jackals from the previous LNP government, and the PM’s non-progress with his Integrity promises.

He blocked my email address which is not the behaviour of a Minister but it is pure Kennedy, he’s been doing that for 7 years and the Treasurer seems to not be in change. His repression is in full swing and he is tainting the whole Government with the lack of skills we saw through the Covid response, poor stimulus and wildly inaccurate subsidy closed-door discussions ($130 billion being $60 billion incorrect).

Chalmers is facing ongoing controversy through the already-critiqued Business Summit and Budget preparations. So he decided to make matters worse by treating me and my causes more cruelly and malevolently!?! Following paragraphs were written long ago and have been born out, Kennedy has to go:

To illustrate, this email went to the PM after yet another day trying to be heard on fairness & INTEGRITY:

Submitted on Wednesday, 20 July, 2022 – 15:10

Subject: You have failed, Jim is failed

To your senior ministers and prominent backbenchers

Do you understand the pain & the misery you have done in extending the malice and cruelty of Morrison, Frydenberg and Kennedy? With the quicksand you created for yourself with appeasing Morrison in 2020 which defies the State of environment report.

Please read this carefully and ring me directly if you want to settle before I explode. Look back on the recent emails which have offered you a great deal, true Win-Win and see how this one will look on the web and in the book alongside those

Stop putting the pressure on me and making me a victim because all you get back from that is it a reciprocation with interest, Jim‘s behaviour has been unacceptable in a democracy, it is pure fascism to prefer the state over an individual citizen and his cruelty will mark his life for ever from this day if he continues to re use himself from compassion

Begin forwarded message:

From: Robert Gibbons <>
Date: 20 July 2022 at 3:02:26 pm AEST
Subject: Fwd: Finishing line for Jim

I’d be interested for your explanations as to why you’ve done nothing, as far as I can see you are just as mute as the LNP people were when Morrison was being an absolute lunatic. And of course Albanese was appeasing him, quite a contrast to the state of the environment report which Labor cannot respond to.

Unless you guys can think of something to do I’ll probably go feral as I did to Turnbulls, the Bairds and the Morrisons, Fridenberg and Kennedy.

You saw me destroy Fridenberg and Kennedy and Jim will get the same treatment if he continues to deny me the chance to recover my life and help the Prime Minister in the ways I have presented to him without his reply

Begin forwarded message:

From: Robert Gibbons <>
Date: 20 July 2022 at 2:51:10 pm AEST
To: Jim Chalmers Public <>
Subject: Fwd: Finishing line

To be broadcast in 10 minutes if there’s no yes to the deed and key

Albo said he’d stop the shameful pandering to corruption and would focus on integrity, this has become a ramshackle mess w SOE report showing the stupidity of appeasement in 2020 and ignoring me, the driver of the world best practice Newcastle reform with budget stupidity on PPEs.

Jim has hurt me and now I am saying enough, are you guys going to get off your  butts please as my next move is to shove Jim right out of the way, he can sit in the far corner with his mate Kennedy lamenting on mutual blunders, Australia’s had enough delays in introducing integrity and hosing out the evil of Morrison and Frydenberg when the biggest turd of all is still sitting there

Begin forwarded message:

From: Robert Gibbons <>
Date: 20 July 2022 at 2:21:59 pm AEST
To: Jim Chalmers Public <>
Subject: Finishing line

You’ve had a series of short-term gigs, the positions longer have been under heavy patronage protection, and now you are on your own you are being deeply manipulated by an evil turd, and you made the big mistake of taking me on so what’s it gonna be  buddy, it’s back to you but You’ve hurt me, my family and Australia and I’m holding you publicly accountable

Comment of Saturday 16 July: Treasurer Chalmers again did everything he could to hurt me (see text) and the PM again blundered into the ramshackle National Cabinet (see pages 30 and 35), again betraying community sentiments after Minister Butler’s appearance on Insiders re “community resilience”. Some corrections have been made since Friday’s posting and tomorrow’s will have extended notes on

  • climate crimes, disappointing us and misleading the world, still
  • betraying First Nations re closing the gap, suppression of my scheme for 8,000 indigenous landcare workers reducing fire risks in a programmed manner, and
  • establishment of a NRLW Indigenous team with the PM leveraging V’Landys over his cretinous behaviour as encouraged by Berejiklian
  • plus Chalmers’ Budget problems omitted yesterday in mistaken kindness
  • plus Jobs Summit as unfocussed and too slow given October Budget, especially compared with Newcastle’s world record pace
  • plus appalling state of Labor thinking in the Illawarra and Newcastle ports

18 July The PM just praised a Public Service that is the worse performing in history, and the worst of the worst is eviscerated in the following download.

