Why I could not get justice

When a political scene is ridden with conflict, “independent” agencies have a strong need to revert to the Rule Book rather than play favourites.  A complex situation such as corruption from go to whoa in a major transport transformation (climacteric) may be beyond law enforcement and ICAC, as in a regional assembly or planning inquiry (such as Hunter coal trackage), and with an eminent champion.

This tableau offers a  practical perspective on the current situation which started in 2008 when the Inspector of ICAC, the former D-G of Planning & Environment and I wrote to Minister Albanese over his illegitimate allocation of $92 million to the pointless and long-forgotten “Green Metro”. With other blunders including the Moorebank IMT and iA’s very constitution (after he bullied Lindsay Tanner), Albanese clearly decided it would be better to get rid of me than meet his legal obligations. Tough, I didn’t die and I’m back:

Albanese has denied being a bully but his record says otherwise, producing a marginalisation of high  performers and legitimate interests:

Patterns of corruption are embedded in such political expectations as “bust congestion”, enforced by people who caused the corruption and excluded quality assurance and  “repairs” in line with the Charter of Budget Honesty and OECD/World Bank protocols. 

The line of corruption started in 2005 under Iemma and Chalmers and Albanese under Rudd from 2007:

The June 2012 volte face by Berejiklian on  metros was the greatest act of corruption in Australian history.  Subsequently the suppression of options is so profoundly destructive that this table and text must be provided here. Not one “project” in Sydney met the iA or iNSW protocols nor the earlier EP&A Act protocols:

Right now, I have been bullied for over 245 days of the Albanese Government, the PM has blown $3 trillion in benefits, with a solid case to be made of maladministration x 4 against the PM.

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