Chalmer’s budget problems centre on a shared long-term aversion to “repair” mistakes let alone stop camouflaging them with PR smoke; and the lack of a sustainable approach to matching needs with resources and vice versa. Kennedy is incapable of that and ideologically committed to corrupt “gifting” – “business as usual”.

Albo was there when NSW Labor went crazy and Premier Keneally cancelled the metros then Berejiklian betrayed Bradfield and Eddington, Christie and Cox and other genuine nation-builders. Here is a concise summary of the turning point

On that, Baird and Berejiklian (“Bairdijiklian Malenomics”) were destructive beyond anything journalists have ever written (going back to the 1980s, Bob Mills would have). This is a slice in time, a little later, when Berejiklian should have STOPPED but instead she (endorsed by Labor) careened faster towards the cliffs (see the Moir toon on every page of this site):

18 July started with the usual disappointment that the Treasurer was being nasty in ignoring ethics and professional standards. A few other things happened:

The photo of Gerry Harvey is a reminder of crippling corporate greed & cruelty

The PM is refusing to face reality as though he is as tied to Morrison as Chalmers is to Frydenberg.

This email went to the PM this morning:

Subject: Valuable adds to your programs + solutions to integrity & iA problems:

You might have heard that yesterday I did some very serious further work in the spirit of supporting you and your reform government, in order to expiate the nasty stuff before it goes any further & to enhance the prospects of “integrity” and the budget.

The work went to your senior ministers in the afternoon and evening in increments but this is an overview and I am hoping that Jim will facilitate the solution finally and I can invite you to the 4 events that are in the timeline. (I can only attach one image but I hope you’ll be able to find a copy.)

As a further gesture I will hold publication of the second edition of “unholy succession” until 10 am which gives Jim time to fix the deed and help me to repair my life (that includes neutralising adverse perceptions by active sends via social media & amendments to websites).

This is a massive personal goodwill gesture hoping to breakdown the bias in the Treasury with your help:

Draft but will wow the community

This Draft PR on announcement to enhance Budget prospects in context of climate, Corona, natural disasters, infrastructure waste & broken promises:

See image, this was suppressed by Kennedy in 2015 and subsequently, it will be iA’s rescue

National Indigenous Bushfire Program + NRLW Indigenous o

I couldn’t even get Ken Wyatt to respond properly and the Royal commission had conniptions but I hope PM Albanese will see the benefit of this and talk to me about how to go about implementing it, I don’t have enough life in me I don’t think to do more than set up my National Institute, but it’s time that Jim and Albo  expiated the vicious plagiarism and violence I have experienced with Labor  looking on silently.

As a further gesture I will hold publication of the second edition of “unholy succession” until 10 am which gives Jim time to fix the deed and help me to repair my life (that includes neutralising adverse perceptions by active sends via social media & amendments to websites). (NB extended to NOW but to no avail in the interim.)

I’m ready to go either way at exactly 10 am but this is my preference with other materials that you’ve seen before.

NB Chalmers again as again refused to face reality and the Minister for Climate is reviewing carbon credits outside Treasury wherein the “worst of the worst” is shamefully inadequate and corrupt:

I’ve built some interesting notes into the 2nd edition for example

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge planned to be train-and tram-only and 1/3 funded by a straight municipal level which was fiercely opposed by city retailers especially David Jones
  • Golden Gate Bridge by five municipalities which were sick of government indecisiveness, almost same time as our Bridge and paid off in same interval!
  • Washington DC Metro, again a municipal cooperative
  • London Crossrail to be 1/3 or so funded by a business levy, “betterment capture”, which as in Sydney failed due to non-cooperation. Australian lobby calls for more of that here are ignorant and impracticable.

Turnbull used to rabbit on about “infrastructure is productivity” but the effect of the above by their friends Baird and Berejiklian and his and his wife’s wrecking ball approach to integrity is the opposite of true logic and OECD climate change mitigation:

This is at the essence of climate, population, congestion and health sustainability, it is NOT OPTIONAL:

Communications of relevance will be posted here

Mon 10.36 am

Subject: Stealing my money, hurting my family and beneficiaries, the next step of exposure and advocacy

Dear PM

Jim the Treasurer refuses to budge on MY MONEY and MY NATION-BUILDING and MY BENEFICIARIES and HIS CORRUPTION.  He is not alone either as you and colleagues are entangled – “UnHoly Succession” is a necessary next step which I have tried to avoid but I can tolerate no further extension of Morrison/Frydenberg barbarous corruption and cruelty.

Here are some quotes and links and I refer you back to yesterday’s send as well re positive offerings you are losing which increases the credibility gap – rejecting is a step further than ignoring and the “shameful tolerance for corruption”.

Next.  Betts.

Mon 2.52 pm

Subject: Tim – request for urgent mediation

Further to this morning‘s email, I am now taking action under the bullying guidelines from the ALP, conspiracy or intent to defraud, conspiracy or intent to deny common law rights parallel with mandamus, stupid positions and decisions  cf and related pages, cruelty to children small animals and my family, Kennedy/Jim acting exactly like Frydenberg, and you as at acting like Morrison.

You are p’ing away my great ideas same as LNP cretins.  Advices how out in all directions to harmed interests.  Ignore me again if you want to return to pots boiling over

Coming, Kennedys epithet, the “bent gun”:   Kennedy cheated and drew  first but missed, Gibbons took his time and nailed them both with one shot.  Parties in conflict include your ministers, agencies and DP&C

Mon 5.33 pm

Everyone who has refused to reply and act is now formally accused of breaching ALP policy which was to put an end to the shameful tolerance for corruption”, I have written to the PM in those terms and asking for mediation immediately as I am sick of being abused and robbed

Mon, Jul 11, 5:37 PM  

I want to be part of the solution and I have always thought that and you favour all the ratbags and Deadshits of the world like Kennedy and the BCA who are right on top of my shit list

Mon, Jul 11, 7:53

Done, dump of the decade at 10.01 am which means by then. I have a fine head of steam up

How many people have faced avoidable suffering and fatality because you bastards refused to give me my money, I am going to hold this against you publicly if Jim stuffs me around after tomorrow morning 10 am

I will hold off until 9 am to post exactly when I think of your ethical and statutory performance in terms you have already seen and not complained about

Tues 12th 6.11 am

Subject: Easing the stress and focussing

I admit I was stunned by some announcements yesterday in different areas and I wonder if you and I are ever going to make the best of this opportunity that May 21 represented?

I was unable to get anyone in parliament to listen as I fought Frydenberg, Kennedy and Berejiklian to save the Murray River economy and its businesses and communities, and I still want you to be the guest of honour in my thank-you knees up, please.

I also want you to understand that the work I have done for such a long time is the highest quality in the land and the most relevant, and I don’t know why I have to package it in military containers, this is an example of taking the excellent 2020 OECD guidelines into a meaningful Australian context .

It’s part of the governance improvement report I wrote last year which I built into this little pamphlet.  I’m hoping Jim today acknowledges the importance of fairness in integrity and professionalism in politics.

Are my expectations realistic? We will have the results by 10 am

 Prof Davis

You’ve been there I think two months now and I’ve seen no   sign of action as integrity rapidly disintegrates with Jim imminently facing a public accusation of corrupt conduct:

Suppress medical imperatives
      Suppress national interest and intergenerational equity
      Suppress integrity, smokescreen politics, same decrepit staff
      Tanya being sued
      Jim perverting budget process same way Kennedy did
      Conspiracies, BCA decrepitude and vice
      Accumulated detritus including submarines & metro, trams, waste
      Albo record of evasion of protocols, options and cost effectiveness
      Said he would change and has shown that he has the same  perversions
      Appeasement, ignore breaches of equity and integrity
      Evolving into Morrison and Frydenberg
      Smiling face overseas, snarling domestically
      Variable application of integrity, on/off is hypocrisy
      Direct appointments instead of merit reviews esp Health and Treasury
      Weak ministerial leadership
      Cruelty and disregard for human rights while preaching them  overseas

Tues 1.51 pm

To minister.king
You will appreciate that I am mightily aggrieved that my health and my family‘s welfare have been smashed by Stephen Kennedy and his friends and that Jim is making that worse.

I’m across your agenda extremely well and I don’t want to do it but I am going to start eroding  credibility for the reason I will not be a victim any more so I ask you to be a bit more active and particularly to give me a bell on 0408 *** *** if you’d like to have a friendly chat, I feel no ill  will towards you

Ministers Tues 12.44 pm

to bcc: minister.butler, bcc: minister.king, bcc: minister.clare, bcc:, bcc: minister.gallagher, bcc:

 Jim is heading towards a public accusation of corrupt behaviour

See list of issues under PM&C above

Breaking out of peace” announcement to go on websites and in social media by 11 o’clock

8:08 AM (5 hours ago)

to bcc: minister.gallagher, bcc: minister.king, bcc: minister.clare, bcc:  bcc: minister.butler, bcc: jim.chalmers, bcc:

If Jim and I give effect to the deed by 10 o’clock, this will complement quickly the insiders  discussion about community resilience and the Prime Minister‘s announcement of the business Summit, which I’ve integrated with the budget.

This is all I ever wanted, all the palaver was growing intensity of banging on the door, 8 years of effort after a previous five years of quiet diplomacy 🤨.

Back to you, comments welcome

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